Someone Like Him

Susanna Eastman

Geeky math genius Carolyn Hardy has lived a quiet, secluded life. She’s never dated anyone who could float her boat—and has no idea how to meet sexy and sophisticated men. When she finally admits her desire for incredible sex ...
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Full Description

Geeky math genius Carolyn Hardy has lived a quiet, secluded life. She’s never dated anyone who could float her boat—and has no idea how to meet sexy and sophisticated men. When she finally admits her desire for incredible sex and romance, her confession leads her to Fantasy, a secret and sophisticated sex club. Martin Fuller has seen it all, done it all. Edgy sex partners haven’t been exciting enough, and he’s worried what will be next. Then, he meets sweet Carolyn and all bets are off.

They both understand the rules: Fantasy is for fun, commitment-free sex. Encounters are anonymous, consensual and focused on pleasure. A relationship is not on the table. Falling in love is the last thing on their minds.

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    Someone Like Him
Carolyn smiled at the man who was about to torture her. She refused to grimace, but she couldn’t stop her muscles from bunching up all over her body. Even her toes tensed and curled. She’d been through this before, and it was going to hurt—a lot. “Be gentle,” she begged.

“Ready?” he asked, equipment in hand. He was very good at this.

“Yes,” she bit out, and he began. Hot wax on her cool, delicate skin. Her eyes clenched for an instant, and wetness formed behind her lids. God, she was such a baby. This happened every time.


“Ow,” she whimpered and then took a deep breath. A moment later, she tipped her chin for him to continue.

Smooth legs were worth a little pain.

A half hour later, her legs were done—a little pink but as soft and smooth as a baby’s behind. She reached down to stroke her calves. Eddie always did such a nice job.

After all that embarrassing flinching and tensing up, she sank back on the padded treatment table and smiled. The delicate smell of jasmine and spice scented the room, and soft music played in the background. It was something classical and lovely, but she couldn’t place the composer. Elegant mahogany stood in place of cold metal office furnishings. Beauty took precedence over functionality at Eddie’s salon.

“Bikini line?” He tossed away the used cotton strips and grabbed a new application stick.

She raised her brows. This was something new. “Oh, gee. I don’t think so.” He’d never worked so high up her leg before.

He smiled and gave her a friendly wink. “June is a week away, and so is swimsuit season.”

She slid farther back on the table, disliking June, July, and all the beach months. “I’m not much of a swimsuit kind of girl.”

“Are you kidding?” He wagged a finger at her. “After losing all that weight, you need to buy yourself some sexy suits for the beach this summer. Something nice and high-cut to show off those fabulous legs. That’s what all the babes are wearing this year.”

In the past year, she’d lost a grand total of sixty-five pounds. While Carolyn already had a number of impressive accomplishments to her credit, she was most proud of this feat. Until recently, she’d never considered wearing anything to the beach or other water venue that would put her in the babe category. And she really wasn’t considering it now.

“I think I’ve missed that boat,” she said with a little shrug.

“What are you talking about?” he scoffed. “You’re gorgeous. Of course, you’ve always been gorgeous, but now you’re fit, taut. You have great breasts, your—”

“Enough.” She clutched her warm cheeks as she laughed. Part of the reason she came in for her monthly treatment was vanity—she loved smooth legs and hated shaving—but the other reason was she loved Eddie. He had become a good friend in the past eighteen months. He’d been one of her favorite weight-loss cheerleaders, and she genuinely enjoyed his company.

He playfully grabbed her shoulders and met her eyes. “Interesting, exciting, and sophisticated men are going to be clamoring for your attention.”

“Interesting, exciting, and sophisticated men aren’t looking for somebody like me.” She thought of the past few men she’d been out with socially, and not one could be described as interesting, exciting, or sophisticated. Pleasant and jovial certainly, but nobody that warmed her blood.

“What about gorgeous, fit, and great breasts. Didn’t you hear?” He was not willing to be put off.

“I have very limited experience with men, and it shows.” For years, she hadn’t dated much at all. Men hadn’t been particularly drawn to her, and she’d been too busy to worry about it. But lately, the need to feel desired—by someone desirable—was growing. She adored her many male coworkers, but she’d never felt even a glimmer of a spark for any of them. Yes, it was shallow, but just once she wanted to be with someone who could make her heart skip a beat.

“Would you like to have more experience?” Eddie got right to the point. It was part of his charm and his success.

“Yes, but the only problem is you need to have experience to get more experience.” Toying with a curl at her cheek, she thought about the past two guys she’d kissed. Sloppy, wet, ick. Never would they get into her panties. “I want to be with someone amazing who really wants me.” She sighed, letting it all out. “I have dreamed of great sex for so long.”

“I have an idea for you.” He grabbed her panties, but she quickly held on.

“What are you doing?” she yelped. She preferred her panties right where they were.

“Pubic hair. It has to go. All of it. Just attending to the bikini line is for the faint of heart.”

Momentarily stunned, Carolyn released her grip, and her panties zipped down her legs.

“And, if you’re interested in exciting, sophisticated men, you have to get over being modest. Sophisticated women—who attract sophisticated men—are not modest.”

Oh, God. She wasn’t ready for even a simple bikini wax. “Well, I guess I’m not soph—”

“You will be.” He dismissed her concerns with a slight wave of his hand. Then he paused, and his voice softened. “Sweetie, is this okay?”

She blinked, and couldn’t stop the corners of her lips from turning upward. “I have a say?”

“Of course.” He patted her knee. “I just want you to have…everything.”

His sincerity made her resistance crumble, and she threw up her arms in defeat. “Okay, do your worst…I mean your best.”

“You won’t regret it.” He spread her legs and grabbed an application stick.

It was impossible not to blush. He was getting as up close and personal as her gynecologist. Actually, her gynecologist never spent that much time down there. The fact Eddie was gay didn’t make much difference.

Thankfully, Eddie wasn’t even slightly uncomfortable working on the most intimate part of her body, so the experience wasn’t nearly as mortifying as it could have been. When he finished, he reached into a drawer of his elegant mahogany desk. “Here’s a card.” It was a simple business card with the name “Fantasy, Inc.” and a phone number.

“What is this?”

He leaned in, as if to whisper. “Very, very private club. I take care of some women who’ve gone there. It’s a place where you can fulfill any sexual fantasy—all consensual, all safe, and completely anonymous. Some people just want great sex with no ties. Others want to live out a fantasy. Whatever you want, whatever you need, they can do it for you.”

“A sex club?” Her mouth dropped open. He had to be kidding.

“Oh, so much more than a sex club.” He gave her knee another friendly pat. “Fulfill your fantasy and be with the hottest guy you can imagine—no ties or commitments—and get on with your life.”

Copyright © Susanna Eastman


Customer Reviews

Carolyn's Story Review by mary
I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

This book felt like it started in the middle and backtracked to fill in the details. We meet Carolyn as she's getting waxed and afterwards, her technician gives her a card for "Fantasy, Inc." where she can live out her sexual fantasies.

What worked/what didn't: Carolyn is a shy, nerdy girl so it seems she would be a little more self-conscious about meeting a stranger for sex. I would have liked to have seen a little more introspection from Carolyn after her first encounter at the club.

What did work was the chemistry between the two, but to me, the ending felt a little rushed.

~~Wicked Reads Review Team~~
(Posted on 9/13/2015)

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