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It's rather ironic, isn't it, that Kyle plans to steal the papers that will free him from the life of a thief? What's even more ironic, or maybe not ironic but downright annoying, is that they're already gone. And now the paper...
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It's rather ironic, isn't it, that Kyle plans to steal the papers that will free him from the life of a thief? What's even more ironic, or maybe not ironic but downright annoying, is that they're already gone.

And now the papers are in the hands of the one man who has ever been able to put Kyle off his game. Seth, the absolutely gorgeous hunk of a man that Kyle can't figure out his attraction to. He's not gay. He's never wanted sex with a guy. But he can't stop looking at Seth.

To his surprise, Seth's real nice about the papers. He promises not to turn them, or Kyle over. He'll even give them to Kyle, if Kyle will just come home with him. Obviously Seth's up to something, but what?

  • Note:This is a re-edited, revised story previously released under the same title by another publisher and contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexually practices.
From the bedroom, he heard what sounded like a sliding screen door. He’d delayed long enough. He trotted down the hall and stepped into the room. Seth wasn’t there, but a sliding door to the left was open to the night air. He crossed the room and froze in the open doorway. Seth was bent over an above-ground Jacuzzi, barefoot and shirtless. The jets sparked to life, and he stood, the pale skin of his back gleaming in the dim yellow light from a lamp hanging just outside the door.

He turned and caught Kyle staring. Again. Damn it!

Seth grinned, hands going to the fly of his jeans. “We might as well be comfortable, right?”

Kyle heard the honest-to-God whimper that seeped from his own throat as Seth shucked the jeans. No underwear. Nothing else to cover the amazing expanse of skin over finely honed muscles. And, oh, God! When Seth straightened, jeans in hand to toss on a bench in the corner, Kyle saw that his cock was just as damned beautiful as the rest of him. Thick, even soft, and nestled in a sparse tuft of ivory hair. Good God, the hair was natural!

“Like what you see?”

“Huh?” Kyle knew he was beet red as he tore his gaze from Seth’s cock to meet his eyes. He knew he needed to explain away his fascination. But the sight of Seth’s sex had short-circuited any and all thoughts in his brain. He wasn’t sure he knew his own name anymore.

That grin of Seth’s was dark and dangerous, and damned if it didn’t boil Kyle’s blood. He waited, helpless.

Seth chuckled and turned, stepping up to the Jacuzzi. “Take your clothes off, and get in here. It’s good for what ails you.”

Kyle swallowed. Could he do this? What was happening? Should he tell Seth that he didn’t want this? That he wasn’t gay? But then, Seth hadn’t suggested anything other than talk. Men sat in Jacuzzis naked together all the time, didn’t they? That didn’t mean they were gay.

“Kyle.” He looked up to see a warm smile on Seth’s face. Thankfully, his legs and hips were now hidden beneath bubbling water as he knelt on the far side. “Stop thinking and come in here. Everything’s fine.”

He nodded. Stop thinking. Excellent advice. He’d follow it.

He set the water bottle down on the edge of the tub, then leaned against the edge so he could lift his feet to unlace his Docs. Glass clinked behind him, and he glanced back to see Seth busy at a small bar built into the corner behind the tub. Boots and socks off, Kyle pulled off his sweatshirt. He paused at his jeans, a flash memory of Seth’s beauty surging through his mind’s eye. Shit! He was half hard.

“What do you prefer? Jack Daniels? Tequila? I’ve got just about everything here.”

He glanced again and saw that Seth has just taken a shot of something and was pouring another. “Whatever,” he said, hurriedly removing his jeans and then clambering into the tub. He almost made it, but Seth glanced up when his feet hit the water. If he saw the erection, he didn’t mention it.

Once Kyle was seated up to his chest in burbling water, Seth extended a long hand with a shot glass toward him. Golden liquid gleamed in the bad yellow lighting.

“I don’t drink.”

Seth gestured with his chin. “Just one. It’ll calm you down.”

“I’m calm!”

Seth chuckled. “You’re tense as a wire, kid.”

“I’m not a kid.”

“I know. If you were, you wouldn’t be here, and I wouldn’t be offering you a shot.”

Unable to argue with the reasoning, Kyle took the tiny glass and stared at the amber liquid. “What is it?”

“Something good.” At Kyle’s continuing suspicious look, Seth added, “It’s not drugged. Just plain alcohol.”

He actually hadn’t thought of drugs. He knew Seth didn’t go for that even though they were both surrounded by drug use in their line of work.

Quickly, he downed the drink. It tasted first of…honey? Then something like licorice. Then, as his throat opened and the liquid slid down, it burned. He dropped the shot glass in the water, grabbed the edge of the tub, and coughed.

Seth’s grip on his shoulder steadied him, and he eventually heard Seth’s warm chuckle. “Jägermeister. Packs a punch, doesn’t it?”

Kyle subsided and sank back into the bucket seat. He licked the sweet taste from his lips and tried to think through the swirl in his head. He heard Seth moving around, water sloshing, but kept his eyes closed.

“Just relax, Kyle,” Seth soothed.


“Why what?”

“Why relax?”

“Because you’re too tense. You always are.”

Just around you. “So?”

“You’re not going to live long all tensed up like that.”

He peeked at Seth. The other man was lounging on one of the horizontal benches, knees and chest bare and glistening above the waterline. Tiny drops of moisture glistened in his hair and on his smooth skin. If there was any hair on his chest, it was undetectable. Small, pale brown nipples were erect.

Kyle screwed his eyes shut. “So? I’m not going to live long once Quince finds those papers gone.”

“I told you not to worry about Quince.”

“But you didn’t tell me why.”

“No. I didn’t.”

He opened his eyes again. “Are you going to?”


Kyle sighed. The alcohol had hit him already. The combination of that and the warm, soothing water had loosened the muscles in his shoulders. He sank down into the water until bubbles tickled his chin. He let his arms float.

“What would you do if Quince didn’t have a hold on you?”

Kyle was only mildly surprised by the question. Seth was showing a strange interest in him. “I don’t know.”

“Oh, come now. A smart kid like you. You’ve made plans, even if they’re only in your own head. Besides, you must have expected to get away from Quince after you got those papers. What’s your plan?”

“I’ve got a savings. Not much, but enough to get in my car and drive. First I needed to get away. Then I’d think about what to do.”

“What do you want to do?”

“Hell, I don’t know.”

“Gotta support yourself.”

“I can always take what I need.” He heard the obvious scorn in his own voice even though he hadn’t intended to put it there.

“Not much of a future.”


“Don’t you plan to get a real job? Settle down? Find a girl, get married, and have the two-point-five kids?”

Kyle snorted, shifting slightly to let his legs loosen a bit more. “Yeah, right.”

“Not the marrying type?”


“What about girls? I’ve never seen you with a girl.”

Tension threatened to take hold of Kyle’s neck again, but the alcohol and heated water helped him keep it away. “I date.”

“Just not a lot.”


Water sloshed, and Kyle peeked to see Seth pouring more of the amber liquid. Drenched tendrils of white-blond hair clung to his cheeks, jaw, and the very top of his neck. Kyle watched as long fingers lifted the shot glass to full, pink lips just before that sharp chin jutted forward and up to tilt the liquid fire between those lips. The long column of Seth’s throat worked as the fire ran down. Kyle was still watching when Seth’s head came down and turned toward him. The blue eyes were dark.


Kyle nodded without meaning to. Silent, he watched Seth pour another shot. Sufficiently buzzed, he just watched when Seth glided toward him and knelt in the center of the tub in order to hand him the glass. The position put him between Kyle’s outstretched feet. Kyle was muzzily glad of the burbling water that hid his more-than-half-interested erection.

He took the shot glass and brought it to his lips.

“Just open your throat and let it pour down.”

He licked his lips, put the glass to them, and then tossed his head back like he’d seen Seth do. It still burned, but the second time was easier. This time, he could hand the shot glass back to Seth.

He watched, mildly alarmed, as Seth leaned down, a bit closer to him, his hand rummaging under the water. “What are you doing?”

“Getting the other glass you dropped.”


Grinning, Seth lifted it from the water. Before leaving his knees, he quickly dunked his head below the bubbles. Kyle was glad Seth was out of hearing and didn’t hear the yelp of alarm that came out of his mouth. When Seth resurfaced, seconds later, Kyle was seated straight in his seat, feet drawn up closer to him in the tub, as far away from Seth as he could get.

If Seth noticed, he made no mention. He surged to the side of the tub and put the shot glasses back.

“What kind of girls do you like?”


Seth turned. He was now within arm’s reach of Kyle to the side. He sat forward, elbows on his knees. The look he fastened on Kyle was one of interest. “The girls you date. What kind do you like?”

Kyle shrugged. He closed his eyes, the better to enjoy the warm buzz suffusing his system.

“Come on. Blonde or brunette? Blue eyes or brown? Tall? Short? Stacked or sporty?”

Kyle had to grin. “Does it matter? As long as they’re interested in something besides makeup and clothes.”

“Ah! You want a brain, then.”


“But what about looks?”

Again, Kyle shrugged.

“What about sex?”

“What about it?”

“Have you had it?”

“No.” He was proud of an unembarrassed answer.

“How old are you?”


“And you’ve never had sex?”

“It’s possible, you know.”

“Yeah, but…why not?”

Kyle shrugged, eyes still closed. He heard the faint splash as Seth moved, but couldn’t open his eyes to track him. “The only girls I really could have had were hookers and…” He shook his head. “Nah.”

“So you’ve been jerking off.”

Kyle even grinned. “I’m good at it.”

Seth chuckled. “I’ll bet.” A short silence. “But there’s never been anyone who just drives you plain nuts? So much that you’ve just got to have them.”

Just you. “No.”

“I envy you.”


“There’s someone who drives me wild. Every time I’m around this person, I want to fuck so bad I can’t think straight.”

Kyle gulped down the surge of jealously. He kept his eyes shut, not wanting to see the lust for someone else in Seth’s eyes. He schooled his voice to calm. “One of your girlfriends?” There were many.


Water sloshed again, and a wet slap on the side of the tub in the vicinity of his ear made Kyle open his eyes in surprise. The slap had been Seth’s hand, bracing against the tub, next to Kyle’s head. The older man leaned over Kyle, his other hand braced on the side of Kyle’s seat, boxing him in. Not that Kyle really noticed. All of his attention was on the beautiful face hovering before his, open lust darkening those cobalt eyes to near black.

“Actually,” said Seth, leaning closer, “it’s you.”

Kyle’s jaw dropped open in shock. Seth continued in until he could nip at Kyle’s bottom lip with both of his. Kyle jumped at the contact but couldn’t pull away, his entire body trembling. When Kyle didn’t pull away, Seth smiled and tilted his head, the better to slant his lips more firmly over Kyle’s, taking them in a firm kiss.

Kyle’s shock was so complete that he could only sit and receive. Seth’s mouth was warm and moist, whether from the tub or naturally, Kyle didn’t have the wherewithal to decide. The tongue that Seth slid between his lips tasted mostly of the Jäger, but there was an undercurrent of cloves. Seth’s long, strong fingers slid into the hair at the base of Kyle’s skull, taking control of his head, tilting it so he could deepen the kiss further, swallowing Kyle’s moan. Seth knocked him off balance, and Kyle’s limbs flailed. Clumsily, he clutched and ended up with his hands gripping Seth’s shoulders and his thighs clamped to either side of Seth’s slim hips.

Seth pressed full front against him, and Kyle gasped as hot, wet skin caressed his. Something hard and hot sidled in to brush against his cock.

Seth’s cock!

That broke the spell. No matter how good it felt, he…was…not…gay!

He freed his lips with a struggle. “Stop!”

Seth latched his teeth onto Kyle’s pulse as the younger man continued to fight. “Why?”

Kyle pushed at Seth’s shoulders, but all that satiny skin was slippery when wet. His legs splayed to either side of Seth’s lean hips, and he couldn’t get a good hold with his fingers. The more he tried, the more he noticed the strength in Seth’s long, lean body. And the more he noticed that, the more his cock throbbed against Seth’s. “Get off.”

“Calm down.” The voice was hypnotic. Seth’s tongue drew a long, thick line from the nape of Kyle’s neck to his ear. “Doesn’t it feel good?”

“I’m not gay.”



Seth pulled back only enough to meet Kyle’s gaze. “What does it matter?” He kept one hand firmly tangled in Kyle’s hair, the other at the small of Kyle’s back. “Me? I happen to be a connoisseur of beauty, and you, kid, are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, male or female.”

Kyle gaped up into those shining eyes. “What?”

The hand at Kyle’s back drifted to his side, stroking him gently. “You have no idea, do you? Those big brown eyes, a fucking incredible body, and these lips.” Seth bit at Kyle’s lower lip. “I’ve wanted to taste these forever.”

Speechless, Kyle could only accept as Seth slanted another kiss over his mouth. His fingers clutched at Seth’s shoulders as he fought the urge to pull the older man closer. He didn’t want this. Did he?

Copyright © Jet Mykles


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Sexy and Character-driven-Unbeatable combo Review by Cjean
What's better than a sexy read with good characters?

J. Mykles gets you interested in Kyle and Seth from the beginning (their interaction in and out of the hot tub, makes for a good read) and holds your interest. Kyle actually THINKS about whether or not he could have a sexual relationship with another man (Good for you, Kyle). Then it gets sexy again (Good for you Jet ^_^)

I LIKED both men and I thoroughly enjoyed the book.


p.s.-check out J. Mykles 'Heaven Sent' series
(Posted on 5/26/2013)
gay/straight angsty romance with sexy thieves/secret agents Review by RegencyCathy
Poor trapped, blackmailed, straight Kyle gets "snagged" by blond super secret thief/agent Seth. The book starts out strong with the initial seduction by Seth using his hot tub and blackmail. Then Kyle goes off to be poor but respectable. More importantly he experiments to see if he is gay. The pace picks up once he decides yes, he wants to have sex with Seth. Then there's dangerous missions, sex toys, and some deep conversations.

I like a little my gay romance more pretty and funny than angsty, but for those that like drama, the book has corrupt cops, cruel homophobes, crappy little diners, crappy little motels, and a general air of noirish, soul-crushing poverty. Fortunately for the reader and Kyle, the horrors of life as an uneducated nice gay dude in non-urban, non-costal America can be escaped from by having romantic and hot gay sex with pretty and wealthy Seth.
(Posted on 9/23/2012)

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