Slow Thaw

Kathleen Carswell

Nick came to Second Chances to ask his girlfriend Christine to marry him. Cassandra wanted her husband Jim to look at her again in the snows of the mountains. Christine wouldn't, and neither would Jim. And Cassandra had never felt...
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Nick came to Second Chances to ask his girlfriend Christine to marry him. Cassandra wanted her husband Jim to look at her again in the snows of the mountains. Christine wouldn't, and neither would Jim. And Cassandra had never felt as beautiful and sensual as she did under the gaze of Nick's camera. Nick's blood stirred within him at the vision in his lens, a warmth in the icy cold that drew him like a roaring fire.

Second Chances exposed the true fires within the frigid surroundings, not only in the snow, but in the hearts of its visitors. In the cold reaches of the mountains, old flames burned out and new ones flared--but for how long?

They were looking for love. They found it where least expected.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse.
Christine stepped out of the bathroom, and Nick completely lost his breath. She could see him struggling for composure as he sat on the edge of the four-poster bed, just where she wanted him.

She wore thigh-high fishnet stockings and a low-cut demi bra that pushed her breasts up high, overflowing to their maximum effect. Christine had paid good money for her breasts, and she wanted them seen. She wore the smallest of G-strings, barely skimming over her slim hips and ass. Over this ensemble, she wore a gossamer shift of black lace, through which every curve of her body was clearly visible. It was barely fastened with a single tie across her breasts, and the slightest tug would break it free.

Christine watched Nick’s gaze move over her, his pulse beating at his throat. She smiled. “Are you ready?” she asked, pitching her voice low and sultry.

It had the desired effect. Nick was clutching the sheet with involuntary motion. He always liked her phone-sex-operator voice.

She strolled toward him, adding an extra roll to her hips. His eyes followed that tie at her breast, and as she drew nearer, she could tell he was breathing heavily.

She knelt before him. “Tell me what you want,” she whispered.

Nick reached out and touched her lips with the tip of his finger. She immediately opened her mouth and sucked his finger in, drawing it between her lips and running her tongue along the side, licking down to the sensitive web of flesh between one finger and the next. He liked that, she could tell -- his free hand stroked her hair, and when her teeth lightly nipped his palm, his fingers tightened between the locks at the base of her neck. The sudden pressure on her scalp was stirring, and she rubbed against him like a cat.

He lay back, and she knew what he wanted. First she teased him, sliding her hands up the inside of his thighs. Her mouth followed, moving up between his knees and letting her tongue skate along the sensitive skin of his upper leg.

Then she let her hand lightly graze over his balls. His whole body tensed, hands clutching the sheet again, and she let her moist breath blow lightly over his stiff cock. She didn’t let the feeling fade but licked a long, thin line along the underside of his cock to the V at the head of it. She flicked her tongue back and forth there, listening to his breath catch in his throat, before she took him in her mouth in one long, deep, sucking pull.

His hands were in her hair again as she drew him in and toward the back of her throat. She let her tongue dance over his inflamed skin, then closed her lips on the shaft and sucked hard. She heard him crying out above her, muttering something she did not understand. She moved her head up and down, letting him go one moment, playing with his balls the next, then sucking just the tip of his cock before taking him all in again.

He was swelling inside her mouth, too excited for her purposes. She let him go, stroking the long muscles of his thighs as she rose above him.

“Oh God,” Nick muttered. “Please.”

Christine straddled him, squeezing him between her stocking-clad legs. His hands roamed up her thighs, diving between her legs to grope at her. His thick fingers moved the G-string aside and found her clit. The sudden jolt of sensation made her cry out in spite of herself.

He rubbed it lightly, and his free hand smacked hard against her ass with a shockingly loud slap. He knew what she liked, and he said he liked it when she cried out, so she tried to keep it swallowed inside, waiting for the right moment that would set him off like a firecracker. The pleasurable sting almost distracted her from his thick finger sliding into her, burying itself deep. Then another finger, widening her.

Beneath her, he smiled. “I love it when you’re wet,” he whispered. She opened her mouth to speak, but his fingers scissored inside her and she lost her words, throwing back her head with a gasp. Her blonde hair spilled over her shoulders. He could always do this to her, damn him, distract her from the job at hand.

His free hand wandered up her side, sliding over her lace-clad breast with firm surety. The sensation of his hand smoothing over her breast was amazingly provocative, though dulled a bit by the lace. He rolled a hard nipple through the fabric, and she bit her lip to keep from making a sound.

Nick rolled her over on her back, and out of habit she struggled -- she preferred to ride him. It let her control his angle of entry, how fast and how slow. She didn’t like being under him, under his control. He grinned and took her playful struggles as a game. He reached over to the bedside table and grabbed her long black scarf, quickly winding it around her wrists and tying them to the carved-oak bedpost.

“Wait,” Christine began, but his mouth lowered on hers, his tongue thrusting into her mouth and stilling all protest. Then his hand was between her legs and she didn’t want to protest anymore. Let him do her his way, if it would ease the growing ache between her thighs. His other hand was grabbing for a condom from the side table -- she never had to worry that he’d try to sneak past her defenses without one. Nick was a good guy.

He pulled at the G-string and it slid down her legs, leaving her exposed to him. His finger teased the hood of her clit ever so lightly, and she felt the beginning rush before a climax. He lowered his head to her breasts and caught the little silken tie with his teeth, drawing it away and spilling the lace off her body, revealing the full, ripe curves of her breasts to him.

His tongue licked between them, kissing the smooth curves before he opened his mouth and buried his face between her breasts. The roughness of his beard abraded her sensitive skin, and she felt his fingers slide into her again.

“Oh God, baby,” she cried, and he was between her legs, his hands grasping her in that overworked, near-frantic manner of a man about to lose all his control. She could feel his cock against her thigh, and he slid up to her entrance. Only then did he let his hand slip away, shoving her thighs apart with a strength that excited her all the more.

He pushed into her, hard and full, and she cried out again, not caring if the people in the next room could hear them. He was always good, but somehow he was extra good this time. He hadn’t even bothered to remove the lingerie, fucking her in all her tied-down, spread-eagle glory. She felt him driving inside her and raised her hips to meet his. This wasn’t how she’d planned it, she’d meant to ride him and tease him to the point of no return, then let him fade back down, do it over and over until he was half-mad…but now he was doing it to her, driving her down into the mattress with his own madness. His hands grasped her hips, bracing her as he buried himself within her.

Nick was losing control; he grasped at her blindly, as though trying to sink all of himself into her, and she felt the bra slip down and her breasts press free of their confines. Immediately his hands found them, his fingers pinching her rock-hard nipples.

It sent Christine right over the edge, screaming out his name and pulling uselessly at the ties binding her hands over her head. She contracted around him, and she felt Nick shoot off deliriously, his head thrown back and the cords standing out on his neck as he filled her with his hot come, deep and warm.

Then he slowly came back to earth, resting above her. He always liked to stay in her after, but she twisted away from him and he pulled out.

He was still breathing hard as he untied her hands, setting her free. She wiggled free of the bra and lace, resting against his arm.

“Happy birthday,” she whispered, her skin still tingling. Damn, but he was good.

“God, thank you,” Nick replied. He kissed her cheek and touched her hair gently. “That was amazing.”

“Thank you,” she said.

Nick rose up, leaning his head against his hand. “Glad you came now?”

Christine grinned impishly. “I came a minute ago, actually.”

“Smart-ass.” Nick grabbed her ass playfully to underscore his point. “The shoot, I mean. Are you glad you came up here for the shoot? Even if it is snowy?”

Christine shrugged. No, she wasn’t glad, but at least he was asking. She and Nick had been together ever since he first photographed her, and if he wanted to do snow-bunny photos for a client calendar, she’d do it. A job was a job.

“Christine, you are so amazing,” Nick whispered, nuzzling her ear. “I love you.”

“Love you too,” she replied.

“Marry me.”

Christine turned to look at him. He was deadly serious, staring into her eyes. Her mouth fell open.

“Are you kidding?” she asked, incredulous. “No.”

Copyright © Kathleen Carswell


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Emotional and sweet Review by Erica
I bought this book when it first came out a couple of years ago. I could not wait for this author to write another one. But sadly this is her only book on Loose-Id. This book is funny, sweet, sexy, happy, sad, and original. It is not a book that you will regret buying. (Posted on 7/24/2014)

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