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Slow Burn

Slow Burn

Product Review (submitted on January 22, 2014):

Sam B. Morgan’s Slow Burn is a delightfully angst-free romance between closeted homicide detective Douglas Brody and his laid back physical therapist Zack. With plenty of heat and not much conflict, it is a light easy to read novel that is sure to delight fans of contemporary m/m fiction.

Brody is so dedicated to his career that his personal life is pretty much non-existent. His job keeps him deep in the closet and one night stands are about as serious as his relationships ever get. One case has haunted him his entire career and Brody is obsessed with catching the serial killer before he strikes again. Unfortunately he is riding a desk during physical therapy and if he plans on getting back out in the field, Brody needs some intensive one on one therapy to get him in the best shape of his life. And he knows just the person to help him: his physical therapist, Zack.

Zack is everything Brody isn’t: easy going, cheerful and out of the closet. He takes his job seriously but he also knows how to relax and have a good time. Zack is extremely patient with Brody and he successfully gets Brody’s therapy back on track. Zack might be attracted to Brody, but he is too professional to act on it. Zack has reservations about taking Brody on as a private client but Brody easily convinces him to change his mind.

Zack and Brody settle into an easy camaraderie once they begin their private training sessions. Brody slowly begins to loosen up and Zack finally realizes that Brody is also gay. Their attraction simmers on the back burner but once it comes to a boil? These two eagerly (and frequently) give in to their desire. Their sex scenes are deliciously sexy and their lovemaking is quite steamy. There is also an emotional connection between them, but Brody has no intention of living openly as a gay man. Zack understands where Brody is coming from, but how long will Zack be content with keeping their relationship under wraps?

Slow Burn is an enjoyable romance with engaging and likable characters. The mystery aspect of the story is understated but it serves as a catalyst for Brody to make some much needed changes to his personal life. Sam B. Morgan wraps up the story with a lovely epilogue that is absolutely the perfect ending for Brody and Zack.