Skin Deep: Unforgiven

S.W. Vaughn

After serving four years for a murder he didn’t commit, ex-cop River tries to avoid the human race. He runs street cons to make enough money for the dilapidated room he rents and the booze he drinks to stay numb. But when he...
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After serving four years for a murder he didn’t commit, ex-cop River tries to avoid the human race. He runs street cons to make enough money for the dilapidated room he rents and the booze he drinks to stay numb. But when he tries to scam a gorgeous stranger who’s robbing an ATM, he soon realizes he’s tangled with the wrong man.

Braelan is the prince of the Seelie Fae, just arrived in the human realm to avoid becoming King. He also has unfinished business with his half-brother, who he owes a debt that may be impossible to repay. When a scruffy, unkempt human attempts to take the money he’s stealing, Braelan offers to pay him in exchange for spending the night with him--though he has no idea why he’s attracted to the man.

Despite himself, River agrees to one night only--and after the most incredible sex of his life, he realizes there’ll be no getting over Braelan anytime soon. But River doesn’t want to feel anything, and Braelan feels too much. While neither can deny what might be love, River’s past is coming back to haunt him...and it will drag Braelan down with him.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: dubious consent, male/male sexual practices.

River pulled back fast and not just from surprise. Braelan’s kiss had instantly ignited his blood -- while his mind gibbered a panicked warning, his body screamed more!

That scared the piss out of him.

“Jesus Christ,” he stammered. “What the hell are you doing?”

Braelan smiled. “Kissing you.”

“You can’t --” He drew a breath, hoping to calm his racing heart. It didn’t work. “Okay, let’s try a different question. Why did you do that?”

“Because I wanted to.” Braelan stepped forward, hooked an arm around his waist. And kissed him again.

He moaned before he could stop himself. Damn, did that feel good. Too good. And it had been so long...

Fuck. He was kissing a man he’d robbed and left for dead not two hours ago. A man he knew nothing about, who only had one arm around him. Which left the other hand free to pull a knife or something while he was distracted.

“Bastard!” He jerked free of the embrace and stumbled back, panting. “I know what you’re trying to do. Stop that shit and just level with me. What do you want?”

“You,” Braelan said softly. “Nothing more.”

“Oh, come on. Drop the innocent act.” He scanned the man from head to foot, looking for the telltale bulge of a weapon. Not a sign. But just because he couldn’t see one, didn’t mean there wasn’t something hidden. “You knocked over a goddamned ATM. Maybe you don’t have any street smarts, but you’re not stupid. And neither am I. You couldn’t have come here for sex, especially with me.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m a bum, and you’re...okay, I don’t know what you are.” He ran a hand through his still-damp hair in frustration. “You’re obviously used to people jumping when you say frog. So wherever you come from, you’re in charge. Maybe you’re a mob boss, or... Christ, I don’t know. The Prince of Wales. Whatever. In any case, people like you don’t lust after people like me. Therefore you’re full of shit.”

Braelan turned fifteen kinds of pale. “How...?” He shook himself, and his color returned slowly. “How can I prove that I speak truth? I desire you. And I believe that you desire me.”

He wanted to deny it. Instead he said, “You can’t.”

“There must be a way.” Braelan’s eyes closed for a few seconds. He opened them and said, “What do you believe I want?”

“Your money.”

A laugh left him. “Well, now. Let us consider that,” he said. “You witnessed how easy it was for me to take the money. Do you think I’d not be able to simply do it again? If it were money I wanted, I’d not have gone to the trouble of seeking you out. Particularly after the pain you caused me.”

Shit. That almost made sense. “Revenge, then. I hurt you, so you came for some payback.”

Braelan shook his head. “Do you not recall what I asked for in return, when I agreed to give you money?”

“Company,” he muttered. “For one night.”

“Yes. Your company. I thought you understood my meaning. Was I mistaken?”

“No...yes. Fuck. I don’t know.” His jaw clenched, and he had to force it to relax enough to speak. “Why me?”

“You intrigue me.” Braelan stepped closer, reached out and caressed his face. “I wish to know you better.”

No, you don’t. The words never made it out, because Braelan’s mouth was in the way.

River had to be crazy not to stop this. It was all kinds of wrong. But Braelan’s firm, hot lips stirred things in him that had lain dormant for so long, he’d given them up for dead. He found himself kissing back, a tentative increase in pressure, one hand hovering just shy of touching the man in silent invitation.

Braelan pressed a hand to the back of his head, held him in place. A warm, wet tongue parted his lips and invaded his mouth.

Oh, God. The man tasted like rain, like lightning. He could practically smell it -- a thunderstorm brewing in his room, poised on the edge of unleashing its beautiful fury. His cock throbbed to life, the engorgement so sudden it was painful.

He pulled back with a gasp. “Wait.”

“Why?” Braelan groaned. Now he had a definite bulge, but it wasn’t a weapon. Unless he’d stuffed a gun down the front of his pants. “Do you not desire me?”

Hell yes. He still couldn’t bring himself to say it, though. “Strip.”

Braelan raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

“Take your clothes off.” It came out a whisper. “I need to be sure you won’t --” Hurt me. Yeah, like that wasn’t going to happen anyway. “Just do it, okay?”

“Very well.”

Braelan tugged off his boots. He wasn’t wearing any socks. He unfastened the hooks that held his sleeveless shirt closed, stripped it away and let it fall to the floor. Damn, was he ripped. He had a hairless, chiseled chest straight out of a skin mag, a stack of perfect abs, not a single sag or flaw anywhere. The tribal tattoos on his arms looked even sexier with him shirtless. He opened his pants, pushed them down.

He wasn’t wearing underwear either.

“Um.” River swallowed hard. “Nice cock.”

“Thank you.”

He managed a nod. This guy would’ve made Ron Jeremy blush. That was easily the biggest cock he’d ever seen -- and it was rock hard, ready to go. He wasn’t entirely sure he could take it all. Assuming, of course, that Braelan preferred to bat and not catch. He had little doubt the guy was a top.

“Well,” Braelan said, “are you satisfied now?”

“Yeah, sure,” he whispered.

“Come here, then.”

It wasn’t quite a command, but he obeyed anyway. He was losing the little resistance he had left. Harry had been this way -- sweet but firm, always taking charge in the bedroom, knowing his need to be controlled to some degree. And Braelan couldn’t possibly know what he preferred in a partner, so the fact that he was doing it naturally turned River on even more.

He was really going to regret this in the morning.

“I want you.” Braelan kissed him, rested palms on his hips and drew him close. “Say that you want me.”


“Say it.”

He did. Christ, he could barely breathe for wanting. “Yes. Yes, I want you.”


The hands moved to his button, eased his jeans and underwear off. He hissed when his swollen cock sprang free. After he shuffled loose from the material, Braelan grabbed his ass and pressed hard against him, nuzzling his neck. “River,” he murmured. “Such a perfect name.”

He wanted to ask why, but he was busy drowning in sensation. He threw his arms around Braelan, let his hands explore the taut muscle of his shoulders. Braelan’s grip migrated to his thighs and lifted him from the floor, forcing him to cling to the man and regain his balance.

Braelan tilted his head up and flashed a heated smile. “Bed or no bed?”

“Don’t care,” he growled. “Fuck me.”

This time he initiated a kiss. Closing his eyes in surrender, he covered Braelan’s mouth and thrust his tongue inside. Braelan tongued him back, hot and demanding. He was dimly aware of motion somewhere outside the kiss. His back met something cool and solid -- a wall. He moaned and shivered, squirming in an effort to get his ass closer to that big cock.

Braelan eased him down, let him gain his feet, then whirled him around and pressed him face-first to the wall. He raised his arms instinctively over his head to position himself.

Strong fingers captured his wrists and lifted, forcing him onto his toes. His breath left him in a dizzying rush. “Look at me,” Braelan rasped. “Let me see those fascinating eyes.”

Trembling, he turned his head and looked over his shoulder. Braelan met his gaze with a gentle kiss. “Do not be afraid,” he whispered. “I’ll not hurt you.”

“I’m not afraid.”

“No?” A teasing smile. “Then why do you shake like a wind-caught leaf?”

Because you’re perfect. He couldn’t remember ever being this turned on. Every touch, every word and motion stoked the fire in him further. Hell, he was ready to explode right now, and Braelan hadn’t even gotten inside him yet. But he couldn’t say that. He settled for repeating himself. “Fuck me.”

“As you wish.”

Braelan’s hands shifted, pinning both of his wrists within one, while the other stroked slowly down the length of him and stopped on his ass. A foot nudged his ankle. Knowing instantly what the man wanted, he shuffled his feet apart. Fingers slid between his cheeks and coated his opening with wet warmth. Probably spit.

Whatever worked to get that cock into his ass was fine with him.

His breath caught on a groan when firm flesh nestled against his opening. Braelan eased inside slowly, stretching him, building sweet pressure that coiled in his gut and drew his balls taut. He could feel his heartbeat in his cock. A fresh shudder moved through him, and his ass clenched around the thick shaft invading it.

Braelan made a rough sound. “Easy,” he murmured in his ear. “I’ve still a ways to go.”

“Fffuck.” He wasn’t all the way in yet? River tried to relax, to bend a little and thrust his ass out so he could take in more. He already felt stretched enough to burst -- but damned if he didn’t love that feeling, the delicious ache of fullness.

At last, Braelan’s hips brushed against his ass, and he stopped moving. His free arm circled River’s waist, and he laid a palm on the thatch of wiry curls above his cock. “There, now,” he whispered. “A perfect fit, don’t you think?” The hand moved down and gripped his cock.

River responded with an inarticulate gurgle.


Copyright © S.W. Vaughn


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