Settler's Mine 4: The Wolf

Mechele Armstrong

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When Clyde goes into heat, no one else will do but one of his own secretive race, the Wolftons. Angelica isn't expecting anyone when she hears a shuttle arrive. To her surprise, it's a virile Wolfton, who asks a single question, ...
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Full Description

When Clyde goes into heat, no one else will do but one of his own secretive race, the Wolftons.

Angelica isn't expecting anyone when she hears a shuttle arrive. To her surprise, it's a virile Wolfton, who asks a single question, "Are you a whore?"

Her answer of "yes" plunges her into an erotic fantasy where her every whim is indulged. With Clyde, she takes the role of submissive to new heights.

Clyde knew he'd find sex to ease his urges, but Angelica's more than a willing body. She's his mate. And with his scent all over her, she's never going to be safe from the bounty hunters after his hide. Now this Wolf will have to outrun his pack to Settler's Mine to claim and keep his mate.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, strong BDSM theme and content (bondage, domination, whipping, etc).
Angelica sat on the bench, legs pulled up under herself, looking out the back window. She ran a hand through her hair.

The long-range communicator buzzed from nearby. “Angelica?”

She slowly walked to answer it. Didn’t want to. “Yes, Meta.” If she hadn’t answered it, Meta would’ve kept after her until she did.

“Is everything all right there?”

“Yes, Meta.” Nothing had happened since the woman had left her on her own to travel to a client.

“I…feel as if I’ve forgotten something.” The frustration sounded deep within the confines of her aunt’s voice.

Meta was getting older. Not a good thing for a whore.

Angelica blew out a breath. “Well, I’m sure you can buy anything there on the planet you’re visiting.” Seemed odd to her and Meta both that the Wolfton had asked for the whore to come to him on such short notice. And made it worth her while. More than worth her while. The client had sent someone to pick her up while they’d still been negotiating terms. And he’d given her four times the going rate, according to Meta. She’d had only a few minutes to pack or the deal of a lifetime was off.

“I’m not worried about forgetting things.” The stress on the syllable told Angelica what concerned her. “And I don’t have my scheduler with me to check. I can’t believe I left it home.”

Angelica blinked. Neither could she. “I thought you packed it.” Meta had intended to check it once she’d arrived and make other arrangements for anything she had scheduled. She hadn’t thought anything was pressing and the client had given her a deal she couldn’t refuse even if anything was.

“So did I. But it’s not anywhere. I was in such a hurry…” Meta blew out a breath. “I must have left it there.”

Angelica waited to see if Meta would ask her to look for the book. But she didn’t.

Instead, she continued, “If anyone shows up, you send them packing. I’ve a few…clients that you don’t want to mess with. I don’t think any of them are due…but you never know.”

A shudder raced across Angelica. She could imagine the proclivities of someone using a whore were questionable. And a Wolfton in heat could be demanding.

Meta’s voice softened. “Going to tell me why you’re visiting me yet?”

The words cut across Angelica like ice shards. They froze her soul. And it had been going so well. “Nothing’s wrong.” A lie. That Meta kept asking why she’d come, an indication that Meta knew something had happened.

“Hmmm.” Meta’s knowing voice grated down Angelica’s nerves like a washboard. “I’ll be back in a week.”

A week? It was only supposed to be a few days. The client and Meta must be getting along fabulously. Which meant there were no other women there. Lucky Meta. “I’ll be fine. And here when you get back, Aunt Meta.”

She could almost picture Meta’s mouth turned up into a curl. Oh, how Meta didn’t like being reminded that Angelica was her niece because it reminded her of how old she was. And she didn’t want to get old.

Meta said something under her breath.

“What?” Angelica imagined it was something about Angelica’s parentage. “I didn’t catch that.”

“Nothing. Stay safe.” Meta’s voice dropped. “Later.”


Angelica hung up the comm. If only she could be as satisfied with her lot in life as Meta. Maybe there was a lot to be learned from a whore. Goddess knows, as an unmated Beta or second-status female wolf, she’d sure felt like a prostitute at times.

She went back to scanning the horizon.

What was she watching for? Wasn’t like anyone was coming for her. Not here. Probably not ever.

As if on cue, the approaching shuttle flashed in the sunlight as it crested the horizon, then circled downward, and landed on the circular pad.

Her eyes widened. Maybe she’d thought too soon.

Surely her pack wouldn’t pursue her after the way she’d left. Not after doing what she had. Unless they were here to punish her.

She stared along the expanse of dirt and rock between here and the pad, searching for whoever would get out of the shuttle. Would it be someone she recognized? They’d never send an Alpha after her.

Who else would come?

Bounty hunters? Mercenaries? On a Beta female? Doubtful. Maybe it would be a few of her pack’s hunters.

A man she didn’t know crawled out of the shuttle. A big man. She could tell his size from his being next to the small shuttle. Well, maybe he wasn’t tall. But bulky. He had a hulking appearance like most Wolftons.

Didn’t mean he wasn’t after her. Only that she didn’t know him. But he was as likely to be here after someone else than her. He didn’t look like a bounty hunter.

He pulled a bag from the shuttle and turned toward the simple house.

Her heightened senses took over as she watched him strut up the walk. Her first impressions were accurate. He wasn’t tall, but his body was wide. He had a swagger that told of a rich arrogance of soul. And he was definitely Wolfton. She could tell by his stance. By his proud look and the way he held his shoulders. And a look that said not quite Quatarian. His scent would tell her for sure. But he wasn’t close enough yet, no matter how advanced her nose was. A few more feet and maybe she could scent him. But that would mean he’d be within striking distance. If he was Wolfton…

She swallowed, her body a little shaky. What was he doing here? The pack wouldn’t have sent a strange Wolfton after her.

A part of her cried “Run!” She wanted to run as fast as she could the other way. But if he was after her, others would follow him, even if he didn’t find her. Better to face them now and get over the confrontation than to look behind her for the rest of her miserable life. She didn’t want a life spent on the run.

Not to mention, if he was Wolfton, the running would make him inclined to chase her. Never a good thing with a Wolfton. They liked to chase too much. And once they caught you… Especially a woman, whether the male was in his heat cycle or not.

She opened the door and waited for the man to arrive on the doorstep. She could feel her muscles clenching as she prepared for his arrival. It would be fight or flight. And she geared up for both. Although, a Beta female against a large Wolfton male didn’t sound like a positive thing.

His scent smacked across her with no subtlety whatsoever as the wind shifted to blow her way.


Not only a Wolfton, but he was in heat. Her nostrils detected that odor about him, that strong musk, coming from him in waves. Her pussy perked up, dampening on cue as she curled her lips, taking in the scent. He smelled too good. Good enough to eat. She licked her lips, nostrils taking in short bursts of his odor. Scrumptious.

Her lips puckered as if in front of his cock about to take him down. Her eyes almost shut with the arousal parking squarely in her chest.

The heat was yet another indication he wasn’t there for her. Her eyes opened wide. He was there for Meta. A few minutes ago, she’d have said he was out of luck with what he was looking for and sent him on his way. Until she scented him. Now her feminine primal side roared to have a taste of the man. One little sip of the long drink that was the approaching Wolfton.

Even with her aunt’s words rattling around in her brain, desire swelled to life in her body. Her pussy lips swelled, as did her nipples. She fought down the reactions, crossing her arms in front of her chest and stepping farther away from the door.

He sauntered up, looking around cautiously. Had he scented her and not Meta, though Meta’s scent would be prevalent in her own home? Was Meta who he was here for? His face shifted at her appearance and answered her silent question. “Where’s Meta?” His voice was little more than a growl. Looked like it was all he could manage. A shudder racked his frame as though speaking was difficult.

He did look for Meta. The only one who’d taken her in from her troubles. He wasn’t after her after all, but after the woman who owned the house.

And he smelled too damn good. And looked even better up close.

Her nostrils caught his scent again. Musky. Wholly masculine. Almost a shame he wasn’t there after her. She wanted to lick a drop of sweat from the skin on his neck. Taste his skin. “She’s not here.” Her pitch lowered. Too much. She sounded almost hoarse. Her instincts were taking over, even as her brain fought against this. She didn’t even know this man.

“Where is she?” His voice deepened into serious growls and she’d never heard anything more authoritative. Or anguished. His eyes grew wild. “I need her. Now. Where is she?” He took a step closer. “Who are you?” His voice sharpened. “Why are you here?”

She took a good look at the large Wolfton standing in front of her. Impressive muscles. Broad chest. Short gray hair. Steel brown eyes that looked more wolf than anything else. Yes, he was an impressive specimen. She wouldn’t look down to between his thighs. Powerful thighs. Her own thighs clenched together. Would he be hard? She was so needy. How could she be this needy for a man she’d never met before? “She’s gone for a while.” She’d left Angelica to hold down the fort. Of course the fort hadn’t included a big horny Wolfton. Maybe this man was who Meta had forgotten. How had she done that? He seemed too impressive to forget.

He slanted his mouth, nostrils flaring. Taking in her own scent. He smelled her arousal. Somehow that made him all the more alluring, and he didn’t need help. He opened his mouth as though letting the smell of her flow into him. “You’re Wolfton.” His voice evened out as though he was working on something deep within himself. His hands clenched by his sides. All his muscles remained tense.

She nodded, hesitantly. No sense denying what he could already smell. Somehow, she wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not.

“A whore?” He wasn’t sure of how she would answer. She could hear the layering of his voice.

Heat moved up her cheeks. In practice, no, she wasn’t. But in truth, she was what he’d termed in the question. “Yes.”

His lip curled up. His face tightened. The look would have melted the paint off a shuttle. Would have fried eggs without a cooker.

He was not only in heat. He was in heat now. A heat that had almost gotten away from him.

His muscles tensed but he didn’t seem able to bring himself under control. The animal was being unleashed. She could see that in his gaze. In the way his throat moved while his teeth gritted together.

The Wolfton was close to the surface. Bulging out.

Which meant he had no mate.

A big strapping Alpha like him without a mate? Without a pack of female wolves to satisfy his every whim and fancy? An Alpha who’d gone so far into his heat, his humanity was almost gone. She’d seen his difficulty speaking. His tortured movements. She’d serviced males in heat before. But never one so…gone as this one. It should scare her. But all she felt was excitement. And anticipation.

He lifted his head and howled.

The sound was raw in the distance. Mournful yet celebratory.

It made her shiver. Made parts she’d never known she had want to answer. Touched something wild deep within her. She backed away a step. Inside the house.

He followed and shut the door behind him, throwing the lock into place. Grabbed his shirt with both hands and pulled it over his head. “With Meta gone, you’ll have to do.”

Copyright © Mechele Armstrong


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