Season of Love

Lena Matthews

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Clayton Phelps wants to master the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa in order to honor the holiday. Okay, actually to impress his live-in lover's father. Roselyn's dad, Bishop Bellamy has never been too keen on his daughter living wi...
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Clayton Phelps wants to master the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa in order to honor the holiday. Okay, actually to impress his live-in lover's father.

Roselyn's dad, Bishop Bellamy has never been too keen on his daughter living with a white man and if wasn’t for the fact he was madly in love with Roselyn, Clayton wouldn't care less about winning the closed-minded man’s approval. But he Is, so he does what any man would, he tries to persuade Bishop by taking on their family holiday tradition.

Roz is done with Kwanzaa. Although she loves her family dearly, she’s ready to start a few traditions of her own. She loves Clayton for trying, but his happiness is more important to her than her father’s.

Still, Clayton persists with his Kwanzaa plans. He knows how important family is to Roz and he’s going to do everything in his power to make this a holiday she doesn’t forget -- in public and in private. There are seven principals and therefore seven days to convince Bishop of his devotion to Roz and her family, because on the seventh day Clayton plans to ask for her hand in marriage.

“Who’s killing who?” Clayton asked as he walked into the bedroom.

The steam from his shower powered out from the bathroom doorway, creating a sexy backdrop for the nude man who was toweling his blond hair dry and wearing nothing but a smile. No matter how many times she saw him naked, it never grew old or less enticing.

He was so strong, so muscular it was hard to believe he was made out of mere flesh and bones. His body was like a precious piece of art. One she was happily intimate with.

“Banning’s threatening to kill my babies again.”

Clayton’s brow cocked and he stopped drying for a moment. “I didn’t hear the phone ring.”

Shit. “You were in the shower. Of course you didn’t.”

“Did the phone really ring or did you call Banning?”

“Okay, so I called her.”

“Why is it so hard to believe I wanted to do this for you?”

“It’s not --”

“Right,” he interrupted. “You wouldn’t have called her to bawl her out for dragging me into this if you truly believed that.”

“I’m sorry.” Damn, he knew her so well. Her hands pleated the fabric of the sheets as she tried to think of a way to get him unmad at her, and in a hurry. Clayton wasn’t exactly the teddy bear he appeared to be to her mom and sister. There was a devilish alpha side to him he showed only to her. One that made her shiver just from anticipation alone. “I guess I do find it hard to believe you’d want to celebrate Kwanzaa when I could care less about it.”

He came over and sat on the bed, picking up her hand. “I think you’ve pretended not to care for so many years you've started to believe your own lies. But this is a tradition from your family, and I’d like to incorporate it into our own family traditions.”

“You think you know me so well.”

“I do know you. Just like you know me and because of that, you should have realized I would never allow anyone to lead me to do something I didn't want to do.”

“It must be nice to know yourself so well.”

“Blame it on the day,” he teased with a wink.

“What do you mean?”

“Isn’t Kujichagulia all about speaking for ourselves and defining ourselves?”


“Well, this is me speaking out: leave Banning alone. She didn’t do anything but help me when I asked for it. She loves you. Almost as much as I do.”

How Roz ever found such a guy she’d never know. He could be loving and thoughtful while at the same time looking hot as hell. “How is it you can be oh-so-logical?”

“Just one of my many wonderful traits.”

Slipping her hand from his, she laid it on his thigh. He looked at her with a sexy little smile on his lips.

“You have a lot of wonderful traits. Want to show me some of them?”

“Don’t you have that backward? I’m showing you everything while you’re all covered up.”

He grasped the sheet and slowly pulled it down, exposing her breasts to the cool air. Her nipples immediately peaked.

“I was talking about your traits, not your physical assets.” Her voice was husky as she responded. She could feel her body flush as he stared at her.

“Then let’s talk about your physical assets for awhile.” His sea blue eyes darkened with passion as he climbed onto the bed. He straddled her as he leaned toward her, not once taking his gaze away from hers.

“I’m going to be late for work.” She groaned as he lightly kissed down her neck.

The touch of his lips was so slight it felt surreal, almost like the man himself.

“I promise to make sure you won’t regret it.” His words were spoken in almost a whisper as he lowered his mouth over one of her nipples. His breath stole across her flesh before his lips did, warning her senses of the pleasure to come.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

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