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Safe Words

Safe Words

Product Review (submitted on March 2, 2015):

This book makes me feel like Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music," dancing around the bedroom, singing .. these are a few of my favorite things!.. In my reading experience, I've got go-to authors for certain things. And I love them ALL. For fast, laugh-out-loud humor and witty dialogue, I go to certain authors. I have another list for hauntingly beautiful prose that flow as if written like songs, endlessly perfect--creating profound, unforgettable sayings etched on my heart that I highlight, write down on a piece of paper and put on the fridge or over my desk and keep close. And yet again, there are visceral, luscious and rich authors who describe the scene and the players and their actions so vividly and in such rich detail it's as if I'm in the scene with them, eating the food, acting the parts, and feeling the emotions right along with them. On very rare occurrences, you will find more than one of your favorite things in a novel. A gritty mystery novel with beautiful descriptive prose that makes you weep. A historical novel with suspense and intrigue and lush descriptions that draw you into the past with a cloud of illusion.

But this feast. This richness. This illusion of a story that combines a gritty detective novel of a serial killer that has even me guessing "whodunnit," a kick-ass heroine homicide detective who's fighting her own demons and nearly loses everything but for the luck of the draw, and a smoking hot sexy Professor who's willing to be dominated by a woman in charge. Who wants to make her happy first and give her something she's never had before--a conventional love story that's in no way conventional.

Every line is golden. Every scene that leads to the next draws you into the web tighter until, whether you've caught on who the killer is or not you just don't just need to finish. You just need to find out make sure that everyone you have come to love makes it out...alive. #BadStephanie