Rushing Toward Perfection

Mya Lairis

Damon Hendrick has met the man that he wants to spend his life with. Not only handsome and intelligent, Yukihara Masimoto is by far the hottest man Damon's ever met. Sweet and subtle, he's also kinkier than Hell. What's even be...
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Full Description

Damon Hendrick has met the man that he wants to spend his life with.

Not only handsome and intelligent, Yukihara Masimoto is by far the hottest man Damon's ever met. Sweet and subtle, he's also kinkier than Hell. What's even better is that Yukihara seems to be just as into him.

During a romantic vacation at a Canadian ski resort, where Damon hopes to give Yukihara the ring that will seal the deal, Damon learns his lover's desire for submission goes far deeper than just fun. What used to be playfully arousing becomes questionable to Damon, and when he seeks to learn more about Yukihara, his lover's darker side threatens to tear them apart.

Damon knows there's something real between them, but he has to be willing to work for it. You can't rush perfection.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Bondage, domination/submission, male/male sexual practices, spanking.
Damon’s fingers found Yuki’s zipper with ease. The sound of metal teeth slipping apart was almost obscene as Damon pushed his hands past a cotton waistband. The damp, satiny head of Yuki’s prick fit easily and eagerly into his hand. “I didn’t hear anything. Did you say something?”

“Oh, yeah,” Yuki moaned. “Now that I think about it, I did say something. I think that I even remember it now.”

Having found the pale almond flesh of Yuki’s throat, Damon nibbled his way up the shell of his lover’s ear. “What? What was it?” he breathed hotly. Just name it and I will give it to you. “What does my lover want?”

Yuki closed his hand around Damon’s hand and lifted it from his shaft. Moving out of Damon’s hold, he pushed his pants and underwear down his legs. Kicking both off, he grinned. “I want you to show me how much you want me.”

Entranced by the perfection of Yukihara’s slender body, Damon had no reply. No matter how many times he saw Yuki naked, the beauty always mesmerized him. Brown nipples, dark black thatch of hair surrounding Yuki’s brown cock, contrast of pale almond skin -- Damon couldn’t get enough. He stood completely still as Yuki walked over to the bed.

The slender man pulled his shirt over his head and toed off his socks. Stretching out upon the bed, Yuki lay on his stomach with his legs spread wide. His hair was just long enough to cloak his wicked glance as he showed Damon a surprise indeed. “For example…” Yuki began.

Damon’s eyes widened, his wildly beating heart staggered as he stared at the black rubber plug seated firmly inside of Yuki’s body. “Fuck, Yuki. You had that on the whole way?”

“I wanted to be ready for you. I was a bit impatient, so I went to the Underground Players shop and bought it. I even wore it on the flight up. It was wild. The turbulence was awesome.” Rising up upon his hands and knees, Yuki added, “If you think that I was being presumptuous, though, you can always spank me for being so…what’s that word you used…crass?”

Damon had no words as he approached. His broad hands went to Yuki’s flanks, spreading the cheeks wide for his inspection. The plug was both erotic and offensive. It occupied his space, enjoying the warmth that should belong to him alone. Jealous, Damon took hold of the plug and pulled slowly.

Yuki dropped his head and moaned as the plug left him open and exposed to Damon’s gaze. “You think I’m too forward?” Yuki wiggled his ass to further provoke, squeezing and relaxing his cheeks wantonly.

Damon’s answer was a stinging slap to Yuki’s right cheek. The teasing might have played a part, but the long, shuddering sigh of his lover had a lot to do with Damon’s hand striking the curved buttock. “You are a bold little thing.”

“Oh. Oh, that’s good, and I am so bold.” Yuki bucked forward. “More…”

Damon struck the other cheek. He held little back, hearing the approving moans below him. Five hard slaps to one side were followed quickly by five to the other. Spurned on by every sigh, moan, and gurgle of encouragement, Damon brought his hand down until he could see his handprint in a rose-colored hue on Yuki’s ass.

Yuki begged with both his voice and the swivel of his hips. “Don’t stop. It’s good.”

Damon obliged. His cock ached, swelled against his zipper as his desire built with every blow. “Not gonna…I have no intention. But I do have something extra for you.” Damon replaced the blunt sting of his hands with the gentle wetness of his tongue and lips.

Yuki fell apart, howling as Damon pushed his tongue inside.

Damon was an expert with his tongue. He hadn’t known that before Yuki, but he hadn’t wanted to worship anyone’s ass as much as he did Yuki’s. Narrow, tight, and almond had little to do with Damon’s enthusiasm; it was the way Yuki keened and wailed, clenched and shuddered that drove him to voraciousness.

Damon caught Yuki as he attempted to slide his hand between his legs and give validation to the rigid erection there. Damon pushed Yuki’s hand away. If I can’t do it, neither can you, babe.

“Nande kuso? You’re evil…so fucking good but evil,” Yuki sneered.

Although he hardly knew a word of Japanese, Damon understood Yuki’s impatience well enough. He spread Yuki’s ass cheeks wider. Using his thumbs, he opened Yuki for a more thorough, more attentive prodding. Replacing his tongue with two of his fingers, Damon licked a slick trail down over Yuki’s smooth ball sac. He chose the larger of the two globes to fit between his lips and suckle.

“Aishiteru. Ikasete…need you…”

Copyright © Mya Lairis


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Nice kink read Review by Lauren
The chemistry between Damon and Yukihara was good but I wish it was a bit longer. (Posted on 8/12/2014)

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