Redesigning Adele

Talya Bosco

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Adele is the head designer for the firm owned by her two best friends, Max and Leo. She's worked with them for years and wanted them in her bed almost as long. But they're in a committed relationship with each other and would neve...
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Adele is the head designer for the firm owned by her two best friends, Max and Leo. She's worked with them for years and wanted them in her bed almost as long. But they're in a committed relationship with each other and would never look at plus sized Adele as anything other than a best friend. Right?

Max and Leo are tired of waiting for Adele to face up to what she wants and needs. And as far as they are concerned, she wants and needs them. They're determined to make her finally realize it, even if it takes a little bit of redesigning Adele to get her to see things their way.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, menage (m/m/f).
“Goddamn it! Who the hell thought it was a good idea to keep my shit on the top shelf?” Adele snapped to herself as she climbed up one more shelf. Since she was vertically challenged, anything above five and a half feet was difficult for her to reach. And of course, some idiot had taken the step stool out of the stockroom, probably to decorate for the stupid holidays.

So here she was, five feet three and two hundred pounds in her stocking feet, climbing shelves to get pads of paper that her assistant, Gabby, hadn’t gotten her before leaving for lunch. Although to be honest, Adele hadn’t told her she needed them right away. It wasn’t like it was the stuff she used every day.

And the damn paper wasn’t what was really annoying her. If she hadn’t had that damn dream last night again, she’d be fine. But no, her subconscious couldn’t go more than one night without playing her fantasy over and over again. Her secret fantasy where Max and Leo fuck her until she passes out. She’d been having the same dream, or some variation of it, for over a year now. Too bad it wasn’t real, ’cause it always left her hot and bothered, tense and ready to snap.

And her damn batteries had picked this morning to die on her.

Leo and Max alone were enough to get her fantasies going. When you mixed the two of them together, she was a goner. If Leo was sexy, then Max was sex on a stick. The man had the body of someone who had spent most of his life performing physical labor, which he had. She hadn’t seen better bodies on models.

His black shoulder-length hair, deep, chocolate brown eyes, and Latino features were enough to grab the attention of any woman in a room, as well as many of the men. By the time they got through examining his face and moved on to his body, most of them were in love without ever having said a word to him. And he seemed oblivious to it all.

And Leo. Despite the fact he was basically an office jock, he was just as impressive. He had short brown hair cut in a professional, dignified style, which always made Adele giggle when she thought about it. She wanted to run her hands through the short tresses and feel the ends tickle her skin. He spent almost as much time on work sites as Max did and never failed to lend a strong back when it was needed. Spending time with them was always a treat. In more ways than one.

“What are you doing?” The soft baritone ran down her spine, waking up parts of her body that had no business being awake in the middle of a workday. It didn’t matter that Leo was her best friend, and unattainable to boot. He made her body tingle and her blood boil whenever he was near. She shivered in response and started to fall backward. Quickly, she grabbed the shelf in front of her and held still.

Last night’s dream came back full force, instantly soaking her undies as her pussy clenched in desire. Next time she was buying a multipack of batteries. Damn it.

“What does it look like I’m doing, Sherlock? Gabby left for lunch without getting me the damn paper I need, so I have to get it myself.”

“Didn’t it occur to you to ask for some help?”

Of course it had, but it was lunchtime, and the office had emptied quickly. People had things to do this close to the holidays and didn’t make a habit of hanging around.

Instead of answering him, she turned away and looked up. Leave it to her to work in the only building in town that had ten-foot ceilings, and shelves that went almost to the top. Hell, even if she had asked the six-foot Leo for help, he’d have had to climb, too.

The warm hand on her calf made her jump and almost lose her balance again.

“Leo! Stop that, you scared me!” She held on for dear life, not looking down at him, afraid her face showed how much she enjoyed his touch.

“You never wear skirts to work, Adele. Why today?” His hand stroked her calf. Heat shot from his hand straight to her pussy. Her leg quivered under his touch.

She took a deep breath, hoping her voice didn’t reveal how shaky she was feeling. “The meeting with Gunderson. He prefers women to look like women.”

Leo growled and she smiled, looking down at him quickly.

“You think I like it any better?” she asked. “I’m the one that had to spend all morning with the sexist bastard. But he’s brought a lot of business to the company, and I can suck up to the man for a couple hours once every few months. He lets me decorate his buildings the way I want to with little to no interference.”

“You know Max and I don’t expect you to put up with that kind of harassment.”

Adele almost choked on Leo’s statement. His hand had tightened on her calf when she mentioned Gunderson, and here he was accusing the old man of sexual harassment. If she hadn’t been four feet from the ground she would have doubled over in laughter.

But it wasn’t sexual harassment. Leo was a touchy man. Just because he’d never touched her like this before didn’t mean anything. He’d stroked her arm countless times before; this was no different.

She looked up again, trying to ignore the feel of his hand against her skin. He doesn’t mean anything by it, Adele. Calm down. It’s the dream. You’re just all wound up from waking up in the middle of it. It means nothing.

“I love your legs, Adele. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you that. They are so muscular and toned.”

Adele stifled a groan. Her legs were the only thing toned about her. She knew she should wear dresses and heels more often, show off her good points, but it always seemed to be too much of a bother to do so. Sure, low-cut blouses got the looks, but as soon as the guys moved past the cleavage and started seeing the rest of her rounded figure, they lost all interest. But that still didn’t answer why he was touching her like this.

“Leo, let go. You’re distracting me.”

“Hmmm,” was the only response she got from him as his hand moved up her leg, under the hem of her skirt to the back of her knee, stroking her slowly.

Oh God. She closed her eyes. Did he know what he was doing to her? Her body was alive with sensation, tingles starting where his hand lay on her leg. If he moved his hand any higher, she’d come just from the excitement of having him touch her. She’d dreamed for years of having him look at her as more than a co-worker, more than a friend.

But that was all they would ever be. He was in a committed relationship with Max and had been for seven years. Even though he was bi, there was no way she would try to interfere with their relationship. She loved the both of them too much to ever try to get between them. And that was part of the problem. She loved them. Both. And still none of that explained why he was now caressing above her knee.

“Are we still on for tonight?”

“What?” Leo’s sudden change of subject and removal of his hand from her lower thigh threw her like a splash of cold water.

“The dinner party? You promised you’d come early and make your chocolate orgasm. Max has been looking forward to it.”

Orgasm. It was the only word she heard. Oh God, wouldn’t she like to go to their place tonight and have an orgasm. Or ten. Hell, she’d almost had one with just the stroke of his hand on her leg, and he hadn’t even realized it. Get a grip, girl. It was nothing. He asked you a question.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to concentrate on what he had just asked. The dinner party. Max and Leo had invited some friends over to help them celebrate the near completion of the house. The ground floor was done, as well as the master bedroom suite and a guest room and bath on the second floor, and the two of them had decided to celebrate with a get-together. Max had said something about wanting to christen the new kitchen.

Adele had forgotten all about it. Well, to be honest, she had tried to forget all about it. She had already decided she wasn’t going but hadn’t gotten the nerve up to tell the two of them. Leo was bad enough, but she didn’t have the strength to tell Max to his face that she wouldn’t be there.


Adele shook her head. “What? Yeah, of course. Sorry, distracted.”

“Come down from there and let me get the damn paper, woman. You’re gonna fall and break your neck.”

“No, I’m fine. I’ve got them.” Adele reached up and grabbed the pads of paper off the top shelf, before handing them down to Leo’s waiting hand. She started to climb down and then stopped. Leo was still watching her. He had a strange look on his face, his eyes trained on her body.

“What?” she asked, nervous again.

“What, what?”

He smiled and her heart thumped rapidly. Oh God, she had it bad. Going to their place tonight definitely wasn’t a good idea. Thank God she’d turned him down.

No, you didn’t, you idiot. You just told him you’d be there.

Shit, she had. Damn, well she’d have to take it back. Find some excuse. As soon as she got him to stop staring at her like that.

“You’re looking at me funny, Leo.”

“I am not looking at you funny. I just don’t remember the last time you wore a dress this short.”

“It’s not short!”

“Just come down before you give me a heart attack.” She started to climb back down. “And don’t do that again.”

“Yes, oh, lord and master,” she muttered under her breath as she put her shoes back on. But the look in his eyes told her that he heard it anyway.

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