Redemption 1: Logan's Temptation

Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews

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When bad boy Logan Crane left River Bend, he swore he’d never return. But a phone call from his brother sends him racing back to help the woman he could never forget. Evie and her family are in trouble, and he’ll do wh...
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Full Description

When bad boy Logan Crane left River Bend, he swore he’d never return. But a phone call from his brother sends him racing back to help the woman he could never forget. Evie and her family are in trouble, and he’ll do whatever he must to protect them...and earn his way back into her heart.

Town librarian Evie Gray never forgave Logan for leaving. She put him, and his bad-boy kisses, behind her and vowed to move on. Now, her family’s in danger, and the only one who can help them is Logan. She needs his help...but can she let him back into her life without taking him to her bed?

Evie’s determined to keep him at arm’s length, but Logan won’t take no for an answer. He’ll show her every sensual delight, fulfill her every secret fantasy, shower her with passion until he proves its never too late to go home again.

Logan went down and quickly checked all the windows, finding them all secure, to his relief. He knew that Bob had been home when her parents were burglarized, and he wanted to make sure that Evie was as safe as possible. “No problems,” he called back up, then started back up the stairs.

“I told you so.” Evie stood at the top of the steps with her arms crossed over her chest and her eyebrows raised, mocking him. She looked so sure of herself that Logan couldn’t help but smile.

“I still haven’t seen the bedrooms.”

“There’s no reason to check the bedrooms.” Evie looked annoyed, which made Logan intrigued.

“Are you trying to hide something?” he teased.

Evie stepped back to allow Logan to walk past her and back into the kitchen. “Of course not, but there’s no reason to check the bedrooms.”

“Better safe than sorry.”

“Better safe than sorry,” she mimicked, following him up the stairs. Logan bit back a chuckle. He was irritating her, and although he knew he shouldn’t find it amusing, he couldn’t help himself. He’d always thought she was the cutest when she was peeved.

When he reached the second floor, Logan found four closed doors. “What’s behind door number one, Johnny?” Opening the door, he found a room Evie obviously wasn’t using. There were a couple of boxes sitting in the room, but not much else.

“I was going to make that into a guest room. I just haven’t had the time,” Evie explained behind him. Logan checked the windows and then came out of the room, closing the door behind him. Now that Evie was in front of him again, she directed him across the hall. “This is the bathroom.”

Logan opened the door, flipped on the light, and checked the one window. Like the kitchen, the bathroom needed a lot of work and had all of the original fixtures. Pink tiles lined the floor and the walls around the tub. Holly Hobby wallpaper covered the rest of the walls.

“Another project, I see,” Logan noted. Closing the door, they made their way down the hall to the next room. “Is this your bedroom?”

“No, I made this room into my office.” Opening the door, she flipped on the light and stepped into the room. Logan followed, glancing around. The room was plain; she obviously hadn’t painted the walls since moving in. Her computer desk sat along one wall, with the other three walls covered in bookshelves.

“Don’t you get enough books at work?” he joked. Logan quickly checked the room and followed Evie back out into the hallway.

“I love to read.”

“I remember.” It was one of the many things he remembered.

Logan realized that her bedroom was the only room left. He started to get hard thinking about being with Evie in her bedroom. He adjusted his jeans, trying to calm his growing erection. Evie opened the door and walked in; he followed. There were two doors in the bedroom, one leading to a bathroom and the other to a walk-in closet. Logan made his way around the bed and checked the windows on the far side.

Looking back at Evie, who was waiting patiently by the door, Logan realized he wasn’t ready to leave. Searching for some reason to stay, his eyes fell on her nightstand.

“Do you remember how I used to tease you about the books in your bedside table?” Logan remembered how Evie refused to speak to him for a week after he had found her romance novels and started to read passages from them aloud.

“Yes.” A look of horror crossed her face.

“I wonder if you still keep books like that in your drawer.” Leaning down, he opened the bedside table. Seeing a couple of books lying on top, he grabbed them, preparing to tease her about her habit. Something snagged on the book as he tried to pull it out.

“ Logan , don’t!” Evie practically shouted at him.

Logan looked up to see Evie launching herself across the bed at him. Looking down, he realized he held the cord to a vibrating egg in his hand. Evie reached for the device, trying to snatch it out of his hand. Startled, he didn’t let go when she grabbed at his hand. Losing his balance, he stumbled toward her and fell with her onto the bed, the books falling to the floor. Quickly rolling her beneath him, Logan pulled his hand up and dangled the toy in front of her beet-red face. She struggled to release her hands from between their bodies. He could feel her silky legs, trapped between his, as her skirt rode up during her struggles.

“Is this what you wanted?” he asked huskily. He had gone from semi-erect to rock hard almost instantaneously when she had started wriggling beneath him. She must have realized it, too, because she went still, breathing heavily. Her soft breasts were pressed against his chest as she tried to slow her breathing.

“Give me that,” she whispered furiously, trying to grab the toy from him again.

“You have been a naughty girl. Just what else do you have in this drawer?” Reaching over her, Logan pulled the drawer out further to see what was inside. Gasping her outrage, she buried her face in his chest in embarrassment.

Logan found a medium-sized purple dildo and a small pink butt plug, both made of some jelly substance. In addition, there was an unopened package of something called a Dragon’s Egg. “Now I wonder what you’ve been doing with these things?”

Evie mumbled something into his chest. “What was that?” Logan was torn between amusement and arousal. He would have never thought his Evie was the adventurous type, but he was glad he was wrong.

“Just kill me now and put me out of my misery, okay?”

Evie’s gaze flew to his, and her look of disbelief was almost comical. “You have got to be kidding.”

Pressing his erection against the open juncture of her thighs, Logan had to bite back a groan. “Do I feel like I’m kidding to you? I can feel your hard little nipples poking my chest. And I just bet, if I pulled that skirt up and touched your panties, you would be all wet.”

Evie pursed her lips, refusing to answer him. Logan leaned down and licked her closed lips, forcing his tongue past and into her mouth. Settling in to kissing her, he stroked her mouth with his tongue. Groaning, she finally submitted to him and returned his kiss.

Logan dropped the toy on the bed as he leaned over her, running a hand down her leg to inch her skirt up. She moaned and shifted restlessly beneath him. Angling his head, he deepened the kiss, delving into her mouth as if searching for buried treasure. As he stroked his hand up her leg, Logan was dazed when he realized that she had on thigh-high stockings instead of pantyhose. His fingers fondled the lacy elastic band at the top, creeping ever closer to her inner thigh.

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