Rated X-mas: Christmas Noir

Barbara Karmazin

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A cop and her partner. The beautiful hermaphrodite they both desire. A serial killer out for blood. Performer Shannon McNal faces love and death on Christmas Day....
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A cop and her partner. The beautiful hermaphrodite they both desire. A serial killer out for blood.

Performer Shannon McNal faces love and death on Christmas Day.

  • Note:This book contains content that may be offensive to some readers: m/f/m menage; m/m sexual contact.

    Christmas Noir was previously released in a version of the Rated X-mas anthology. As one of the stories in the original anthology is no longer available, Christmas Noir has been broken out for individual sale.
Shannon gathered her neatly folded pajamas from the foot of the bed and jerked her chin at the bathroom door. “I'll take the first shower, if you don't mind.”

Fergus swiped his hand through his hair and exchanged a smoldering look with Tanny. “That's fine. No problemo. We don't mind, do we?”

“That's all right,” Tanny said in a husky murmur. “We can wait.”

Fergus held up his hand. “Let me check out the room first.” Then he strolled inside the bathroom, peered inside the linen closet, and pulled the shower curtain aside to make sure no one was hiding there waiting to attack her. He exited the room and gestured at her to enter.

Shannon ground her teeth and carefully placed her necklace and earrings in the jewelry box. She hustled past him but left the door open so he could continue to monitor her safety. With an abrupt flick of her wrist, she tossed the pajamas on the toilet seat, then glanced over her shoulder. Tanny and Fergus had already turned their backs to give her a modicum of privacy.

She peeled off her pantsuit and underwear and dumped them in the laundry chute. Two thick towels hung on the wall beside the tub. Hot water, plenty of hot water, was what she needed to ease the sexual tension coiled in her body. She turned the dial to a hot and pulsating mist and pulled the curtain shut. Steam billowed past her ankles to her waist and then over her head and past the top of the curtain.

No lingering this time. Just soap her body and get the hell out before she went crazy from thinking about having both Fergus and Tanny shower with her.

She stood under the water and let it sluice over her and remove the soapsuds. Shampoo next. This time, she took a little longer letting the water rinse her hair clean. She reached for the conditioner. There wasn't any. Fergus must have emptied it last night and discarded the empty bottle in the trash for her. No big deal. She had another bottle by the sink.

Shannon twitched the curtain to the side, leaned out, grabbed the new bottle, and stopped.

Tanny stood in the doorway with her eyes closed. Fergus knelt in front of her. The top of Tanny's dress had been pulled down and the hem yanked up so that the fabric was now tucked in a thick roll at her waist. Her large nipples were dark chocolate tips upon the creamy caramel skin of her small, perky breasts. The areolas were wet and swollen from sucking. Shannon caught a glimpse of the sable curls on Tanny's pussy, trimmed to a narrow strip, just before Fergus moved his head lower.

He splayed his hands across the top of her thighs. When he fastened his mouth upon her pussy, Tanny sighed and tightened her grip on his hair.

Shannon carefully placed the bottle of conditioner on the side of the tub. She pulled the curtain back and left it open a crack, just enough to see them without them seeing her. This was nothing like any of the porno vids she watched when she jacked herself off. The men and women in the porno vids made exaggerated faces and their loud moans always sounded so fake and crude.

None of the women in the vids had ever uttered the soft mewls that escaped from Tanny's half-open mouth while she rubbed her pussy against Fergus's mouth in fierce demand. The muscles in her thighs bunched with her eager thrusts.

Fergus unzipped his pants and released his cock. It sprang out into his hand. He was uncircumcised. The foreskin slid back under his fingers and exposed the bulbous, blood-engorged head. He stroked his hand up and down the length of his cock with a slow, steady motion.

The tightness in her throat made her shake. It became an itch in her breasts, then her cock, and a hot wetness in her pussy.

Shannon wrapped her right hand around her cock and duplicated his movements. Would he like to stroke her while she stroked him?

Water splashed into the ceramic tub and gurgled down the drain. Steam billowed against the ceiling and fogged the mirror above the sink.

She pictured the three of them lying in bed together with her in the middle. She reached for Tanny. They shared a kiss while Fergus pressed his cock against Shannon's ass. He moved his hands between them and played with their breasts.

Shannon visualized Tanny sighing with pleasure and opening her legs for Shannon's erect cock.

Shannon moved her left hand from her breasts. She feathered her fingers down her belly, past her cock. She imagined the feel of Fergus's strong, muscled body lying behind her while he parted her wet pussy lips with his fingers from the rear. Then she inserted two fingers into her pussy.

It would never happen.

But that didn't stop her from imagining it.

In her mind's eye, she mounted Tanny at the exact same moment Fergus penetrated her with his cock. She imagined the tender joy of being able to leave her heart and body open and vulnerable to both of them.

Shannon's cock jerked within her stroking fingers. The image of Tanny shaking and crying out in pleasure while Fergus rode both of them to a shattering climax filled her mind. Her cum spurted out in a long, shuddering release of sensation.

Shannon sagged against the wall. Her legs shook under her. She felt as weak as a baby, unable to walk or move.

Copyright © Barbara Karmazin


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