Pride Talon 3: Shadow Dancer

Stephanie Burke

Zactch, a human, has known nothing but physical and emotional adversity. Gwire, a member of a secret society, may be the last of his breed. Their attraction is instantaneous. Their desire for each other is absolute. Can a man w...
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Full Description

Zactch, a human, has known nothing but physical and emotional adversity. Gwire, a member of a secret society, may be the last of his breed.

Their attraction is instantaneous. Their desire for each other is absolute. Can a man who can't walk and a warrior who is soul-wounded survive and find love in a world of treachery and danger?

Do not fear what lurks in the darkness.

Shadow Dancer.

  • Note:This book is a homoerotic love story, and as such contains male/male sexual practices that may be offensive to some readers.
Gwire stiffened as he felt his cock began to rise at the thought of those big blue eyes.

Zactch’s eyes and his stunted hair and the way he sometimes watched Gwire, open and needy -- it touched something deep within his heart.

Gwire felt his stomach tighten, and his tail began to unwind from around his waist to lift in arousal.

“Zactch,” he breathed, his low voice blending in with the silence in the hut.

There was just something about that male.

His skin was so soft …

Gwire’s eyes closed as thoughts of Zactch made his erection stiffen further.
There was no hope for it.

The tension in his body was building, and he had to have some kind of release.

His fingers went to the knots that held his loincloth around his trim waist, his nails delicately plucking at the tangled thong until it began to unravel.

Gwire hissed as the cooler night air caressed the dampened tip of his erection as it was exposed.

He dropped his eyes to watch as his cock began to throb, turning a dark shade of purple as it rose to its full potential.

Gwire closed his eyes again, and in his mind he pictured the pale, soft skin of Zactch, of his needy blue eyes and his soft, full lips …

His loud groan filled the air as he reached out to take his cock in his hands, shuddering at the feel of touch after such a long time spent in denial.

His cock was thick and hot, with thick veins that ran up the shaft. His foreskin retracted, exposing the flaring flange of his cock’s drooling head. He watched as a clear drop of his seed escaped, making the head glisten.

How would it feel to have those lips wrapped around it? To have that dexterous tongue teasing the slit at the top, those rough hands encircling the base?

Gwire shuddered, his body growing weak at the image of him thrusting away at that soft, wet mouth.

He fell back onto his furs, his tail listing to the left as he placed his feet flat on his bedding, spreading his legs wide open as if in offering.

What would Zactch do if he could see him like this?

He had noted the other male’s interest in him and started off faintly amused by it. Then when those needy eyes became more intense and his scent changed to that of budding desire, it was all Gwire could do to control his need to dominate the weaker male.

But now, if Zactch could see him, his hands fisting his cock, his legs spread open and welcoming, would that desire grow?

Groaning, Gwire began to slide his fist up his thick shaft, shuddering at the feel of his super-soft skin being stimulated by the rough caress of his own hand.

Precum began to spill from the tip as sweat began to pour off of his body.

Blindly, his hands reached out and slipped under the furs, seeking out a small wooden box that held what he needed.

Once the container was in his hands, he flipped the lid and slid his fingers into the small bit of remaining ointment.

Shrugging off the lack of the slippery stuff, he pulled his fingers away from his hungry cock and oiled his fist.

Dry was good, but wet was even better.

He closed his eyes again, hissing as his slick hand encircled his cock, fisting around the turgid organ.

Would Zactch do the same for him? Would he move slow or fast?

His breath hitched as his hips arched upward into his own grasp, his thighs trembling with tension as he began to rapidly pump his fist.

Would his Zactch lay back like this, offering himself to Gwire’s need to possess him? Would he whimper? Would he scream? Gwire’s head whipped from side to side as the tension built up in his body.

Behind closed eyelids, all he could see was the panting, flushed face of Zactch, of the understanding in his eyes as he whimpered so sweetly to him.

Copyright © Stephanie Burke


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Good Review by Jen
This was a pretty cool fantasy world story with a good M/M romance. Love how the two MCs connected together in their loneliness. Overall, it was an interesting read by Ms. Burke, who created a cool fantasy series. (Posted on 1/10/2014)

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