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Anne Douglas

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Position Vacant Jolly man in red seeks a capable assistant. Must enjoy snow, flying and like large animals. Interest or qualifications in engineering, carpentry vital. Mechanics or animatronics are a plus but not essential. Mus...
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Position Vacant

Jolly man in red seeks a capable assistant. Must enjoy snow, flying and like large animals. Interest or qualifications in engineering, carpentry vital. Mechanics or animatronics are a plus but not essential. Must be comfortable working with people of small stature and capable of resource management and decision making. Excellent organizational skills essential.

Intelligent women looking for a fulfilling, lifetime career please apply.

The North Pole needs a Mrs. Claus or, at least, someone who can do the job. Simon Witte, Nick (aka Santa) Klauson's best friend, is sent out to find the right woman for the job.

Bea Raymond is through with her small town and its narrow minded views. She is breaking out and taking a new job offer...half a world away.

Only two men could cook up a stupid scheme where "potential career advancement" means marriage; and it only takes one woman, falling in love with the wrong man, to screw it up.

Her imagination hadn’t been playing tricks on her – the elves, dwarves, and reindeer were all still there, just as they had been when she’d stepped off the helicopter hours ago. Only now, they were dancing, prancing, and stomping around to the sounds of the local rock band. She still was trying to come to grips with a band named Teeny and the Snow Biscuits, composed of lead singer Teeny the dwarf, an elfin bass guitarist, a dwarven keyboard player, and a reindeer on the drums. And damned if they didn’t sound good!

Bea felt more than a little out of place as she looked around the room. She recognized a few of the people she had been introduced to that day – Edith, the head of the dwarven production crew; Jon, her elfin counterpart; and Dancer, who was very obviously hitting on Prancer. Beatrice choked back a little laugh – even the North Pole was an equal opportunity employer. Huh … Gay reindeer … what next?

Looking down into her glass of Suck Bang and Blow – they had been doing Peppermint Patty shots up at the bar, and her request for a Shirley Temple had gotten lost in the translation somewhere along the line – she felt … well … rather free and easy, actually. Generous amounts of liquor can do that to you.

It didn’t help her little problem, though.

Simon sat on the other side of the room, and lord help her, she couldn’t stop watching him. Uh-uh, alcohol didn’t help – he was still as tall, shiny, and delicious as he had been one minute, two minutes, hell … five minutes ago.

Pity that. It wasn’t like he was going to be interested in a girl with a wide ass and thick thighs when there were all these lovely, fey elfin women everywhere.

Bea had to rethink that idea when she looked back from surveying the room to find Simon facing her and returning her stare. Wow! Talk about heat factor ten! Bea quickly checked behind her to make sure that the lust in that stare was for her, not some slim, sexy elf behind her.

The low volume thrumming in her groin upped its tempo to a pounding beat as her pussy contracted, eager for everything that heated look promised. Her mouth went dry as she watched his muscles bunch as he used his arms to push out of the chair he sat in.

Good lord!

It was like an out-of-body experience.

Simon watched himself walk across the room and come to a halt in front of Bea. Inside he kept saying don’t, but his body refused to obey. He had felt Bea’s eyes burning across his skin all night. But every time he turned, she had already managed to look away – that was until she had looked up to find him doing the staring.

He knew there was a challenge in his eyes, and judging by the way her face flushed, she was up for accepting it.

Like one of those tacky movie scenes where everyone and everything around the lovers fades to a muted roar, it was just them and the knowledge that this primal attraction was clawing at both of them.

Simon knew he should walk away; after all, despite the relaxed family atmosphere at the Pole, she was a co-worker. But he was drunk enough to override the sensible-thing-to-do mechanism in his brain, and he stood his ground.

Simon watched as, without a word spoken, her color heightened, her breathing became uneven, and her eyelids became heavy while adrenaline blew her pupils wide. His cock was like stone as his reactions grew along with hers.

Elfin senses were heightened compared to a regular human’s, and his nostrils flared as he scented the musky smell of her arousal. He had to get them out of here before he threw her on the ground and fucked her blind in the middle of the dance floor.

His eyes said it all as he offered her his hand; she slid off the stool and let him lead her away.

Beatrice shook her head, trying to clear the sensuous fog that had invaded her brain. It didn’t help her much. Watching Simon’s tight, round ass in those close-fitting jeans as he pulled her along behind him got her all steamed up again.

When she shivered with expectation, Simon stopped and turned back to her. Seeing only desire glittering in her eyes, he carried on, pulling her along after him.

Just do it, Bea; don’t think. He is attracted to you, not your mother’s reputation; he has no clue what your mother does for a living.

Bea had been so determined to not follow in her mother’s footsteps that she was near enough to a twenty-five-year-old virgin. Having received more than her fair share of lewd offers over the years to take over where her mother left off with one of her “customers,” Bea had just tucked her head down and ignored them all. She’d had a couple of one-night-stand experiences when she had traveled out of town, and although one had been pretty nice, the other had left something to be desired.

But this … neither of them had ever felt like this!

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