Pleasuring a Pirate

Leila Brown

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Seraphina--"Sera"--Jones won the vacation of a lifetime: an all-expenses-paid trip to the Pleasure Planet, a place where her every desire will be fulfilled. No one will give a damn about her curves, her mocha skin, or he...
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Seraphina--"Sera"--Jones won the vacation of a lifetime: an all-expenses-paid trip to the Pleasure Planet, a place where her every desire will be fulfilled. No one will give a damn about her curves, her mocha skin, or her crazy sexual fantasies. Sera and her sister are all set to enjoy her good luck until a pair of pirate hotties that look at her like she’s their own personal fantasy hijacks their ship.

Ace and Ryas are space pirates out to do a quick jack and run. Simple. Get in, ransom the cargo, and get out before getting caught. One look at Sera and they know they'll be taking on more booty than they planned. Hers. But now Ace and Ryas will have to prove if they are strong enough to keep the treasure they’ve found.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, menage (m/f/m).
his isn't going to work, Sera. You and the two of them. There's no way,” Sophie whispered while keeping her gaze locked on the captain.

“It's got to work.” Sera knew there wasn't a choice. At least not right then. Once they stopped on a planet, any planet, they could find a way out of this mess. Until then, they would just deal.

“Ryas. I need you on deck now.” The other captain's voice thundered over the computer's speaker.

Ryas took off down the barely lit hallway. Sera turned to Sophie, who lifted her shoulders. Hell, what were they supposed to do? Run? The other captain didn't ask for them.

“Move your asses!” he yelled without turning around.

Sera and Sophie both ran after him. Neither caught up with him before he got on what looked like an elevator. Sera didn't put on the brakes until she'd cleared the doors.

“My speed. Always.” He punched a button on the panel beside the doors as they closed. A slight knock sounded as the lift started to move. “If I run, you run. No questions.” His hard, unyielding voice brooked no argument, and neither of them gave him any.

When the elevator stopped, he marched out without a sound. Sera and Sophie were right behind him.

“What is it, Ace?” He took the seat directly next to the other man.

“The bug we left behind just started transmitting. We've got twenty-eight seconds.” Ace's voice sent chills through her. What the hell did he hear?

“That bad?” Ryas asked.

“Worse.” Ace pushed a button, and the sound of women screaming blared through the speakers.

“We are missing two,” a menacing voice stated over the crackling static.

“Which two?” another man asked.

“Twelve-A and twelve-B. Special order.” The voice sounded angrier than before.

“Get them back.”

There was a crackling hiss and pop before the computer reported that the recording had ended. Sera bit the inside of her lip as she thought about what kind of “special order” she was. And for whom?

“How many trails did you put down?” Ryas asked.

“Six. We should be good. For now,” Ace muttered as he turned his seat around and stared at Sera.

His eyes were a piercing blue. He was even more handsome than Ryas. What the hell was wrong with them? On Earth men like them wouldn't give her a second glance. Now the two of them were acting like they couldn't wait to fuck her.

“Gio, make two more vapor trails, then take us to Ursula Minor.” Ace spoke into a microphone, then stood up and walked over to her. He grabbed Sera's right wrist and dragged her to the back wall. When the cold metal touched her back she tensed up, but he didn't seem to care. His lips came down on hers, taking everything she had to offer and more. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and traced her teeth. When she didn't open right away, he had the nerve to scrape his teeth along her bottom lip. The urge to raise her hand and smack him burned in her palm.

“Sera?” Sophie's worried voice broke through the red haze starting to cloud Sera's vision.

She wouldn't fight with the captain. Not now that she knew for a fact they had been telling the truth. Slavers? Slavers who did special orders. Could things get much worse?

“Ryas, I need to decompress. Now.” Ace rocked on his heels and slammed his hand into the wall right above her head.

She jumped. Please don't let decompress be code for “I need to fuck.” That wouldn't be good. A few kisses? A little groping? That she could handle. But full-blown sex with both of them? She looked at Ace's strained face and tense body and then over at where Ryas was staring at the two of them.

“Take her to her room. I'll go show Sophie her new job.” Ryas punched a few buttons and then moved to stand beside Sera's sister. “Get her ready.”

“No!” Sophie screamed. “Sera isn't your whore.” Sophie moved toward Sera. Ryas put an arm out and clamped onto Sophie's forearm. Sophie twisted, then dropped. She swept his legs out from under him. He fell to the ground but didn't let her go.

“Sophie, stop.” Sera went to help her sister but stopped when Ace moved into her path.

“We don't tolerate mutiny,” he growled at her. “Of any kind.” He grabbed onto her left breast and wrapped his fingers around her protruding nipple. He squeezed as he rolled it between his finger and thumb. The movement went from exhilarating to painful in the matter of a heartbeat.

She watched Ryas pop up and twist Sophie's arm behind her back. His hand came down on her shoulder and pulled up. “Move again, and I will twist your arm right out of its socket.”

Ryas's voice sounded deadly to Sera's ears. Sera relaxed against Ace, determined to project a calmness she didn't feel. “Sophie, stop. Just do what they say. Come on. I'll be fine. Don't worry.”

Ryas didn't look up as he rushed Sophie out of the room. Sera's heart seized up. Even deep breathing didn't help her racing heart or uncontrollable lungs. Being separated was like ice clutching at every cell of her chest.

“Come on.” Ace led her out of the room and down a deserted hallway.

It became harder and harder for her to put one step in front of the other. It wasn't that she disliked sex. Fun sex she could handle. Her problem was both men seemed determined to control her. Control. Not something she felt comfortable handing over to anyone, much less two men she barely knew.

All too soon Ace was punching a code in an electronic keypad near the door. Six, six, seven, two. Shit, she'd missed the last four numbers. Not that it mattered, since the code had only caused the keypad to slide up to reveal a handprint scanner. Something she couldn't fake. When the door in front of her slid open, he turned to her.

“After you.”

If she had any sense, she'd turn around and make a run for it. Not that she would make it far. He would grab her, pick her up, and carry her into the room. What if she was too heavy and he dropped her? The image made her face hot with embarrassment. It hadn't happened, but if it did, she would be mortified. She walked into the room with her head held high.

Ace stepped in behind her and wrapped his hands around her. Her nipples hardened as he grasped her breasts in his palms. He rocked his erection against her ass, and her pulse shot into overdrive. He pulled the tendrils of her hair aside and kissed the pulse at her neck.

“Don't fight it,” he whispered against her skin.

She shivered as the slight movement along her throat sent tiny shocks through every nerve ending in her body. She should move away. Or at least put up some type of fight.

“Please.” She uttered the word in a slight whisper. Not at all her usual strong, independent voice. It was too weak. Much too weak.

He slipped his hand to her side, and suddenly the skintight top fell to the floor. How the hell had he done that? Ryas said they would need to go to the synthesizer to undress. So how the hell had Ace done it? She forgot all about the question when his fingers squeezed her nipples.

“Would you like me to do more?”

Did he have to ask? Her mouth was like one huge cotton ball. She couldn't have uttered a sound if she wanted to. She bit her lip and nodded her head yes. This was crazy; she barely knew him, but her body was on fire. She craved his every touch, every kiss, and every single drop of satisfaction he had to give.

One of his hands moved away from her breasts. He slid it down to her waist, and with a flick of his fingers, he released that fabric too. As it fell from her large hips, she almost reached down to pull it back up.

“Don't. I want to see all of you. Every brown inch.” His fingers traced from her breast down her ample stomach to rest on the slight hair outlining her sex. “Every inch.”

He turned her so that they were standing front to front. Before she could inhale a steadying breath, he bent his head and latched onto her left breast. The heat of his mouth invaded her. Her lungs shuddered as she breathed in.

She slid her fingers over his smooth, bare head and pushed him harder onto her breast. He laughed against her skin, breaking the sensual haze that had clouded her.

The swoosh of the door opening thankfully drew his attention from her as she let go of him. She looked up to find Ryas standing in the doorway.

“So are you ready for me?” he asked with a slight smile on his face, laughter in his voice, and an erection tenting his pants into a pronounced point.

Copyright © Leila Brown


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