Anne Cain

Veterinary student Adrian Ferrer can't find the right man for a lasting relationship, let alone to share his life with. Between classes, his part-time job at an animal hospital and volunteering at a no-kill shelter, he's not makin...
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Veterinary student Adrian Ferrer can't find the right man for a lasting relationship, let alone to share his life with. Between classes, his part-time job at an animal hospital and volunteering at a no-kill shelter, he's not making time to try either. Just as he's ready to leave love for the birds, Adrian comes across a new guest at the shelter who turns out to be much more than the cute, black & white cat he first appears to be. The cat shifts form, becoming a gorgeous, naked man named Lal, and the sexual attraction between the two men is pure animal magnetism.

Before Adrian knows it, he's falling for Lal faster than he can catch his breath. Never mind that his apartment doesn't allow pets, Lal is one cat he's not letting go of. But Adrian's new love is on the run from a former life that's about to catch up with them both.

  • Note:This book is a homoerotic love story and contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Exhibitionism, male/male sexual practices, menage (m/m/m), violence.
Adrian’s mind went blank the moment those silky lips touched his.

The young man worked his mouth open in a series of persuasive motions, sucking and tugging on Adrian’s lower lip. Equally as enticing as his lips, the young man’s tongue, strangely but pleasantly rough along the top, slipped inside of Adrian with a few tentative flicks.

Lost in the heat of the kiss, Adrian opened up to those explorative caresses without protest.

Encouraged, the young man probed deeper. Using a series of slow, teasing strokes with tongue on tongue, he caressed Adrian, fondled him from the inside out. The whole concept of oral sex took on a new dimension; the deliciously sinful way the young man’s tongue moved made it hard to tell if this was a kiss, or mouth-to-mouth fucking.

When the other man sat back and pulled out of their lip-lock, Adrian actually whimpered. Laughing playfully, the guy dipped forward to flick the tip of his tongue across one corner of Adrian’s mouth. His eyes shimmered. “You taste like strawberries.”

“I, uh, I had a Fanta before coming here.” Adrian swallowed.

The man laughed again, the sound as pretty as his smooth oval face with its slightly pointed chin. The black hair at the back of his neck was cropped short, while at the top of his head, his hair fell down the sides of his face in sheets of white, tousled strands.

A silver choker covered his throat like a collar. When the guy tossed back his head to get the bangs out of his eyes, the quarter-sized rings attached to the chain jingled.

What the hell? Now that the kiss was over and whatever spell of mind-numbing lust clouding his brain had dissipated, some of Adrian’s ability to think clearly returned. He scrambled to come up with some kind of logical explanation.

Locked building. Alone in closed room. Cat on lap. Nude guy on lap.

Oh my God…nude. Somehow, that little detail had escaped Adrian’s notice earlier.

His gaze now swept over the man’s stunning body, taking in the sight of his naked, flawless ivory skin. Toned shoulders and a smooth chest led down to a well-defined ripple of muscles at the stranger’s abs. Two chiseled indentations at his hips curved down past the flat area of his lower abdomen, drawing Adrian’s attention to the man’s rock hard erection.

“Oh…” Whatever Adrian had wanted to say died in his throat.

Everything else about him was pretty. But the guy’s prick was downright beautiful.

The shaft curved up in a graceful arc from a bed of glossy white curls that looked softer to the touch than usual pubic hair. Adrian found himself resisting a powerful urge to trace a finger through those curls, and he squirmed from the pressure.

The man spread his legs even more, allowing them to drape down over the sides of Adrian’s thighs and the chair. The movement spiked the guy’s arousal, and he let out a tiny gasp. His cock lengthened and jerked up, revealing the flushed underside where the vein fluttered under the pink skin in time with his pulse. A blush spread down from the tip of his prow-shaped head, deepening the color of his penis to a shade of rose.

Adrian couldn’t stop staring. He felt like a teenaged kid again, finally getting hold of some homoerotic porn and gawking at the sight of an unbelievably amazing and fully erect cock for the first time. Staring at his own hormone-driven boners notwithstanding.

Since then, he’d seen his share of real-life penises, and he definitely wasn’t a virgin. Neither of those facts stopped the blood from rushing to his dick in the biggest hard-on he’d experienced in ages.

Mortified beyond expression, Adrian felt heat spread across his cheeks while his cock strained against the front of his jeans. He squirmed underneath the guy again, breaking out in a sweat from the heat of his desire.

Grinning so two dimples showed on his cheeks, the man pulled himself farther up Adrian’s lap. The underside of his cock rubbed the bulge on the front of Adrian’s pants.

“Mmm,” he purred. The sound came out like a genuine feline purr, with a throaty rumble that sent vibrations through the guy’s entire body. Adrian felt the quivering on his lap, like a motor running at high idle, another sexy thought that stiffened him right up.

His cock kicked against the front of his pants, the prominent swell straining the denim. He stared down at the bulge and couldn’t help gaping at the naked guy’s lovely erection some more. He tried to swallow, but found his mouth dry.

Dropping his hands from around Adrian’s neck, the young man unfastened the button at the top of Adrian’s jeans.

“W-wait,” Adrian stammered.

“Don’t be shy, Adrian.” The man bit down on his lower lip with a smile as sweet as it was seductive.

“How did you know my --” He didn’t have time to finish the question before the guy pressed a finger over Adrian’s lips.

“Shh.” He winked. “Now it’s your turn to show me yours.” He pulled down Adrian’s zipper.

Adrian’s heart pounded against his rib cage, his cock jerking up in an all-too-eager attempt to feel the guy’s fingers wrapped around it. “Stop!” Adrian panicked.

The man froze. His blue eyes widened into round disks beneath a fringe of black lashes. “Don’t you want me?”

“No.” Adrian shook his head so fast he got dizzy.

“But your cock is so hard.” The man traced his finger along the open seam, and Adrian let out a high-pitched squeak. Somehow, he managed to keep a grip on himself without spilling in his pants.

“I mean, I do want you -- badly,” Adrian panted. “But I -- I can’t just…I don’t even know who you are.”

“Does it matter?” The guy reached into Adrian’s jeans. “As long as the sex feels good, right?”

“Right,” Adrian agreed without thinking, his libido taking over control of his brain. “No, wait.” He gulped before making an attempt to correct himself. “I didn’t mean that. I think we need to cool off and figure out what the hell is going on…ahh!”

The man slipped a hand into Adrian’s open fly. Cool fingers discovered the part at the front of his briefs and nestled in to caress the hot shaft. The guy coaxed Adrian’s organ out into the open, and the flushed penis bobbed up in his palm. He gave one stroke from the tip to the base, and the resulting burst of sensation thrust Adrian beyond the edge of self-control -- and right out of his seat.

Common sense flew out the nearest window on a Concorde. The rest of Adrian’s body revved up into overdrive. A jolt arced through his stimulated cock, and he jerked back from the rush of desire. The squeaky, beat-up old chair couldn’t support the shift in weight and tottered over.

Together with the man perched on top of him, Adrian tumbled backward onto the floor. His head hit the tile with a dull thud, and the room dissolved in a shower of white stars.

Copyright © Anne Cain


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Finally found it Review by Meg
I bought this story from here years ago and then my external hard drive crashed and I was trying to find this story and his site again. I am SO GLAD I found loose id again and this story. I love all the pawprints stories but when I came back I found a new one CAN NOT WAIT TO READ IT.

(Posted on 3/27/2013)

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