Pawprints 3: Giving and Taking

Anne Cain

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Adrian and his sexy, dual-natured boyfriend, Lal, are headed to San Juan for a Christmas cruise in the Caribbean with their close friends Marty and James. While fun-in-the-sun and piña coladas are on the agenda, the one desire bu...
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Adrian and his sexy, dual-natured boyfriend, Lal, are headed to San Juan for a Christmas cruise in the Caribbean with their close friends Marty and James. While fun-in-the-sun and piña coladas are on the agenda, the one desire burning inside Adrian is to spend as much time as possible between the sheets with his boyfriend. Adrian adores his "cat" more than he can say with words, so he plans to show his devotion with a special present: for the first time, he's going to bottom for his lover. But the gift might be too much for Lal to take, especially when his former life as a sex slave taught Lal that's the one unbreakable rule: he isn't allowed to top.

For Marty, his relationship with his lover is put to the test when James' family balks at the idea of them as a couple. James can't imagine what his life would be like without his kind, attractive boyfriend, but is his love worth the sacrifice? The only way for Marty to find out is to put it all on the line...with a ring.

This holiday, these four friends will learn that love is all about giving and taking.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, Exhibitionism, male/male sexual practices.
“Hurry!” Adrian hustled through the sliding glass doors and dodged between two packed luggage carts. The bag slung over his shoulder bounced against his hip as he jogged around a cluster of people, his fingers closed tightly around his lover’s hand so they wouldn’t get separated. He glanced back to catch Lal smiling with excitement, sections of pure white and black hair falling across his brilliant, jewel-blue eyes in a way that made him look seductive, mischievous, and everything in between. It didn’t matter that they’d been living together for months; Lal’s pure sexiness could always steal Adrian’s breath away. Distracted, he stumbled over himself and he bumped into a frazzled-looking woman who was trying to lug five suitcases up to one of the terminal counters.

“Sorry,” Adrian apologized sheepishly. He straightened the travel roller he’d knocked from her hand.

“What’s the rush?” she snapped. Her sharp features twisted in an expression of pure irritation multiplied by a factor of ten. “Half the flights out of here have been canceled.”

“Are you serious?” Adrian whipped around, squinting at the scrolling itineraries on the display screens against the far wall. The letters were too tiny for him to make out at this distance, but Lal’s sharp eyes didn’t have a problem reading the print. Leaning against Adrian from behind, Lal rested his chin on his shoulder and grinned. “No worries. The 1714 to San Juan is still on time.”

“Which means we’ve got almost an hour to make it to the gate,” Adrian said, glancing down at his wristwatch.

“Good luck.” The woman cackled dryly.

“Now what kind of holiday spirit is that?” Lal blinked at her.

“Trust me. You won’t be able to check all your luggage on time,” she retorted.

“We just have carry-ons,” Adrian explained. Some of the woman’s smug attitude cracked, and she gave the single bag each man carried an envious glare. “We better go.” Adrian gently pushed Lal forward, eager to get far away from the crabby lady.

“Merry Christmas!” Lal waved at the scowling woman as Adrian dragged him through the mass of holiday travelers. They got in line at the counter for Caribé Air, which thankfully had only two other people in front of them.

“Why does everyone look so cranky?” Lal whispered in Adrian’s ear.

“It’s holiday stress.” Adrian glanced around at the ridiculously busy airport and shook his head. Even at two in the morning, the place was packed. “Wait until we try flying at Thanksgiving one year. Then you’ll see real chaos.”

“I thought the point of holidays was to relax and get away from stress.” The corner of Lal’s mouth quirked up.

“Well…” Adrian turned, slipping his arms around Lal’s waist and drawing him close. “Not everyone is going off for a weeklong cruise with two close friends and the one person he loves most in the world.”

Leaning in, he brushed his lips over the soft, rounded curve of Lal’s cheek. Adrian kissed the warm skin and felt his own body temperature spike with arousal. Knowing he had to be blushing and not caring who in the crowded airport might be watching, he trailed his lips down to meet Lal’s. Their mouths joined in a series of tender sucking motions, and soft, moist noises passed between them.

“Mmm,” Lal murmured in a husky voice as they slowly drifted out of the kiss. He peered up at Adrian from under his feathery bangs. “It’s been ages since I tasted some of that love.”

“Ages” was actually three days, nineteen hours, and thirty-four minutes ago, when Adrian had pounced on Lal at six o’clock in the morning for a quickie before pulling a double shift at Dr. Frauke’s veterinary clinic. Not that he was keeping track or anything.

The animal hospital had been packed with patients all week as people rushed to get their pets in before the clinic closed for a few days of holiday vacation. Since Adrian was interning there during this semester and the next, his workload ended up being almost as much as the actual vets on staff. He’d been too busy and tired these past couple of nights to do more than collapse on top of Lal in a snoring heap.

After four days of forced abstinence, Adrian missed the sounds of pleasure filling the bedroom, Lal’s salty, earthy taste filling his mouth while he sucked on his lover’s cute, silky penis, and the feel of their bodies grinding together as they brought each other moaning and shivering toward a blindingly wonderful moment of climax. Now, with their bodies pressed together, their cocks touching through the fabric of Adrian’s cargo shorts and Lal’s jeans, his sex drive made a desperate bid to take over the higher functions of his brain.

“I can’t wait to get down there.” Adrian’s hands dropped a couple of inches to rub Lal’s lower back, just above his butt. Getting unashamedly hornier by the second, he whispered, “And I don’t just mean the trip.”

Lal’s hands were at Adrian’s hips and their grip tightened. Needlelike claws extended and pricked Adrian through the clothing. “Ahh!” Adrian gasped at the stinging sensation.

Letting go with a playful grin, Lal kissed Adrian on the chin. “Don’t get me more anxious than I already am.” His expression abruptly sobered, the playful look replaced with bold, wide-eyed lust. “I mean it; I’m starving for you.” He clutched the hem of Adrian’s T-shirt. “I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to hold out, damn it!”

“Oh, God, me too,” Adrian gasped, his hands cupping Lal’s backside.

A woman coughed loudly behind them. They swiveled around to look at the smiling blonde attendant at the counter with a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer pin fixed to her aqua blue blazer. “Usually people actually wait to get on a plane before joining the Mile High Club.” She snickered at her own cheesy joke.

“Heh-heh.” Adrian chuckled weakly as he stepped up to the counter, embarrassed.

Lal scowled, but from the way he slipped his hand in Adrian’s back pocket and kept it there, only the interruption itself had put him off. He crinkled his nose at the attendant. “What’s the ‘Mile High Club’?”

His embarrassment now edging toward total mortification, Adrian dug into his shoulder bag and whipped out his credit card. “This is his first flight.” He laughed nervously and shoved the slip of plastic at the woman.

“Aha.” She took the card with a smirk. “Then I’ll let you explain it to your boyfriend during the flight.” She winked at Lal. “That’ll be more fun than a movie.”

Both of Lal’s eyebrows shot up while the corners of his lips curved in a naughty grin, and Adrian knew his lover had started to catch on. Adrian cleared his throat and jumped in before Lal could drop a line that would make it even tougher to keep his cock down.

“Not to be in a rush, Cris,” he said, reading the woman’s nametag, “but could we get our boarding passes, please?” Hopefully, without the conversation continuing in a hard-on inducing direction, he pleaded silently.

“No problem.” She smiled. But as she typed away at the keyboard behind the counter, she bit down on her lower lip. “Actually, I think there might be one.” Cris glanced up with a pout. “I really hate to break this to you, guys, but I’m sorry. It looks like your flight was overbooked.”

“Completely?” Adrian’s heart sank when she nodded.

“The holidays are always crazy, especially this close to Christmas.” Cris sighed.

“Wait -- does this mean we’re going to miss the cruise?” Lal stared between Adrian and the young woman. He leaned over the counter to look at the computer screen for himself, the silver collar dangling from his throat clinking softly on the granite top. “But can’t we just get on a different plane? From the size of this airport, there have to be dozens of them.”

“Let me check…” Cris’s gaze swiveled back down to the screen, and she hammered away at the keyboard for a second. “What I can do is set one of you up on this flight with a complimentary upgrade to first class. For the other, there’s a flight departing the day after tomorrow that I can squeeze you on.”

“But we’re supposed to leave port tomorrow morning.” Adrian’s shoulders slumped with defeat. “There’s no way we’ll make it.”

“I’m so sorry, you guys.” Cris bit down on her lower lip.

Lal straightened and squeezed Adrian’s shoulder. “Why don’t you go? I’ll stay.”

“No way, I couldn’t do that.” Adrian blinked, surprised and a little hurt. How could he even consider going alone, when all he’d wanted for the holidays was the chance to spend them lounging lazily in Lal’s arms? Not to mention having hours and hours of sex to catch up on what they’d missed this week, and to be ahead -- just in case next semester started off with a crazy schedule also.

“The whole point of going is for us to be together,” he added, putting his hand over Lal’s. “I’ll let Marty know we can’t make it.”

“But you should go and take Whiskers with you.” Lal raised his eyebrows.


“Whiskers, your cat.” Lal squeezed Adrian’s shoulder a little harder, this time getting his point across.

“Ohhh…right!” Adrian turned back to the airline attendant with a grin. “That would be great if I could take my, um, pet with me.”

“On a cruise?” Cris stared at him with one brow raised.

“Adrian loves his cat.” Lal nodded. “They go everywhere together.”

“Whiskers is my best friend,” Adrian chipped in.

“I’m jealous half the time.” Lal sniffled.

“Don’t be.” Adrian pulled Lal into a hug, patting him on the back. “I love you too.”

“You guys are so sweet.” The airline rep pulled out a yellow luggage tag. “It won’t be any trouble getting Whiskers on the flight. I just need to check the pet and carrier really quick.”

Adrian and Lal traded glances. “Uh, we’ll be right back,” said Adrian, giving the woman a sheepish grin before dashing off toward the restroom with Lal behind him.

Copyright © Anne Cain


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