Parallel Process

Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan

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Grad students Matt Gavin and Haku Nishikawa have a lot on their plate trying to get their paranormal activities research program taken seriously by university administrators. They're also trying to figure out where their relations...
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Full Description

Grad students Matt Gavin and Haku Nishikawa have a lot on their plate trying to get their paranormal activities research program taken seriously by university administrators. They're also trying to figure out where their relationship is headed -- the sex is great, but Haku's not sure if his best friend is serious about love or loving the lust.

When funding for their program is put on the chopping block, they're desperate to secure a grant and accept an offer from a famous documentary-maker and anthropologist. But Pearce Dannings is dealing with a few demons of his own -- literally. He's stolen a key to hell from a powerful devil god, Maaya, and the deity wants it back at any cost.

Haku finds himself marked as the man to help the god retrieve the missing key, and it's clear Maaya has some other plans in mind for him. The sexual attraction between them is hard to resist, but if Haku doesn't he's going to lose everything in the process, including Matt.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual situations, masturbation, violence.
Using his shoulder to push in the door, Matt ducked inside the lecture hall. Several tiered rows of seats were arranged in a semicircle facing the front of the room like a small auditorium, where a solid aluminum desk was shoved to the side of a six-foot-wide projector screen.

“You’re late.” Haku leaned back in his chair, the rusty bolts squeaking loudly in the quiet room. Arching an eyebrow at Matt, he pushed up his reading glasses to rest on top of his head, the black wire rims disappearing against his short, dark brown hair. A corner of his mouth tugged upward in that skeptical half smirk he always wore before trashing one of Matt’s excuses no matter how good it was.

“I know, I know.” Matt set their cups of coffee on the desk and dumped his backpack on the floor. He looked around the room, ignoring Haku’s annoyed expression. “We were supposed to hold a review session before the exam today, right? Where is everyone?”

“Nobody showed up.” Haku gave a defeated little sigh and straightened with another creak from his chair.

“Aha!” Matt turned back around. “So I didn’t miss anything.”

Haku picked up one of the cups and popped off the plastic cover. “No,” he mumbled, sniffing at the coffee. “You could’ve overslept some more.”

“FYI, I didn’t oversleep.” Matt coughed into his hand. “Much.”

“Right.” Haku rolled his eyes. “What happened? They finally tow your car?”

Matt perched on the edge of the desk. “The guy has it in for me, I swear. It’s personal.”

“Oh, great.” Haku rested his chin on the palm of his hand as he sipped at the drink and fixed Matt with a dry stare. “So now we don’t have a car for the weekend.”

“Don’t give me that look; it’s not my fault.”

“Right.” Haku rolled his eyes again.

Matt held out his hand. “Give me that coffee.”

“What? No.” Haku scowled and shrank away from Matt.

“I took the bus, walked a couple blocks, and cut through the construction site on the west end of campus -- all the while carrying that cup for you.” Matt held his hand out again. “If you can’t show some support for me, I want it back.”

Haku looked into the cup, as if more than a little suspicious of what else might be floating in the drink after the trek. But the coffee seemed more than worth it, even though it was now lukewarm. Haku held the cup protectively against his chest. “You already gave it to me, so it’s mine. No take-backs.”

“Uh-huh, I thought so.” Matt smirked.

“Besides, I need it,” Haku grumbled. “I didn’t sleep at all last night.” He took a long gulp before setting the cup on the desk and rubbing his eyes.

“Foster’s giving you trouble?” Matt folded his arms across his chest.

Haku grimaced at the mention of his roommate’s name. “He spent the whole night trying to chug out a fifteen-page paper due today. The whole damn night, hammering away at the keyboard and grunting along with whatever music he was listening to.”

“The fun of sharing a dorm room.” Matt chuckled. “Dude, the guy was probably chatting with his girlfriend the whole time. They were having cybersex, and you got to listen to their online orgasms.”

Haku groaned and banged his head on the desktop. “Just shut up, Matthew.”

After a few more chuckles, Matt didn’t want to keep razzing his already stressed-out friend. He leaned over and rested his chin on Haku’s shoulder. “Why don’t you just move in with me already?”

Haku sighed. “We’ve talked about this before. Your place has the worst parking, the live music in the coffee shop every Thursday night sucks, the water heater’s always busted, etcetera.”

“All true,” Matt agreed. He brushed his lips across Haku’s cheek, inhaling the faint, citrusy trace of Haku’s aftershave and the warm, dusky scent of Haku himself. Just like in his dream. “But wouldn’t it also be great to wake up every morning in each other’s arms?”

“Matt…” Haku looked up. If he meant to say anything in protest, he changed his mind and touched his lips to Matt’s. Haku pulled away for a quick breath and then dipped back in, this time for an open-mouthed kiss that made Matt’s heart start pounding. He tugged on Haku’s lower lip and slid into the warm recess of Haku’s mouth until their tongues met.

Sitting up straight, Haku made a muffled sound against Matt’s lips. Matt slid closer on the desk, his hands smoothing over the front of Haku’s chest. He slipped his fingers under the bottom of Haku’s ribbed shirt to find the smooth, muscled abdomen underneath.

“Wait, wait.” Haku tilted his head to break their kiss and reached up with one hand to stop his glasses from tumbling off his head, while the other was busy tugging open the buttons of Matt’s shirt.

Matt traced a path down the side of Haku’s neck, kissing the spot above his collar where Haku’s shoulder started. “Uh-huh?” he murmured huskily.

“Someone might come,” Haku said.

“I’m betting we both do.” Matt grinned and dropped down. He knelt between Haku and the desk, positioning himself in front of the other man’s knees. Tucking his hands into the waistband of Haku’s jeans, Matt tugged Haku forward.

“What are you doing?” Haku panted, gripping the chair’s armrests.

Matt replied by unbuttoning Haku’s jeans and pulling down the fly. The front of Haku’s briefs tented up around the growing erection within. Finding the part along the underwear’s seam, Matt pulled the swollen organ free.

“I had a dream about you last night,” Matt said, skimming his lips over his best friend’s sex. He licked a path along the underside of the thick cock and felt Haku’s pulse throbbing under the skin.

“You dreamed about my dick?” Haku swallowed loud enough for Matt to hear the gulp.

“The rest of you was there, too,” Matt assured him. He lapped his tongue over the entire length of Haku’s penis, mouthing and suckling on the head while his own pants started to tighten around his crotch. He moaned, working his mouth more urgently as he pressed his palm over his own hard-on.

“Oh, God.” Haku bent forward, gripping the edge of the desk for support. “You are not about to give me a blowjob in the middle of this classroom.”

“You know, your cheeks turn the same color as your cock when you blush,” Matt murmured, then wrapped his lips around the head of Haku’s shaft.

“Matt…” Haku whined. He squeezed his eyes shut and let out a deep moan. “Don’t just give me a tongue bath down there, use your hands!”

Still sucking on the tip, Matt stroked and fondled the firm length of Haku’s cock until he gave a satisfied whimper. The first beads of precum oozed out onto Matt’s tongue, the dusky taste making him eager for more.

The door to the lecture hall burst open.

Haku jumped in his seat, and Matt almost started choking on his own spit. Before Matt could move, Haku shoved the chair forward and tucked as much of himself under the desk as he could, pinning Matt between his legs and the desk’s backing. Matt tried to move in the cramped little space and banged his head against the aluminum with a dull thud.

“Everything okay, Mr. Nishikawa?”

Copyright © Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan


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