Obedience Training

Mya Lairis

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Ian McAllistor has always thought of himself as an Alpha werewolf. Born last in a pack of dominant females, he always felt as if he had something to prove. A chance encounter with a very special couple opened his eyes to his own s...
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Full Description

Ian McAllistor has always thought of himself as an Alpha werewolf. Born last in a pack of dominant females, he always felt as if he had something to prove. A chance encounter with a very special couple opened his eyes to his own submissive nature. As his desire for supplication grew, Ian needed a lover of his own, someone he could submit to.

When he first laid eyes on Khalid Diya al Din, Ian knew that the golem was just the one to bring him to his knees. One of the ancient races, Khalid had nearly everything necessary to make Ian tame: smoldering eyes, massive chest and four arms!

Yet just when Ian thought that things couldn’t get any better, his mother and sisters appear. They don’t like the idea of Ian being submissive, especially not when a power-hungry Alpha wants the McAllistor sisters for his own and is more than they can handle. They need a male Alpha. They need their brother.

Left with little choice, Ian has to make peace with his past, accept his present and learn that sometimes submission is the heart of strength.

  • Note: Obedience Training contains elements that may be offensive to some readers: bdsm practices, menage, male/male sexual contact.
Gray moved his other foot off of Douglas’s back, placing it between Douglas’s thighs. Stroking his shaft with a slow and firm grip, he seemed well aware of his audience and his effect on them. “I suppose you deserve it. Come and have a lick.”

The offer was not for him, yet Ian licked his lips. He held the blanket around his body with a death grip, determined not to interfere as Douglas rose up upon his knees and leaned forward. His tongue out and anxious, Douglas looked up to Gray as if making certain that the permission given was real. A nod was his answer.

Like a lollipop, Douglas ran his tongue from base to tip along the turgid shaft. He made sure that no centimeter remained untouched by the care of his tongue.

The adoration displayed by his tongue over the satiny flesh made Ian envious. Good boys got very good rewards indeed, he thought.

With a sigh, Gray gave himself over to Douglas ministrations. “Lick, not suck,” he warned, his curved nails combing through Douglas’s short hair.

The red wolf had closed his mouth on the crown of Gray’s cock and was down to the short hairs. The loud slurping sounds indicated that Douglas was trying to do both lick and suck … at the same time.

Gray frowned even as his hips pushed upwards. Only his lips, moist and ravaged, revealed how much he really enjoyed the back of Douglas’s throat. One hand went to Douglas’s shoulder, and the other landed a sharp blow against the auburn stubble of Douglas’s cheek. “Don’t be greedy and forget yourself, cur,” he half-moaned.

Douglas obeyed, pulling back with apology in his eyes. “Yes … yes … M. I’m sorry.” As if to prove his sincerity, he followed up with a series of short, quick laps.

Domestication, Master and Servant … Hell, whatever the two were into, Ian was sure he wanted to join them. So hard and aching, it took him a moment to recall his own nudity beneath the blanket. Just a few strokes, just a bit of attention was all that he needed. He’d been a good boy, too!

Ian had just gotten his hand through the maze of folds in his blanket, had just touched the skin of his stomach before Gray turned his head. He could see the desire thick in Gray’s eyes, pupils so large that they seemed trimmed in passionate silver. Before Ian could even get fingertips down and through his pubes, Gray reached over and tugged at the blanket covering him.

“Take off that blanket. We’re all curs here. There’s nothing at all to be modest about.”

Shucking the blanket with a push of his elbows, Ian showed Gray’s curious eyes how much he agreed with that statement.

Wanting so much to be a part of their bizarre coupling, Ian moved closer, shoulder-to-shoulder with Gray. He tried to put his arm around Gray, but a narrow-eyed shake of the dark head discouraged that. Still, he was close enough to smile down at Douglas, close enough to rub his leg against Douglas’s shoulder and his thigh against Gray’s. Close enough to feel every shiver, twitch, and shudder.

Jerking his cock to the timing of Douglas’s tongue, Ian yearned for anything, some acknowledgement that he wasn’t just a spectator. He wanted to kiss Gray, run his fingers through his silky, black hair. Ian wanted Douglas’s furry ass, with that beautiful reddish tail growing at his rump, wanted to caress it with his hand.

“Doug? Douglas,” Gray repeated, grasping a handful of Douglas’s hair. He pulled the big were to attention. “I want you to lick him. I want you to lick our new friend.”

Douglas turned and looked at Ian as if he’d rather just gnaw his head off.

Ian struggled to keep the word “please” from escaping his lips. It was lucky for him that Gray was on his side.

“Don’t be bad now,” Gray warned. “Do it.”

“Yes … M.”

Douglas moved from between Gray’s legs to Ian’s, and while Ian considered that the idea might not have been so good, he kept his mouth shut. The giant werewolf grabbed Ian’s blanket and pushed it all the way off, pushed Ian’s knees further apart, and grasped his thighs firmy.

From the very moment Douglas’s rough tongue touched his dick, Ian realized that he was out of his league with the two wolves. The gentleness Douglas had shown with Gray was a thing forgotten. Encircling the base of Ian’s cock with a firm grip, Douglas ran his tongue from the base to the slit of Ian’s erection. His broad shoulders held Ian’s thighs apart while his tongue sought to tease Ian to madness. Using his fingers and saliva to provide a slick suction, Douglas ignored the squirming rhythm Ian sought to speed things along.

Head resting on the back of the sofa, eyes resting in the back of his head, there was just something inherently powerful about licking, both in wolf form and in human, Ian felt. It was how wolves showed affection, how they introduced each other, and certainly how they showed respect.

Doug’s rough attention was both a gift and a curse.

“So good. You’re doing wonderfully,” Gray praised his wolf.

Ian felt Gray shift and opened his eyes as much as he could.

Panting, Ian watched as the slender male joined his lover on the floor. Gray placed a kiss upon Douglas’s massive shoulder, moved his hand to Doug’s ripped abs and lower.

“You’re so well behaved, my good, good cur,” Gray crooned. “If you want you can suck him. Go ahead.”

Ian’s brain was much too muddled to fully comprehend the words coming from Gray’s mouth, but the word “suck” stood out well enough once Doug’s lips closed over his crown.

If the licking was good, the suction was a hundred times better.

There was no doubt, no reservation in the way that Doug’s throat swallowed around his length. It was nothing Ian could even pretend to hold back against. Burning and yet damp, his heart racing, Ian measured time in the slow, firm pull of Douglas’s lips. The brute was born to suck cock in Ian’s opinion, knowledgeable about the proper ways of flicking his tongue over foreskin, about teasing the sensitive, thick vein on the underside of his shaft, and tickling his piss-slit. “Ohhh yeah,” Ian murmured. “He’s a good cur alright.”

Gray laughed. “He’s damn good. Good and hard.”

Ian’s head lolled to the side. Eyes half open, he noticed Gray with his hand in a bevy of short, dark red curls. He was caressing the wide, arching sex of his pet.

“He’s so patiently aching. Aren’t you, my cur?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Douglas sounded with a vibration that had Ian’s hips staggering.

“But you’re not going to come until I give the word, until I tell you that you can. You’re going to work our new friend over until he comes, though, aren’t you?”

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