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  • A Heart Concealed

    A Heart Concealed

    Kate Steele
    A hidden secret, a heart concealed. Rafe Kutter is cursed...or so he believes. His ability to shape-shift into a bear brings isolation and the determination to never pass the curse to a chi…
  • Accept My Surrender

    Accept My Surrender

    Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow
    Moving on after his wife leaves him, middle-aged John explores a side of himself he'd pushed aside since college, and dates men. It's not working out too well when Logan, a local professor l…
  • Blood on the Ice

    Blood on the Ice

    Katriena Knights
    The neutral zone is no place for a vampire... A right wing for the Chicago Blackhawks, all Travis Payne wants is to see his name on the Stanley Cup. He certainly doesn't expect to be attack…
  • Broken Pieces

    Broken Pieces

    Ruby MacIntyre
    Clint is a young but respected alpha of the Tillamook Pack, and he’s content with the life he’s built for himself after his tragic past. But after his son tells him of an omega being cha…
  • Dragged to the Altar

    Dragged to the Altar

    Clancy Nacht
    Hank and Lindsey return in a sequel to No Tea, No Shade. Hank, ex-football playerturned drag bar club Viva! owner and bouncer, dreams of a huge, heteronormative white wedding with all the tr…
  • Dragons Schooled E-Boxed Set

    Dragons Schooled E-Boxed Set

    Emily Carrington
    Emily Carrington's "three for the holidays" series, Dragons Schooled, is now available in a convenient boxed set!Russian BlauIce dragon Blau Lepa seeks nothing more or less than to be a prof…
  • Male Bonding

    Male Bonding

    Angela Claire
    Mark Ryan is stabbed in the back by a guy he thought was his friend and is fired from a Fortune 500 company he trusted was his future. He’s not in the mood for any male bonding. Some good …
  • Pirate's Spoils

    Pirate's Spoils

    Qeturah Edeli
    Domingo is a notorious pirate wanted for a list of crimes longer than he is tall. He still has not solved how he managed to secure Lieutenant James Richardson Flint of His Majesty's Royal Na…
  • Seasons of Change 3: The Ides of March

    Seasons of Change 3: The Ides of March

    Michelle King
    A spot of Irish Magic, the kiss of a leprechaun, and a love is reborn. Years ago Colin and Kelly had parted ways in the most painful of ways. Years passed, thousands of miles stretched, yet …
  • Seduction en Pointe

    Seduction en Pointe

    Gemma Snow
    When successful TV star of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Nicco Castillo, finds his boyfriend in bed with another man, he goes full-on Hollywood trainwreck that lands him in ER. Next thing he k…
  • Summer Amusements

    Summer Amusements

    A. R. McKinnon
    Excitement isn’t something Robyn experiences in abundance. Normally, she’s too busy maintaining her “good girl” image to indulge in anything wild. Today is different. It’s the last…
  • Tales of the Darkworld 6: Sunstroked

    Regular Price: $1.99

    Special Price $1.49

    Tales of the Darkworld 6: Sunstroked

    Lex Valentine
    When wildling Corey Green discovers his mate is Seth Dylan, a tough-as-nails, dour werewolf from the McCallan clan, he thinks his life is set. However, Seth's not out and doesn't know if he …
  • Tempted


    Brandi Evans
    The only thing standing between this fallen angel and redemption? The woman he loves. Eons ago, Seth fell for another angel--literally--and was cast down from the Heavens. Seeking redemptio…
  • The Bet

    The Bet

    Christina Quinn
    Gemma Vecchio, a snarky woman with a biting wit and a soft spot for her friends, finds herself a fish out of water when she takes a two-week vacation to a singles event at a luxury resort. N…
  • Tropical Sins

    Tropical Sins

    Bobbi Romans
    When Lacy, Lucas, and Austin live through the unthinkable and find themselves on a deserted island awaiting rescue, one thing is clear--they are no longer just strangers. Amongst the turquo…
  • Vamps and Pixies

    Vamps and Pixies

    Samantha Winston
    Sebastian is a jaded vampire and Jessica's a sparkly pixie--and according to the laws of the vampire tribe, any pixie foolish enough to fool around with a vampire is put to death. But Sebast…

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16 Item(s)

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