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  • Asher Beauregard Attempts to Give a Damn

    Regular Price: $6.99

    Special Price $5.24

    Asher Beauregard Attempts to Give a Damn

    Thursday Euclid
    With a sold-out tour looming and intense media attention on their every move, the Artificial Hearts are the hottest rock act in the world. It's just a matter of time until newfound fame illu...
  • Best-Laid Plans

    Best-Laid Plans

    Willa Okati
    Teddy and Jefferson get along like a house on fire. Literally. Jefferson’s a serious-natured soccer star, and Teddy was born to party till the wheels come off. Oh, they might have jerked i...
  • Blowback


    Lyn Gala
    Humans have an uneasy relationship with the aliens in their part of space, and Tom hopes that his ship never sees another war. Other than that, he has few ambitions. He’s given up on findi...
  • Bowen Boys 3.5: Heavy Secrets

    Bowen Boys 3.5: Heavy Secrets

    Elle Aycart
    Christy Sheridan has come a long way from the physical and emotional wreck she used to be. She's made Alden her home and is happily engaged to a man who loves and accepts her for who she is,...
  • Challenge Accepted

    Challenge Accepted

    Annabeth Leong
    After being shamed for her dominant desires too many times, Christine has resolved never to date a vanilla man again. She needs a man who knows he's submissive, and she's determined to hold ...
  • Coletti Warlords: Just Desserts

    Coletti Warlords: Just Desserts

    Gail Koger
    Kaylee knew being a Coletti Warlord's mate wasn't going to be easy. Not only was Talree downright scary, he had a bossy streak a mile long and collected enemies like most men collected love...
  • Edge of Night 1: Betwixt and Between

    Edge of Night 1: Betwixt and Between

    Alexis Duran
    Reporter Ian Evers, obsessed with magical creatures since childhood, never experiences satisfying proof that the magical realm actually exists until he falls into an entrapment spell set by ...
  • Hawkeye 2.5: Met Her Match

    Hawkeye 2.5: Met Her Match

    Sierra Cartwright
    Highly trained Mira Araceli can hold her own in the toughest parts of the world, but not, it seems, against her secret crush, Torin Carter. She’d fallen for her Hawkeye instructor year...
  • Her Boss's Best Friend

    Her Boss's Best Friend

    Reghan Ross
    Administrative Assistant Jami Pantano thinks her boss, Tyree James, is super sexy. She knows she can't touch him; going to bed with him would destroy her career. While still fighting her fee...
  • Hot Pink Passion

    Hot Pink Passion

    M.L. Montgomery
    McKayla's a successful professional by day who likes a little tie-me-up, tie-you-down by night with her long-time boyfriend Kurt, whenever he’s in town. It’s not a secret that she loves ...
  • Inhibition-X


    Bobbi Romans
    One kiss. One single, innocent kiss shared a long-ago summer imprinted on her soul in a way no lover ever-after had. Heather decides the time has come to forget the kiss and stop letting a c...
  • Kiss of the Incubus

    Kiss of the Incubus

    C.J. Harwin
    An incubus who feeds off the sexual desires of others, Roth de Lis has never been denied the pleasure of a woman’s body … until now. Lilah, once a warrior maiden in the service of a godd...
  • Love on the Web

    Love on the Web

    Neil Plakcy
    Larry Leavis is too smart and geeky for his family, too gangly and awkward among other gay guys. He’s never felt like he fits anywhere until he meets handsome entrepreneur Julian Argento a...
  • Mapping the Shadows

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price $4.49

    Mapping the Shadows

    Becky Black
    Ash Bowman is lost. Two years ago he and his cop partner, Evelyn, walked in on a murder in progress that left her dead and him maimed. He left the force and became a private investigator, bu...
  • Men of Sanctuary 4: Above the Law

    Men of Sanctuary 4: Above the Law

    Danica St. Como
    When is a ménage not really a ménage? Officer Abigail O’Connell, Maine Game Warden, and Glennon Garrett, GMG security and surveillance expert, get hot for each other while on protect...
  • Takes the Cake

    Takes the Cake

    Lynn Chantale
    Liz Arnold can’t believe her good fortune when she’s asked to cater one of the biggest and most prestigious weddings of the year. Not only is the location perfect, but working with the b...

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