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  • Bondage Ranch 7: An Expert in Domination

    Bondage Ranch 7: An Expert in Domination

    Sindra van Yssel
    Sophia comes to Bondage Ranch to get naked and dance around the bonfire, and maybe hook up with a guy. She wants a weekend of sensual fun before going back to her life as a single mom. What ...
  • Dragons Don't Bite in RPGs

    Dragons Don't Bite in RPGs

    Nina S. Gooden
    Ian McAdams has spent his entire life developing a game that is finally getting picked up by an international distributor. Unfortunately, the celebration is brought to a violent end when he ...
  • Evangeline of Dark Haven: A Truckee Wolves Story

    Evangeline of Dark Haven: A Truckee Wolves Story

    Belinda McBride
    This isn’t what she came here for! Pursued by a group of mysterious hunters, Evangeline Jones is desperate for sanctuary when she ducks into the doorway of Dark Haven. Instead of sa...
  • Faire Diviner

    Faire Diviner

    Madeleine Ribbon
    Rosewood, the magical Renaissance Faire's psychic and one of the business partners, has been single for over ten years—ever since he accidentally revealed his psychic abilities to the love...
  • Geek Pack 1: Alpha Coder

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price $4.49

    Geek Pack 1: Alpha Coder

    Kathryn Sparrow
    As the second son, Liam Reed never expected to be a werewolf Alpha. He preferred to develop software for Soft Corp, but when his brother Jason died in a car accident, their father forced Lia...
  • Immortal Sins

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price $4.49

    Immortal Sins

    Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid
    Olen Clark is a nighttime security guard at the Houston Museum of Natural History, tormented by a dark past and painfully alone. His beauty and secrets attract the notice of an ancient vampi...
  • Men of Sanctuary 6: Saving Nico

    Men of Sanctuary 6: Saving Nico

    Danica St. Como
    After Marine scout sniper Niccolo Ferrari lost his best buddy, spotter Pietro “Pete” Galletti, to an Iraqi sniper gunning for the bounty on Nico’s head, he goes solo to avoid any more ...
  • Miami Heat

    Miami Heat

    TL Reeve
    A trip to Miami for a blind date--what could go wrong? Violet Wilson is a book lover at heart. As a librarian she loves her job and quite frankly no one else, from her prospective, could do...
  • Northwest of Normal

    Northwest of Normal

    Laura Gomez
    On a solo road trip home from college, Ben wakes up to find his car stolen, with him still lying in the backseat. Driving his car are two redneck brothers on the run from the police; Randall...
  • Secrets from the Edge

    Secrets from the Edge

    S.C. Wynne
    Keith Williams is twenty-two and struggling to feel normal again. Once a rising super star in the competitive world of snowboarding, he’s only now healing from a horrible crash that almost...
  • Single Father Society 2: Ripples in Cedarwood

    Single Father Society 2: Ripples in Cedarwood

    Megan Slayer
    Steve Moore wasn’t planning on being a dad. He envisioned a life of teaching and professional swimming. Fast forward a year and he’s the guardian of his ten-year-old sister. He wants lov...
  • Suspended Game

    Regular Price: $6.99

    Special Price $5.24

    Suspended Game

    Roz Lee
    After five years spent proving his innocence in a gambling scheme, Jimmy Doyle Walker is back on the field for the Washington Diplomats. Given one season to demonstrate he can still contribu...
  • The Commander's Club

    The Commander's Club

    Honey Jans
    Poor little rich girl, Cassandra J. Fox is a tabloid journalist on a mission--to avenge her parents. The man she holds responsible for their deaths, Senator Stringfellow, has thus far escape...
  • The Dare

    The Dare

    Denise A. Agnew
    Mousy and just plain boring… Tired of self-denial and being cloistered by her father's overprotectiveness, wealthy painter Isabella takes a vacation alone. Tough and way too cocky... ...
  • Undercover Lover

    Undercover Lover

    Lissa Trevor
    Psychologist and Reiki practitioner Pamela Krupin does not need to get involved with the slick, sexy, police detective—but oh dear, does she want to. She’s got enough on her plate havin...
  • VIP Club 2015

    VIP Club 2015

    Save 15% on every book you purchase from Loose Id! Iddies are a special breed. Not only are they savvy consumers who know the value of their dollars, but also they're savvy readers who co...

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