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  • A Temporary Situation

    A Temporary Situation

    H.L. Day
    Personal assistant Dominic is a consummate professional. Funny then, that he harbors such unprofessional feelings toward Tristan Maxwell, the CEO of the company. No, not in that way. The man…
  • Breaking the Rules

    Breaking the Rules

    Ember Leigh
    Amara's move home is anything but fun. With her mom recovering from a cancer diagnosis, her only goal is to find a job in her field and support her family. But once she lays eyes on Travis H…
  • Crystal Coast Chemistry

    Crystal Coast Chemistry

    Sierra Brave
    As the saying goes, one night at the Crystal Coast is all it takes to find love. When gay school teacher, Ryan Wertman, accepts an invitation from his best friend and fellow teacher, Caro…
  • Heart and Haven 3: His Dark Reflection

    Heart and Haven 3: His Dark Reflection

    Heloise West
    Disgraced FBI agent Nick Truman has failed to save his sister, held hostage by a drug cartel until he could give them Alex Crow, who eluded him. His epic downfall lands him in witness protec…
  • Heroes of Westhorpe Ridge 4: Submission, Secrets, and the Soldier

    Heroes of Westhorpe Ridge 4: Submission, Secrets, and the Soldier

    Kryssie Fortune
    Luke Roberts, a former army mechanic, has a new sub. She's shy and inexperienced, but willing. As he teaches her about sensation play, she fears he'll really hurt her and screams her safewor…
  • It's A Kind of Magic

    It's A Kind of Magic

    Rea Thomas
    Edie Barton is a sucker for tradition, and her favorite tradition of all is closing her guesthouse for one week at the end of May. One week of absolute solitude, to do as she pleases--and fi…
  • Knockout


    Dominique Frost
    In this blisteringly hot collection of erotic stories, men from all walks of life discover more about their sexuality than they’d ever expected. In Knockout, a boxing fan meets his idol, …
  • Magic Touch

    Magic Touch

    Samantha Winston
    Diamina has a dilemma--she has to defeat her father, the evil Snake God. Her powers can undo his spells, but only if she's a virgin. Disguised as a slave girl to escape her father's minions …
  • Mirror Skin

    Mirror Skin

    Eric Del Carlo
    Seedy private detective and burnt-out ex-cop Nick Jordon receives a visit in the night. It’s his long-dead lover Dane, naked, his memories wiped, asking for help. Worse, Dane is being purs…
  • More Than Summer

    More Than Summer

    Shawn Lane
    When Jeremiah Lincoln, an ER nurse, invites his old classmate Brady Laurens to his pool party after treating Brady’s finger at the hospital, he never expects the hot, sexy Hollywood star t…
  • Pirates of Port Royal 0.5: A Pirate's Promise

    Pirates of Port Royal 0.5: A Pirate's Promise

    Jules Radcliffe
    The Caribbean, 1664 Press-ganged as a boy, Job Wright has spent years as a captive on a merchant ship plying the Atlantic trade routes, until one day musketeer Garrett Dubh, a crewman of …
  • Tales of Amaranth 8: Silken Heart

    Tales of Amaranth 8: Silken Heart

    Thom Lane
    Ander wakes in a strange bed, in absolute darkness. He has a wound in his shoulder, a slave boy at his side, and no memory at all of how he came here. His ship has sailed, stranding him in t…
  • The Dented Crown

    The Dented Crown

    J.V. Speyer
    Two kingdoms. Two princes. One secret to break them, or to bind them. When a rowboat washes up on the riverbank, Prince Malires puts his kingdom’s security first. The dead man lying …
  • The Gardener

    The Gardener

    Reghan Ross
    Heading to Tampa to avoid her family’s summer cookout, Natalia meets the sexy gardener next door to her friend’s villa and knows her summer vacation just took a turn for the better. She …
  • Tribal Spirit: Forged Alliances

    Tribal Spirit: Forged Alliances

    Katherine McIntyre
    Sierra Kanoska fought hard for her position as wolf alpha of the Red Rock pack, and intruders in her territory receive the full brunt of what her claws, fangs, and smarts can accomplish. So …
  • True 1: Ethan

    True 1: Ethan

    Rowan McBride
    Ethan is a shapeshifter whose life force is rooted in the ability to love. When he is cast aside by his mate of six years, he has one cycle of the moon to find a new one. If he does, he is r…

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