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  • A Haught Date

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price $5.39

    A Haught Date

    Leela Lou Dahlin
    Gemmi Brooks was humiliated at the last family reunion when her boyfriend was found in bed with her cousin. With her self-esteem shaken, and to offset the pity party her family has been thro...
  • Bloodline


    Barbara Elsborg
    No one can tattoo better than Inigo, a two hundred year old vampire, who works on human and supernatural skins. But he’s never tattooed a faerie and when a bunch of them insist he comes wi...
  • Club Wicked 4: My Wicked Masters

    Club Wicked 4: My Wicked Masters

    Ann Mayburn
    Rhiannon Mirga, known as Goddess at Club Wicked, has a reputation for being a beautiful and unapproachable ice princess. But beneath her hard exterior beats the tender heart of a submissive ...
  • Dear Rose 3: Winter's Risk

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price $5.39

    Dear Rose 3: Winter's Risk

    Mechele Armstrong
    Rose Winter has brought two relationships together. But now she has her greatest challenge yet. A threesome. But will she risk her own relationship to make this difficult match? Josie’s...
  • Eostre's Baskets: A New Dawn

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price $5.39

    Eostre's Baskets: A New Dawn

    Allie Berg
    Amnesiac Essie Sundae has no idea that her psychically-inspired Easter baskets have antagonized treacherous supernatural entities. Or that her new lover is anything other than the identity-c...
  • Eostre's Baskets: Kick the Past

    Regular Price: $4.99

    Special Price $2.99

    Eostre's Baskets: Kick the Past

    Lily Edwards
    As teens, Gabriela Esperanza and Austin Ward exchanged rings and promised to love each other forever. But their promises, like their plans, didn't survive engagement with their futures. Y...
  • Eostre's Baskets: The Candlewood Wraith

    Regular Price: $3.99

    Special Price $2.39

    Eostre's Baskets: The Candlewood Wraith

    Mychael Black
    Two hundred years ago, Noah Cunningham watched in horror as his secret lover’s new wife, Mary Bishop, dripped blood on his door step and cursed him. Doomed to spend eternity as a wraith to...
  • Games Boys Play

    Regular Price: $7.99

    Special Price $7.19

    Games Boys Play

    Zoe X. Rider
    Brian and Dylan have been best friends for years. They have no secrets between them, except for the ones they’re keeping from each other. When Dylan lets himself into Brian’s apartmen...
  • Guarding My Heart

    Guarding My Heart

    S.C. Wynne
    Liam Carlington is a spoiled rich kid. He’s been acting out since his childhood love, Paul, devastated him by marrying a woman. He drops out of school in favor of drinking and partying too...
  • His Fair Lady

    His Fair Lady

    Kimberly Gardner
    Mark Talleo is something of a dog with the ladies. Any girl, anytime, anywhere is his motto until he meets Josie Frazier. The long lean redhead not only shares his love of musical theatre, b...
  • Hollywood 5: Numbers Game

    Hollywood 5: Numbers Game

    Tibby Armstrong
    Even after the "I do's" are said, relationships change and need work to grow and thrive. Aaron has found himself increasingly drawn to the idea of taking his and Greg's BDSM-lite games to th...
  • Missed Connections: Kiss Cam Connection

    Missed Connections: Kiss Cam Connection

    Kaitlin Maitland
    After years of living together, Micah and Brody are almost ready to call it quits. Brody wants love and family, but Micah refuses to say the L word. When the guys try to reconnect at a baseb...
  • Nice Tie

    Nice Tie

    Jules Jones
    Alex Hall likes watching good-looking men doing up good-looking ties, a kink he can safely indulge on his morning commute as long as he’s discreet. At least until the day he meets new clie...
  • Rising Sun

    Rising Sun

    M.J. O'Shea
    Castor Kovalenko, socialite and high ranking member of the Dragon Triad, is worried about his cousin, Lynx. He's been missing for weeks and there have been rumors circling the city, rumors t...
  • The Skinny on Love

    The Skinny on Love

    Fyn Alexander
    Thirty seven year old fitness fanatic and gym owner John Moorcroft has always known he was gay, and he has always had a problem admitting it, even to himself. After a failed attempt at a rel...
  • True Nature

    True Nature

    Jessica Freely
    Lake Clearwater--conservation officer and water spirit--has just been appointed guardian of Gem Pond by The Powers That Be. It's the first time in eight years he's had a real home and he's d...

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