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  • A Good Sub Would

    A Good Sub Would

    Sierra Cartwright
    Shelby, a wanna-be sub, hasn’t found a Dom strong enough to push past her need to be in control. Her experiences as a sub have been yawn-inducing. She’s fantasized plenty, though...
  • Dirty


    Martha Davis
    In Buckhead, the lavish, eclectic heart of downtown Atlanta, incubi and succubi fill the dungeons and private rooms of Kiss, an elaborate BDSM club where the lascivious go to explore their e...
  • Divine Justice

    Divine Justice

    C.P. Foster
    Erica Warren, a modern day pagan, gets twitchy when Aphrodite asks her to do something but won’t tell her what it is. Then she meets Cal Vasco, a gorgeous Dom who whispers promises of plea...
  • Dying for a Bite

    Dying for a Bite

    Marie Booth
    Estelle’s a sweet Southern girl with lots of spirit but low self-esteem when it comes to her very curvy body. When she’s seduced and bitten by two of the sexiest, most desirable vampires...
  • Emerald City Shifters 2: Sealed by Magic

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price $4.49

    Emerald City Shifters 2: Sealed by Magic

    A. Catherine Noon & Rachel Wilder
    Seattle has been at peace since before it was founded on the banks of the Puget Sound.  The war between the witches and the snake shifters ended and they now live separate lives.  Generati...
  • Felipe's Honor

    Felipe's Honor

    Ruby MacIntyre
    Evil is plaguing the streets of Omaha. Someone has been stealing innocent humans from the streets and turning them into mindless killers, mad with their thirst for blood. Charlie is one o...
  • Flesh and Moonlight

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price $4.49

    Flesh and Moonlight

    Eric Del Carlo
    The Bite changes Jill Machado’s life forever. Even as the handsome and sexy Mark Curtz tries to guide her into a secret Community of ‘thropes, the dangerous rogue werewolf Vasha has othe...
  • Holly of Dark Haven: A Truckee Wolves Story

    Holly of Dark Haven: A Truckee Wolves Story

    Belinda McBride
    When Holly left the Truckee pack, she left her family, her safety, and the two men she loved. Now she's in San Francisco training as a Domme at Dark Haven. She thinks she's found herself, bu...
  • Kitsune


    H.S. Lane
    Freewheeling Kumiko is a kitsune, a Japanese shapeshifter with powers of fire and illusion. Her natural abilities come in handy for her line of work, being a world-class thief, and she loves...
  • Someone Like Him

    Someone Like Him

    Susanna Eastman
    Geeky math genius Carolyn Hardy has lived a quiet, secluded life. She’s never dated anyone who could float her boat—and has no idea how to meet sexy and sophisticated men. When she final...
  • The FourWinds 1: The Angel's Kiss

    The FourWinds 1: The Angel's Kiss

    Serena Akeroyd
    When Lyssa discovers her fiancé's idea of a la carte dining is munching on Dima Vasin, his bodyguard, she's more pissed off at the fact she has to share him than the life-altering discovery...
  • The Unmasking Hour

    The Unmasking Hour

    Holden Granger
    Jenna Colsen is a smart and driven news reporter seeking her big break. That break comes in the form of Turner Valera, a successful property developer with secrets both personal and professi...
  • Third Take is the Charm

    Third Take is the Charm

    Marie Lark
    Not everyone gets a second chance at their own happily ever after—except maybe in the movies. All her life, filmmaker Melody Gellar has wanted to tell the perfect love story. Recently w...
  • Victoria's Secret Agents 1: From Prussia with Love

    Victoria's Secret Agents 1: From Prussia with Love

    Tina Christopher
    Clara Redbeck has one goal: to prove to the sods at work—and to herself—that the best man for the job can be a woman. To do that, she must prevent a traitor from blowing London to bits. ...
  • VIP Club 2015

    VIP Club 2015

    Save 15% on every book you purchase from Loose Id! Iddies are a special breed. Not only are they savvy consumers who know the value of their dollars, but also they're savvy readers who co...
  • Witch Field Prowlers 2: Facing Off with Alexi

    Witch Field Prowlers 2: Facing Off with Alexi

    Selena Illyria
    Captain of the Witch Fields Prowlers Hockey Team, Alexi Kurraine, is looking forward to spending 4th of July weekend with his best friend and sometimes lover, Tianna. Between their busy care...

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