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  • A Walk through Fire

    A Walk through Fire

    Felice Stevens
    Years after running away from an abusive foster family, Asher Davis still inwardly struggles with the guilt of leaving his foster brothers behind. He’s climbed to unimaginable heights as ...
  • Exception to the Rule 3: Straight From the Heart

    Exception to the Rule 3: Straight From the Heart

    Kimberly Gardner
    College student Kyle diStefano is having trouble paying his tuition. So when he hears about a job as team mascot with the accompanying full scholarship it seems like the perfect solution. Ex...
  • Fallen

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    Special Price $3.59


    Pia Veleno
    Man has free will, and guardian angels have an eternal place in the holy host. When unexpected feelings interfere with Malchediel’s guidance of a mortal being, he must decide if his lov...
  • Hammered


    Casey Holloway
    Thomas Hammer, a pit bull shifter, is bound in his canine form by magic and needs to find a way to break free. He wants to show his owner, Desiree Duvall, the man of her dreams sleeps at her...
  • Her Secret Dom

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price $3.59

    Her Secret Dom

    Samantha Cote
    When Pam accepts a romantic date with a coworker, she “forgets” to share her dinner plans with her lover, Jared. Pam has no interest in anyone else, but she’s so devastated by Jared's ...
  • Hot Pink Crop

    Regular Price: $3.99

    Special Price $3.59

    Hot Pink Crop

    M.L. Montgomery
    Roleplaying keeps McKayla safe, keeps her feelings and her emotions in check. All she can think of is the next scene and feeling the man of her dreams giving her the pleasure she craves. She...
  • In His Arena 1: Slave Eternal

    In His Arena 1: Slave Eternal

    Nasia Maksima
    When novice gladiator Lucan is stolen from his patron house and enslaved by the wicked Stratos to be a pawn in a dark scheme, he finds himself fighting for his life in the cruel Spectacles o...
  • Knot Intended

    Regular Price: $3.99

    Special Price $3.59

    Knot Intended

    Karenna Colcroft
    Nolie and Joseph have a good marriage. They're still in love, have everything they need, and their careers are in good shape. But lately their sex life and time together has taken a back sea...
  • Rougaroux Social Club 4: Bayou des Enfants

    Rougaroux Social Club 4: Bayou des Enfants

    Lynn Lorenz
    It’s been nearly a year since Scott and Ted set up house together in St. Jerome. Life is good. Ted is trying to get his PI business off the ground with the occasional job and still paintin...
  • Safe Words

    Safe Words

    Drury Jamison
    After years of alcohol and promiscuous sex, Detective Eleanor Silver is not the cop or the person she wanted to be. New doors and new worlds open up when the murders of sexually dominant wom...
  • Sanders Valley: Love Repeated

    Sanders Valley: Love Repeated

    Nancy Corrigan
    Young lovers, Kyle and Ronnie, had the world ahead of them at seventeen. Stubbornness, misunderstanding and a mother’s influence forced them to forge their own paths. A decade later, neith...
  • Saved by the Demon

    Saved by the Demon

    Ela Stein
    In a world where gods and demons walk the earth, a pirate attack on a seaside village tears Luna away from the safe life she has known. Thrust on a perilous journey, she is accompanied by a ...
  • Scattered Siblings: To Mate a Werewolf

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price $5.39

    Scattered Siblings: To Mate a Werewolf

    Kryssie Fortune
    The scars on Ellie Padget’s cheek are a constant reminder of the times she tried to escape from sexual slavery. Two years ago, Joel—alpha in waiting of the Tundra-Tough pack—led the re...
  • Surrender's Mask

    Surrender's Mask

    Vonna Harper
    From porn star to helpless captive. One moment Ferron Cooper is an in-demand bondage model, the next she's naked and on her knees staring up at the nameless man responsible for the ropes on ...
  • The Essentiants 2: Breaking Heaven

    The Essentiants 2: Breaking Heaven

    J. Hali Steele
    Dresdan Mati thrives on the souls of humans and he possesses the strength to heal. He can conquer the pain of a thousand deaths, but he can’t overcome his desire to bed a virgin, one who i...
  • Winter Hearts

    Winter Hearts

    Fyn Alexander
    Luke Chandler says he wants nothing more than a quiet life on his land-claim in Dakota Territory. But what he also wants is a partner. The problem is, loving other men in 1881 means a lonely...

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