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  • A Guardian's Passion

    A Guardian's Passion

    Mya Lairis
    Freya Daniels, a warrior wolf, is expecting her first cub and overwhelmed by the attention lavished on her by her mates, Fenris, the imposing, dominant luna and Rayne the crafty, delicious w...
  • Between the Raindrops

    Between the Raindrops

    Tina Kay
    Thanks to his psychotic ex-boyfriend, Chris avoids the heck out of relationships and keeps mostly to himself. Sure, he works as an escort, but that's perfect, just about as much companionshi...
  • Blue Boy 2: Bones

    Blue Boy 2: Bones

    Garrett Leigh
    Cam is a veteran porn star at Blue Boy Studios. Known as Mr. Nice Guy, he’s the top every newbie bottom wants to be paired with.   But in recent months his beloved hardcore scenes have ...
  • Club Wicked 4: My Wicked Masters

    Club Wicked 4: My Wicked Masters

    Ann Mayburn
    Rhiannon Mirga, known as Goddess at Club Wicked, has a reputation for being a beautiful and unapproachable ice princess. But beneath her hard exterior beats the tender heart of a submissive ...
  • Giving it Up to the Gods

    Giving it Up to the Gods

    Kryssie Fortune
    Not only angels fall. Convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, the warrior god Janus plummeted from the heights of Olympus to the depths of the Underworld. After centuries of pain and torme...
  • Hollywood 5: Numbers Game

    Hollywood 5: Numbers Game

    Tibby Armstrong
    Even after the "I do's" are said, relationships change and need work to grow and thrive. Aaron has found himself increasingly drawn to the idea of taking his and Greg's BDSM-lite games to th...
  • Meteora Trilogy 2: I am Alive

    Meteora Trilogy 2: I am Alive

    Evelyn Shepherd
    Jesse, Sawyer, and Topher have found the closest thing to happiness they can in the survivalist town of Salvation. Six months after the meteor shower that thrust the world into a zombie apoc...
  • Missed Connections: I Swear to You

    Missed Connections: I Swear to You

    Sloan Parker
    When roommates Grady and Mateo give in to their growing lust, it’s the best sexual experience of their lives. But are they really gay? Is this just sex or something more? It takes time for...
  • The Skinny on Love

    The Skinny on Love

    Fyn Alexander
    Thirty seven year old fitness fanatic and gym owner John Moorcroft has always known he was gay, and he has always had a problem admitting it, even to himself. After a failed attempt at a rel...

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