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  • A Rookie Move

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    A Rookie Move

    Sam B. Morgan
    Fifteen years with the Los Angeles Police Department, Mike Graham is a seasoned cop and a damn good training officer. On the brutal streets of LA, he's witnessed every type of crime and tau…
  • Eostre's Baskets: Undercover Cruising

    Eostre's Baskets: Undercover Cruising

    Cheryl Dragon
    FBI Special Agent Carlos Perez is undercover on a cruise ship, working to find and stop criminals targeting gay passengers. He'll only get one chance to crack this case, so he has to stay on…
  • Executive Perks

    Executive Perks

    Angela Claire
    For as long as Virginia Beckett could remember, she had assumed that she would take over Beckett Family Delicacies when her father retired and run it until she was ready to retire. She certa…
  • Hostile Conquest

    Hostile Conquest

    Jade James
    Jazz never expected her father would give half of his company away in his will, let alone to a man like Cade. The fact he’s her step brother doesn’t ease the instantaneous lust she has f…
  • Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Man-Eater

    Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Man-Eater

    Katey Hawthorne & Jenna Rose
    Wolf-Beast and ex-cop Lowell Kanaan recently brought his boyfriend, elementalist and mystery author John Tilney, into the PI business with him. They've been solving cases for Boston's varied…
  • Missed Connections: Stepping Out

    Missed Connections: Stepping Out

    Marie Harte
    Getting over her cheating ex was hard, but Gwen did it. She’s not about to let her cousin be bamboozled by a loser too. But when she meets Mia’s date, he’s way sexier and better manner…
  • Puma's Mate

    Puma's Mate

    Vonna Harper
    Fight for freedom! Resist! From the moment the powerful warrior from an enemy clan captures Luann of the Deer Clan those things become her goal. She had no choice but to come to Puma Mounta…
  • Shadows of the Past

    Shadows of the Past

    Terri Pray
    After the loss of a submissive to suicide years ago, Michael has kept things simple. He finds a play partner for scenes; no commitments, no relationships, no talk of love. Clean and simple, …
  • St. Cross 1: Won't Feel A Thing

    St. Cross 1: Won't Feel A Thing

    C F White
    It takes more than a doctor to mend a broken heart. Ollie Warne is fresh out of nursing school and working his dream job as a pediatric cardiology nurse at St Cross Children’s Hospital,…
  • Swarm


    Raven de Hart
    Zayne's life is hell. Cursed with the Swarm, a murderous, sociopathic spirit, he lives under constant abuse and threats. Even in his sleep, the Swarm stings away at the edges of his soul. No…
  • The Wanderers 1: The Yearning

    The Wanderers 1: The Yearning

    Tina Donahue
    To break this curse, they’ll have to turn the heat up. Way up. Jasmine Dante prowls Key West’s nightlife, fighting a losing battle against a curse that forces her to seek carnal pleasur…
  • The Wanderers 2: The Craving

    The Wanderers 2: The Craving

    Tina Donahue
    She’s everything he’s desired… He’s the one man she shouldn’t crave. Knowing the danger the Wanderers pose, Erica Vega intends to hunt down the mysterious group steeped in dark …
  • The Westerman Affair

    The Westerman Affair

    Regina Kammer
    The Westerman Affair A tale of spanking and polyamory in the Victorian art world... The Artist Charles Westerman, Victorian England’s most sought-after landscape painter, is finished …
  • When Jud Came Back

    When Jud Came Back

    Madeleine Oh
    Life was settled and predictable in Craven Court House. Until Jud Garlett, the teenage outcast, returns. Now Jud has the money and the power to make the good citizens sit up and take notice …
  • Wolf Around the Corner

    Wolf Around the Corner

    Aidee Ladnier
    Tom Davidson ran away from family obligations to be a Broadway star. If he could make it there, he could make it anywhere…but he didn’t. Trudging back home to Waycroft Falls, he finds hi…
  • Worth the Risk

    Worth the Risk

    Joyce Palmer
    Everyone knew Stephanie and Devin had been happily married...except for Stephanie and Devin. Though they'd been deeply in love, Devin's work ultimately drove them apart and they divorced. …

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