My Alien is a Sex Fiend

Nicole Pierce

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Bree Delaney has a secret fantasy--she wants to be whipped by the man of her dreams. The problem is, the feisty young hairdresser hasn't seen Draken Blade in two years and she doesn't want to be with anyone else. Draken Blade i...
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Full Description

Bree Delaney has a secret fantasy--she wants to be whipped by the man of her dreams. The problem is, the feisty young hairdresser hasn't seen Draken Blade in two years and she doesn't want to be with anyone else.

Draken Blade is a dark, hunky, gorgeous half-Dreauxoid from Planet Dreaux. When he comes back to claim his lifemate, she is more than a little dubious that he is ready to stop running off on missions and is ready to bond with her. Draken knows that just hot sex with a little kink thrown in won't get his woman back, not this time.

He's going to have to promise to stop fighting for good. But what happens when he's kidnapped and they're both in danger if he can't fight his way free?

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and content, dubious consent, exhibitionism, m/f/m sexual interaction.
Bree Delaney turned the corner from her beauty salon, breathing in fresh, cool air after inhaling chemicals all day. The sky was darkening on the deserted, tree-lined suburban street and she wanted to reach her small apartment a few blocks down before the world plunged into blackness. Her suede fringe jacket and matching fringe purse flapped in the wind, smacking against her bottom, reminding her of whips, her newest secret sexual interest since reading about them in an erotica novel. Her tastes were growing decidedly kinky, and it was all Draken’s fault. Too bad she'd never see him again, much less experience her naughty fantasy.

Bree looked around nervously as she strode down the sidewalk. Her pumps made it hard to walk fast, and the wind was also blowing into her, brushing her auburn hair off her forehead. Suddenly, a strong, unearthly breeze blew her skirt up in back, baring her panty-clad bottom, and she let out a little cry as she felt a familiar presence. Whirling around, her heart slamming against her chest, she felt the world spinning around her.

“Draken Blade!” Her lungs burned as she gulped in a few breaths. It couldn’t be; she’d given up on him long ago. “How…why… I can't believe you sneaked up on me like this!” Her muscles tensed as her head whirled. “You shouldn't be here, creep.” She took a step backward, but her knees wouldn't have held her up if she'd tried to move any farther away.

He stared at her, grinning. Draken’s dark skin stretched perfectly over nicely chiseled features, and his dreadlocks hung halfway down his massive chest. His power washed over her in a heated rush. As always, when she hadn’t seen him for a long time, she was impressed by his size and strength. Not to mention his broad, dimpled smile and deep, dark eyes that pulled her in. It was so hard to resist that sexy Dreauxoid gaze, but she forced herself to break his seductive spell.

“Sorry I startled you -- and caused the gust of wind,” Draken said with a chuckle, his voice low and threaded with silk. “I wanted to lift your skirt to get a look at your sexy ass. Why are you wearing that horrible underwear, babe? Thought I’d convinced you to stop wearing underwear long ago. For me.”

He’d convinced her to do that and plenty more, she acknowledged, her face flaming. She blinked fast to clear her blurred vision. Shocked that her unreliable former lover was really here, she turned her head. It’d been two long years. She didn’t want him back, did she? No, he’d only play with her and leave her again.

“I know your thoughts,” Draken said. “Yes, I’ve been gone for too long, but I've come back for you. This time, it's for good.” He took a few steps forward, lifted her hand to his lips kissing her knuckles. She could feel his hot breath as he said, “I just want to lie with you for eternity and never let you go.”

She heard a laugh erupt from her throat, a bitter one. “You're just messing with me, Draken. I'm thirty-three and hardly glamorous like the women who chase you on Dreaux.” She saw him open his mouth to speak, but she cut him off quickly, her voice loud and firm. “I've seen women much prettier and more sophisticated than me throwing themselves at you, and I don't feel like competing anymore -- I won’t do it.”

“Shut up, Bree. It's no contest.” He roughly pulled her into his embrace, and her love for him almost made her cry, but she pulled away. Spitting at him, she tried to knee him in the groin, but he caught her thigh in his big hand and laughed before setting it down.

“You don’t want to do that,” he said. “Look into my eyes, beautiful. See my heart. And yours.”

She boldly met his stare, then regretted it. His face grew intense and serious and she knew he was overriding her senses with his Dreauxoid powers. Damn it all, Bree felt herself helplessly drawn by the golden glow of his eyes. She wanted to resist him again, and tried, but this time her body wouldn't listen to her mind. She was his to command as he pulled her into the sanctuary of his comforting arms.

Hardly able to breathe, she found herself caressing the hard planes of his face while assessing him as if he were a rare jewel. His smooth features glistened with sweat as his never-ending witch-stare bore into her. He wore a diamond in one ear and a white T-shirt that hugged his broad-shouldered torso. Tight blue jeans outlined his long, muscular legs, and his formidable cock. God help her, she could feel her pussy pulsating and dripping nectar on her cotton underwear as she glanced down at his glorious emblem of masculinity.

As if reading her thoughts, he said, “I want you too.”

She sucked in a shaky breath and actually found the temporary strength to pull out of his arms, a painful gesture as her body screamed out to him. “Then you’re in for a disappointment.”

“I don’t think so. I promised that I’d come back, and here I am, ready to reclaim what’s mine.” His gaze never left hers. “I know about your newest fetish, too, and will be delighted to explore it with you.”

Damn him! She was glad for the darkness as she felt her face heating along with her ass. He’d no doubt drive her wild with a whip if she gave him a chance. “I'm not going to let you humor me now, you bastard.” Bree knew she was breathing fast. “No,” she said, then moaned.

His lips spoke over hers. “Yes, indeed.”

“Oh, help me, no. It's too late for us.”

“Time isn’t the same on Dreaux. You know that. I was on a mission and I didn’t realize how long I’d been gone.”

“You and your missions!” She heard her voice trembling as she backed up enough to take in his sensual male presence. As he lifted an eyebrow, looking amused, she felt her gut tightening up. “This isn't the least big amusing, Drake the Snake.”

He laughed as he heard the nickname his friends had given him, and his mirth irritated her all the more.

With all her force, she shoved his chest and broke free of his grasp. On shaky legs, she turned away and strolled ahead of him, her chin held high. No way would Draken see how glad she was that he’d managed to triumph in his assignment and that he hadn’t ended up in the Void of Hell. For two years, she’d felt him, yet he’d been galaxies away. Huffing and puffing, she mumbled, “How dare you make light of this, you worm.”

“It's snake, remember?”

She could hear his shoes hitting the sidewalk behind her and wondered if he was using his magic to draw her to him. Damn him, anyway, but it felt as if his fingers were stroking her wet slit. She refused to acknowledge it, although she felt like sinking to the ground.

“I have some new toys,” he said, teasing her.

“I don’t want your sex toys.” She blocked out the vision of Draken holding a whip over his head. “I want a human,” she said, lengthening her strides. “You know humans -- the creatures that actually have real hearts and can love.”

“I’m half-human.”

She quickened her pace, knowing she could never get away from him unless he chose to let her go. Well, she’d have to make him want to release her. She’d loved him for so long, had given him so many chances, and each time they grew close to bonding, he took off on some foolhardy mission on another planet. He’d used up his chances.

“I want you for my lifemate,” he said, a few steps behind her.

Her heart sped up. He’d never proposed before. “No, thanks. I’d rather marry a human, stay mortal, and not be abandoned all the time.”

His large, warm hand closed around her arm and jerked her around, making her face him. His Dreauxoid eyes burned with his desire, and the breath left her lungs.

“You love me,” he said, staring down at her. “Admit it.”

Under the stars and one dim streetlight, the entire scene seemed surreal. She didn't say anything; she couldn't speak.

His sultry mouth curled up and his dimples flashed. “Who knows your body as well as I do? I love to satisfy all your kinkiest needs and desires.” His stare seemed to vibrate straight through her as she felt herself turning to liquid. Would he dare talk about…? “Who else knows just the way you like to be spanked or pleasured while chained? Who do you trust to fulfill your dreams without harming you? You know you can trust me completely. I’ve proven myself over and over again.”

She felt her pulse racing fast, pictured his tall, strong body nude, glistening, dark and sweaty. Her throat worked hard, but she managed to say, “Sex isn’t everything, except to a Dreauxoid. You think that your sexual prowess can make up for all the times you’ve left me? I need more than hot sex from you.”

“We're best friends too.”

Oh, God, he was right. She stood there, staring at his male beauty, the white streetlight illuminating his ebony skin and perfect features. Draken was back. Draken…

Copyright © Nicole Pierce


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