Moon 2: A Lover's Moon

Jeigh Lynn

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People overhear all sorts of things. “Your baby isn’t human,” and “It’s scheduled for termination” aren’t usually among them. A lesser woman might give up without a fight, but Katherine...
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People overhear all sorts of things. “Your baby isn’t human,” and “It’s scheduled for termination” aren’t usually among them.

A lesser woman might give up without a fight, but Katherine Andrew isn’t a lesser woman. She survived being left by her baby’s father, and she’ll survive this. She and her unborn child. But even a determined, strong woman can’t fight a werewolf termination league by herself, and that means she’ll need help...from the one man she hoped she’d never see again. The only man she ever loved.

Adrian Garrett has everything he could want, iron clad control of his emotions and instincts, a great job as a neurosurgeon, a wonderful family, a prestigious position in his pack...everything but his mate. After letting his personal hang-ups get the better of him and breaking up with his mate, Adrian is looking for the right opportunity to get her back. That opportunity comes knocking in the shape of a troubled Kat on his cousin’s doorstep. Now all he has to do is stop whoever is after her, gain back her trust and figure out a way to tell her he’s a werewolf.

Adrian took the keys out of Katherine's hand and unlocked the apartment door. His left arm was still wrapped around her waist, tucking her small frame under his shoulder. He hadn't been able to get more than a foot away from her all night, and he hadn't wanted to. Since the day they had met two weeks ago, they had spent all their free time together.

She and his cousin's mate, Jessica, were best friends, with similar thoughts and complementary personalities. Where Jess was outgoing and sometimes seemed to display a wild streak, Katherine was a little on the shy side. Without a doubt, Katherine was the most ladylike woman he'd ever dated. It was actually one of the things about her that had attracted him. She was beautiful and sexy as hell, but she was also very modest.

Tonight, they'd eaten dinner and forgone the movie when he'd suggested that they rent a video instead. He wanted to toss the video and make love to her, but she'd been raised by her grandparents and had some very definite ideas about relationships -- most of them a little old fashioned.

She flipped on the lights as Adrian shut the door. “Do you want something to drink?”

“No, thank you.”

“Oh, okay.” She stood there for several seconds. She looked lost, as if uncertain what to do next. He knew she hadn't had much experience with dating.

Adrian grinned at her nervousness, sat down on the couch, and crooked his finger at her. “Come here, Katherine.”

She made her way to the couch and stood directly in front of him. He reached up and clasped her hand, his gaze taking in her little blue dress and heels. She was a tiny thing, but shapely, without the typical dancer's body; she and Jessica probably looked good dancing as a duet because they were very close to the same size and shape.

Kat's grin looked nervous as he pulled her down beside him, even though he had assured her that he'd let her set the pace in their relationship. Adrian knew she had planned to wait until she was married to have sex.

“ Adrian ?”


“We should start the movie. Where did you put it?”

He smiled at her gently, tugging on her hand and pulling her into his lap. His fingers raked through her long, red hair, then pulled her lips down to his.

The first touch of his lips was tentative on hers; he wanted to give her time to protest. When she made no move to stop him, he deepened the light caress into a passionate embrace. His tongue caressed her bottom lip, seeking entrance. When she sighed and sank into his arms, parting her lips, he groaned.

As their tongues dueled, Adrian 's hands found the zipper on the back of her dress. Easing the thin straps down her shoulders, he pulled on the dress and lowered her to the couch without losing contact with her mouth. Her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer -- then she pulled back slightly with a gasp. Adrian looked down to see what had caught her attention. He didn't remember removing her dress and bra, but he must have; Katherine would not have done it herself.

She was so lovely; her beautiful breasts were as smooth as satin and much lighter than her arms and stomach, showing that she actually had a bit of a tan. That surprised him; she was so fair. He captured one pale globe in his darker hand and marveled at the contrast. Unable to help himself, Adrian dipped his head and caught a nipple between his teeth. She gasped but made no move to push him away, so he began to suckle gently.

As he switched his attention to the other breast, Kat groaned. The soft groan was all the encouragement he needed. He raised himself and started to pull her dress the rest of the way down her body. A hand on his arm stopped him; he glanced up into hesitant, regretful hazel eyes.

No, no, no, don't stop me now! He was on fire. He wanted her more than he remembered wanting anything in his life. The pain of his erection straining against his black slacks intensified at the thought of having her, but he knew he would stop if she wanted. He had too much respect for her to do otherwise. “What is it, Katherine?”

She blushed prettily and averted her eyes. “We can't do this, Adrian .”

“Why not?” He asked, trying to keep the need and anticipation out of his voice.

“Because I want to wait till I'm married. It's stupid, really, and ... a long story, Adrian , but I need to wait. For myself, I need to wait.”

“Okay.” Adrian nodded hesitantly, but the scent of her obvious arousal was making him crazy. He was desperate to touch her some more, at least for a little while. “We can do other things without doing that.” As soon as the words left his mouth, Adrian could have slapped himself. God, what is wrong with you? That was pathetic -- he sounded like a teenage boy trying to talk his first girl into bed instead of a thirty-three-year-old man who had no problems getting laid.

Dropping his head to her chest, he kissed both breasts, then raised up and began to pull the dress back over her. He heard a soft, hesitant “Okay.”

Adrian blinked several times, trying to decide if she'd actually said it or if it was just his wishful thinking. The shy flicker of her eyelashes before she met his gaze assured him it was real. He knew he should get up, help her dress, and apologize, but he couldn't. His body screamed at him to take her, make her his. It was instinctual and overpowering. She smiled up at him, clearly nervous, and he promised himself he'd stop before things got out of hand. He had amazing control, after all.

Laving kisses along the way, he slid the dress back down her body. When he came to the waistband of her white satin panties, he worked his fingers under it, only to be brought up short by Katherine's hand. He wouldn't be thwarted; he needed her. Her essence called to him, begging him to take what was his. He slid farther down on the couch until he was mouth-level with his goal, then pulled the crotch of her panties aside.

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