Moon 1: Latin Moon

Jeigh Lynn

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When dance instructor Jessica Ingram wakes after a serious accident, she starts seeing her fiance, Alex, and his family in a different light. She can’t really be seeing his eyes change colors...can she? Throw in a threateni...
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Full Description

When dance instructor Jessica Ingram wakes after a serious accident, she starts seeing her fiance, Alex, and his family in a different light. She can’t really be seeing his eyes change colors...can she? Throw in a threatening phone call and a kidnapping attempt, and she’s starting to wonder if she really knows everything there is to know about her sexy doctor man.

How hectic can life be? Dr. Alex Hernandez is about to find out. He’s got a secret. A big one. And it’s getting harder and harder to hide. Between medicine, a missing man, an insubordinate Beta, his fiancee to protect from a radical group of werewolf hunters -- and keeping her from finding out he is a werewolf, Alex has got his hands full.

The salsa of life just got spicier...

Alex knocked his beer over.

He'd been expecting the little red bikini she usually wore. Boy, was he surprised! She was incredible. Her hair was pinned on top of her head, giving him an unimpeded view of her luscious breasts. They weren't large, but she had a generous amount, especially considering how tiny she was everywhere else. Her areolas were small and rose-colored, her nipples already erect. Her waist was small and her hips narrow, with just the right amount of feminine curves; and her stomach was practically as muscled as his was.

Alex had known from their previous petting sessions that her pussy was completely devoid of hair, but he'd never seen her nude. The sight of all that creamy pale skin had his cock stiff as a board in seconds flat. He was desperate to feel her against his own bare skin. Swallowing hard, he pulled her into the hot tub. His lips were on hers before she could even open her eyes to look at him.

He raked his fingers through her hair, knocking out clips, and let her hair glide down her back. His teeth gently scraped and nipped at her bottom lip while his hand slipped behind her neck, holding her still as his tongue plunged into her waiting mouth. When his tongue slid against her top teeth, she shivered, then threaded her fingers through his hair and ardently returned his kiss. He palmed her breast, squeezing gently, then found her nipple. As he rolled the tight little nub between his thumb and finger, she moaned and arched into him. Her enthusiasm was like an aphrodisiac. He couldn't get close enough, so he lifted her to straddle him. In this new position, the heat of her sweet cunt burned right through his bathing suit to his hard cock. He liked how she felt against him. He couldn't wait to feel her skin against his own without barriers.

Dropping his hand off her neck, he cupped her bottom and pulled her hard against his erection. He groaned at the contact. As he plucked at her nipples and ground her against himself, he kissed her jaw and her throat. He couldn't wait to lick those rigid little peaks. Couldn't wait to suck them into his mouth and to nip them with his teeth.

When she tilted her head submissively to the side, giving him better access, he bit down on her shoulder. She tasted so damned good. When she whimpered and started to squirm, he grabbed a handful of hair and held her still. Alex thrust his hips upward; grinding his cock against her, he instinctively held her still with his teeth.

He knew he needed to get control back, but damned if she wasn't as out of control as he was. She was rubbing her pussy on his cock, matching his ardor. In the back of his mind, he knew he had to stop this. He couldn't risk her finding out about him ... not yet. Not until he knew she was completely his. There would be no way to hide what he was if he took her, and he couldn't risk scaring her. Not to mention the fact that she was a virgin. Damn his luck. Just a bit longer, then he'd stop. He was sure he could stop ... after a little bit more.

But for the moment, he had to have one little taste of her. As his mouth traveled to her breast, he placed soft love bites on the underside before abruptly sucking the nipple into his mouth.

Jess had to remind herself to breathe. His suckling sent tingles straight to her core. Deep inside, her inner muscles clenched again and again. She was going to come apart. She'd had no idea that her nipples and her sex were so connected.

When the hand holding her close to him slid around and cupped her mound, she instinctively pressed herself into his palm. His hand brushed over her clit, and pleasure shot through her. His finger found the wet, welcome entrance to her body and pressed in. She gasped at the sudden invasion. No one but Alex had ever touched her in that way. She contracted around him, trying to keep his finger there. It was absolute heaven.

As he began slowly moving his finger in and out in a steady rhythm, a dull, needy ache took hold of her. She needed more ... much, much more than the quick movement of his fingers. Anticipation pooled in her stomach, making her quiver.

When he pulled out of her greedy body, she wanted to protest, but he immediately cut her off with a kiss. His other hand released her hip and fumbled with the strings on his bathing suit. He raised her until her breasts were again in his face; he captured one turgid peak between his teeth. Then she felt it. His cock was resting against the lips of her cunt. Yes, finally!

He was so big and hard ... and hot. She'd never realized how good a man's cock would feel against her. It was exciting, naughty.

Feeling the tip of him start to enter her, she gave in to her excitement and clutched his shoulders. “Oh, Alex.”

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