Missing Linc

Kori Roberts

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Rocked by the bitter betrayal of their former lover, Tomi and Mitch spent years picking up the pieces in order to mend their damaged relationship. They never imagined they'd find a third again. However, they never expected to meet...
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Rocked by the bitter betrayal of their former lover, Tomi and Mitch spent years picking up the pieces in order to mend their damaged relationship. They never imagined they'd find a third again. However, they never expected to meet someone like Linc. He's all the things they were missing in their relationship. Now that they've met him, they can't imagine their lives without him in it.

After suffering devastating personal and professional losses, Linc has relocated and rebuilt his world, with the painful memories of his past safely stashed away, and his heart closely guarded in order to avoid being hurt again. Then Linc meets Tomi and Mitch. In them, he discovers what true happiness really means, and finds real love for the first time in his life.

But after their past experiences, Mitch and Tomi, and lover Linc, are afraid to admit their feelings have grown deeper than a hot, sexy fling. None of them want to ruin what they have - Mitch and Tomi's relationship, a new life - but they didn't know how much they needed each other until their relationship abruptly ends and they are forced to walk away. Now they'll have to find a way to reconcile before they spend their lives missing Linc.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, exhibitionism, homoerotic sexual situations (m/m, f/f), menage (m/m/f), voyeurism.
Some days, Lincoln Castillo wondered why he even bothered to get out of bed. As he slammed on his brakes, he knew without a doubt that this was one of them. The sea of traffic on the expressway engulfed his limousine and made movement of any kind virtually impossible.

As the traffic came to a halt, Linc felt his irritation escalate. He cursed the name of his employee and cousin Miguel, who called off from work at the last minute for the third time in as many weeks. His other drivers were all booked solid, which forced him to scramble and rearrange his schedule once again in order to fill in as chauffeur for the day.

“Fuck!” Linc slammed his hand against the steering wheel in frustration. He didn't have time for this shit right now. When he’d moved to Puerto Rico from New York several years ago, Linc figured he'd left this kind of headache behind as well.

He snorted in disgust. Apparently not. Rush-hour traffic in Puerto Rico -- particularly on a Friday evening -- was a real bitch. It didn't help matters that it was the height of tourist season, and there were even more vehicles on the road than normal. Linc was certain that the traffic jams here rivaled any he'd experienced during his entire thirty-two years growing up in New York City, and they made traveling around the island a complete fucking nightmare at times.

A glance at the clock on the dashboard made him swear again. His passengers’ flight had arrived from New York more than thirty minutes ago. At the rate he was going, it would still be at least another twenty minutes before he reached the airport.

Linc hated being late, and everybody who worked for him knew it. Since he’d started his limousine company seven years ago, his drivers had always arrived on time for a scheduled pickup. And that was exactly how he liked it. Thanks to that little pendejo Miguel, his perfect track record was over.

Linc shook his head in disgust. Who needed enemies when you had family to make your life miserable?

His cell phone rang, and Linc glanced in the direction where he'd mounted it to the dashboard. He groaned when he saw the familiar number on the display. He reached out and pressed the Speaker button.

Hola, baby. You miss me?” His secretary, Lorna, practically purred over the phone.

“What is it, Lorna?” Linc tried not to sound annoyed. He’d known Lorna for years. Extremely bold and outrageously flirtatious, she’d been trying to get him to fuck her since her first day on the job. That she was married and had three kids never deterred her from offering herself to him on a regular basis. Luckily for her, Lorna also happened to be the best assistant he’d ever had; otherwise, he would have let her ass go a long time ago.

“Your passengers called. Where are you?”

In hell. “I’m almost there,” Linc lied. He stared out the window at the parking lot of vehicles around him. “I got caught in traffic. Call them back and tell them not to leave. I’ll be there in a few minutes, okay?”

, baby, anything for you. I’ll call them now.”

Linc disconnected the call and fought the urge to yell. This was the last thing he needed. Not only was it bad for business, it had a tendency to really piss people off, especially when they were trying to enjoy their vacation.

With his luck, his passengers were some rich, old couple who would give him hell all the way to the hotel and demand a full refund once they got there. Shit.

Linc didn’t give a damn if Miguel was family or not. Whenever he caught up with him, he was so fucking fired.

Convinced that he would have an episode of road rage if he sat in the same spot for another second, Linc released a small sigh of relief when traffic finally started to move, inching forward slowly for several minutes before progressing more rapidly. After a few miles, vehicles began to flow at a normal pace, and Linc allowed himself to feel a small glimmer of hope that he would get to the airport sometime before nightfall.

Fifteen minutes later, Linc arrived at his destination. He quickly navigated his limo into an available parking space alongside the curb, ignoring the honking of several angry motorists he cut off in the process.

Picking up the sign off the seat next to him, Linc read the names of his passengers. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Elliott.

That’s just great. Even their names sounded uptight. With a sigh, he opened the driver’s door and climbed out of the limo. Linc paused long enough to straighten his hat and adjust his uniform before he joined the throng of people standing outside the terminal.

Holding up the sign in front of him, Linc searched through the crowd for his passengers, hoping they hadn’t gotten too tired of waiting for him and taken a cab instead.

“Are you here for Elliott?”

Linc turned at the sound of the voice behind him. “Yes, ma’am, I…” His voice died in his throat at the sight in front of him.

Whoa. This definitely was not what he’d anticipated. Calling her beautiful seemed so inadequate. She was much more than that. Nevertheless, Linc couldn’t think of a single word that was powerful enough, perfect enough, to describe her.

She wasn’t tall; even with wedge-heeled sandals on, she only reached his shoulder. A strapless, baby-doll sundress with a colorful tie-dyed print covered her petite frame and provided the perfect contrast to her smooth brown skin.

Large, dark sunglasses held ink black hair away from a face that was an exotic blend of African and Asian ancestry. The long tresses hung in thick waves well past her shoulders. Almond-shaped eyes the color of cognac stared back at him from underneath the longest lashes Linc had ever seen. Her only makeup was a thin coating of gloss on full, sensuous lips that many women paid a fortune to emulate.

Linc stood there, frozen in place, staring at her with his mouth open, incapable of speaking a coherent word or having a logical thought. He watched in silence as the look of confusion on her face turned into one of understanding, and her mouth curved into a sexy smile.

It took a moment for Linc to realize that she’d spoken again. He’d been captivated by the sight of her; he hadn't heard a single word she said.

“Sorry, I didn’t…what…” Linc paused and closed his eyes. Jesus, he sounded like a fucking idiot.

His eyes flew open at the sound of her soft chuckle. Linc didn’t know if he felt relieved or horrified when he saw the amused look on her face.

“Elliott.” She pointed to the sign that he still held in front of him. “That’s us.” She motioned between herself and the man next to her.

How in the hell did I overlook him? Linc found men to be just as attractive as women. He always enjoyed the unique types of pleasure he found in both sexes. And if someone asked him to describe the ideal man, Linc was certain that his description would match the one standing in front of him.

Only slightly shorter than Linc’s own height of six feet, he had the physique of a man well acquainted with the inside of a gym. Strong and hard, he made a simple gray T-shirt and tan shorts look spectacular on his ripped and well-defined frame.

Sunglasses prevented Linc from seeing his eyes, but he felt certain that they were as amazing as the rest of him. His short, sandy brown hair and lightly tanned skin were the perfect complement to her darker coloring.

Physically, he was as handsome as she was beautiful, as masculine as she was feminine. Together, they made a stunning and gorgeous pair. He’d never met a woman or man who attracted him as much -- or as quickly -- as them.

With effort, Linc forced himself to focus on his job. “Hi, I’m Lincoln.” He reached out to shake the woman’s hand. “I’m very sorry for the delay.” Her small hand was soft inside of his larger one. Linc felt his groin tighten as a sudden image of it wrapped around his hard dick came to mind.

“Hi, Lincoln. I’m Tomi.” The smile she gave him was warm and genuine. “Don’t worry about it. The secretary at your company called and explained that you would pick us up because the original driver had a death in his family.”

Linc wanted to tell her that nobody was dead, but that would all change as soon as he got his hands on Miguel. In the meantime, he’d have to thank Lorna for her ability to think fast and lie well.

“Besides,” she continued, “we’ve been enjoying the warm air and beautiful view.” Their gazes locked for a long heartbeat before her hand eased from his.

Linc cleared his throat. “Well, thanks again for being so understanding and patient.” He smiled. “I wish I had more customers like you.”

He turned his attention to the man. His sunglasses no longer covered his eyes and now hung casually from the neckline of his T-shirt. As Linc predicted, his eyes were as impressive as the rest of the man.

Eyes the color of the clearest blue sky stared back at him as Linc reached for the man's outstretched hand. His strong, firm grip was in complete contrast to Tomi’s gentler touch, but it was no less appealing.

“I’m Mitch.” Damn, even his voice was sexy.

“It’s nice to meet you both.” Linc returned his smile. “And please, call me Linc.” Reluctantly, he released Mitch’s hand. “Is this your first time in Puerto Rico?” At their nods, his smile broadened. “Well, welcome to San Juan, the most beautiful city on the island.”

He opened the door and helped Tomi into the limo. Linc tried not to stare at her toned legs and the sexy silhouette of her shapely ass when she climbed inside, but he failed miserably.

Linc glanced in Mitch’s direction. He frowned when he saw the other man loading the luggage into the trunk.

“You don’t need to do that. I’ll take care of it.” He reached for the bag in Mitch’s hand. “Why don’t you relax with Tomi in the limo? There’s some cold champagne on ice waiting for you.”

“It’s cool, man. I don’t mind.” Mitch smiled and winked. “Besides, I’ve always liked two sets of hands better than one anyway.”

Linc paused. He’d made -- and received -- far too many suggestive comments and sexual innuendos over the years for him not to be able to recognize a flirtatious remark when it came his way. And, that was definitely flirting.

Not that Linc was complaining. Mitch was a fine-ass man, and Tomi was the sexiest woman he’d ever met. So many responses came to mind, and normally, Linc would share each and every one of them in vivid detail. Instead, he kept them to himself. As tempting and alluring as he found Tomi and Mitch, they were still his customers, and the thoughts he had for them were slipping further and further away from being anywhere near appropriate. Slowly, he removed the hand covering Mitch’s on the suitcase handle.

“Thanks. I appreciate it.” He reached for one of the two remaining bags sitting by the curb. “Looks like you two are going to be here for a while.”

“Yep, we’ll be here through the Fourth of July holiday.”

Linc calculated the time. This was early June. The Fourth of July was still a month away.

He whistled. “That’s a nice, long vacation.”

Mitch’s expression sobered. “It’s long overdue.” Something flashed in his eyes, but he looked away before Linc could decipher it.

Once the last piece of luggage was loaded into the trunk, Linc waited for Mitch to climb inside the limo before he closed the door and walked around to the driver’s side. He got in and started the limo.

“You’re staying at the El San Juan Resort, right?” Linc turned around in time to see them locked in a kiss; their bodies practically entwined together, their mouths moving hungrily, as if they couldn’t get enough of each other.

Seeing that simple act of intimacy between them made his cock throb. They were creating so much heat that Linc felt it from where he sat.

Slowly, they pulled apart, and Mitch met his gaze. “Sorry about that.” He smiled. “And yeah, that’s where we’re staying.”

Linc chuckled. The only thing Mitch looked sorry about was stopping. Linc couldn’t blame him. He could imagine how incredible it felt to kiss a woman like Tomi.

Linc glanced at the sign he’d placed back onto the seat next to him. “You two must be on your honeymoon.” He saw them share a look, a silent communication that he wasn’t privy to.

“I guess we jumped the gun with that sign.” Tomi’s eyes met his. “We aren't married yet.” Her gaze found Mitch’s again. “But we will be soon.” Her voice was soft and tender, the love she felt for Mitch evident in her tone.

“Well, sit back and relax. We’ll be at the hotel soon.” Linc raised the privacy glass and pulled away from the curb. He drove for a few minutes before he pressed the intercom to check on them.

“How’s everything? Is it cool enough for you, or do you need more air?” When they didn’t respond, he tried again. After several long seconds passed without a response, he lowered the privacy glass. What he saw almost caused him to have an accident.

Mitch sat with his head against the back of the seat, his eyes closed, and his shorts around his ankles. Tomi’s head was in his lap; Mitch had his hands wrapped in her long hair, holding the thick strands away from her face. Linc saw Mitch’s cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

In an instant, Linc was as hard as a brick. His mind practically screamed at him to look away, close the privacy glass right now, and pretend as if he’d never seen anything. He needed to haul ass to their hotel, drop them off, and forget he’d ever met them.

Yep, that’s what his mind said. But his rock-hard cock thought that idea completely sucked -- and not in a pleasurable sort of way, either. Instead, Linc sat mesmerized as he watched Tomi’s full lips work the mushroom head of Mitch’s cock, her pink tongue teasing at the opening before she swallowed Mitch’s thick length inside her mouth.

Linc alternated his attention between the road in front of him and the view behind him. His mouth watered as he stared at Mitch’s swollen cock, wet and glistening from Tomi’s saliva, and he imagined that they were his own lips wrapped around Mitch’s dick, giving him the pleasure that Linc saw written all over his face.

“Oh, baby. Yeah…just like that.” Mitch’s moan rang out, filled with equal parts need and desire. The sound was so desperate and raw that Linc couldn’t help the groan that fell from his lips in response.

Mitch’s eyes blinked open, and he looked at Linc in the mirror. Linc expected to see anger in his eyes at the invasion of their privacy; he waited to hear the irritation in Mitch’s voice at the disruption of their personal moment together.

But it never happened.

Instead, those blue eyes held an unmistakable request to watch, an undeniable invitation to participate -- even if only from a distance. He held Linc’s gaze as he thrust into Tomi’s mouth, his expression hot and feverish.

With one hand still on the steering wheel, Linc slid his other hand between his legs, massaging his aching erection through his pants as he drove aimlessly. He’d lost track of where he was a long time ago, knowing without a doubt that he was nowhere near his intended destination. He tried to focus on his surroundings, but the sights and sounds coming from the backseat affected his ability to think about anything other than what would happen next.

For some unknown reason, limos brought out the freak in people. This wasn’t the first time Linc witnessed a couple getting busy in the backseat, and he’d received and turned down more than his fair share of offers to join in on the fun. But this time -- with this couple -- he was certain that, if asked, he wouldn’t have the strength to say no.

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