Midnight Rendezvous

Michelle Hasker

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Aidan Devlin owns a night club. He’s also the temporary leader of the North American Northeastern society of vampires. His wife is missing, and he can sense her but not find her. Caitlyn Devlin is a part-time receptionist...
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Full Description

Aidan Devlin owns a night club. He’s also the temporary leader of the North American Northeastern society of vampires. His wife is missing, and he can sense her but not find her.

Caitlyn Devlin is a part-time receptionist for a psychiatrist. Apparently, she’s also an amnesiac vampire with a husband who’s trying to save her from a serial killer determined to make her his next victim.

Really, what’s a girl to do?

When warm lips pressed against her neck, Caitlyn knew he had returned. Slowly, he kissed a path down her shoulder. She shivered and turned, wrapping her arms around the mysterious man who took her to wondrous heights of pleasure, all without revealing who he was.

“Hi,” she said, then kissed his neck.

“Hello,” he whispered.

He always spoke in a whisper, and his face was always in the shadows. She’d stopped trying to uncover his identity a long time ago, and learned to enjoy the experiences she shared with him, even if they weren’t real.

Caitlyn lost the thought when his lips brushed against her carotid. She held her breath as he moved lower, his hands cupping her breasts, and teasing her nipples. He pinched one between his thumb and finger, and the other he sucked into his mouth.

“Mmm.” Caitlyn moaned and arched her back as desire swept through her, pooling between her legs.

He chuckled and pinched her nipple again, harder, until she cried out, the pain mixing with pleasure. He slid his other hand down her stomach until he reached her slick folds.

“Yes.” Caitlyn sighed, and spread her legs, giving him better access.

He slid lower, his body moving over hers, drawing a hungry groan from her as he licked his way across her stomach. He dipped his tongue into her navel and teased her before continuing lower.

“Wait.” Caitlyn gasped, and grabbed his shoulders.

“Not yet. I want to pleasure you first.”

He stopped his caresses, but didn’t move.


He lifted his head, obsidian eyes, the only part of his face she could ever see clearly, meeting hers and holding her gaze. In a swift move, he released her and rolled onto his side, facing her.

“Do what you will,” he whispered.

With a grin, Caitlyn pushed him onto his back, and crawled on top of him. She ran her hands over his hard, smooth chest. His chest wasn’t the only thing hard, but she wanted to torture him first. Like he tortured her.
The burning ache between her legs grew as he reached between them and dipped his finger into her. Caitlyn gasped, and arched her back. She trembled from the effort not to ride him hard and fast until she came in a shattering orgasm.

“You said I could do what I willed. I want to pleasure you,” she said as she slid lower until his finger pulled free.

Fighting back a whimper at the loss of contact, Caitlyn pinched his nipples hard. His gasp of surprise and pleasure added to her excitement. She leaned down, and swirled her tongue around first one, then the other.

When his hands fisted in her hair and tugged her lower, she let him move her until her face was level with his pulsing shaft. Her mouth watered as his cock jumped when she traced a finger down his length. He was large and filled her so completely Caitlyn knew she’d never be able to take him all the way in her mouth.

She ran her hands up and down his cock, his soft moans like music to her ears as he lifted his hips, thrusting into her touch. Caitlyn moved one hand to the base of his shaft and lowered her mouth to the tip. She licked him, tasting his precum. Her lover moaned, and she repeated the action, but more slowly. More of his salty essence escaped.

Her own desire grew as she toyed with him, running her tongue down his length, then back up. His husky moans and promises of pleasure sent a shiver up her spine.

More of her juices spilled down her thighs as she repositioned herself so that she could draw him into her mouth. Taking him in as far as she could, she worked him with her mouth and hands until he gasped for air, and pleaded in a harsh whisper for her to fuck him.

Copyright © Michelle Hasker


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