Maewyn's Prophecy 3: A Heart Aflame

Emily Veinglory

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From his polished, lace-up shoes to his manicured nails, Roman was a very civilized elf. Archer, on the other hand, was just a young man who knew he had the devil inside him. All he had to give the world was his skill in battle an...
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From his polished, lace-up shoes to his manicured nails, Roman was a very civilized elf. Archer, on the other hand, was just a young man who knew he had the devil inside him. All he had to give the world was his skill in battle and his love for Roman. And Roman’s passion for tidiness, order and rightness drove him deeper into his uncouth ways.

Once, just once, Archer wanted to hear Roman shout, see him throw something, see him out of control. He wanted to know that Roman really cared about him as he was -- rather than constantly fighting to turn him into something else. He wanted to see Roman with his heart aflame.

Archer felt the water stream over his face, diverted from his raw-feeling eyes by his brows and lashes. Roman looked at him solemnly.

I'm never going to be good enough for him . Archer wondered if his father felt that way; if he knew he was a bad person, but was somehow helpless to stop it. It didn't make him hate the old bastard any less.

“Come to bed now,” Roman said softly.

The bathroom was one of Roman's areas, stocked with scents and lotions and enormous fluffy towels. He rubbed Archer down and ruffled his scrappy, collar-length hair. Archer glimpsed himself in the mirror, hair on end, upper lip cut, eyes red-rimmed and more yellow than white. Roman caught him looking and smiled, then took him to the big square bed.

Archer had to admit that it felt good to be clean, beneath the covers. Roman slid in beside him. They were a similar size and build and fitted together in the slight sag in the middle of the old mattress. But Archer couldn't help but compare the way every feature in his body seemed at war, gangly and flabby at the same time, hairy and generally uncouth beside Roman's alabaster perfection. He sighed. In the dark it mattered a little less to him, even though he knew Roman could still see him.

He was surprised to feel Roman's hands roaming again, sliding down Archer's stomach and nestling curled over his thigh in an obvious advance. Rolling towards Roman, he fell into a kiss. Roman was careful, gentle, but his tongue ran up the line of the cut on Archer's lip, and his hands reached out for Archer possessively.

In his lover's arms, the chill on Archer's heart relaxed its grip. Warmth began to build under the covers, and everything felt loose and right. He'd drunk far too much to get it up, but that didn't stop him from wanting it. He hooked his thigh over Roman's trim waist, urging him in close and pulling him up on top. Wordless in the night, Roman seemed a different man. His fingers kneaded Archer's body like he was sculpting it from elemental clay. His mouth fell upon Archer's neck and face as if to devour him.

Archer lay lax, opening himself. Roman knew what he wanted, but took his time -- not teasing, just enjoying each stage of exploration as if there was any inch of territory left unexplored after their years together. Roman's body felt so perfect, with planes of firm, muscular flesh and just the finest layer of fat that felt like it was just beneath his skin -- just enough to make every inch feel soft and hard at the same time.

Archer's palms slid over Roman's skin, feeling the subtle topography of shoulder-blade, waist, and thigh. With one hand, he took Roman's cock, feeling his balls with his fingertips, stroking down and feeling with satisfaction how his lover was firm and ready. He wanted Roman to take him hard, sudden -- but the elf just wasn't that way. Always, always with his slender finger first. Surely he must have felt how soft Archer was, how ready he was.

Archer craned his neck, pushing his hands down on the mattress. He felt his stubble scratch against the tender skin of Roman's neck. His lips brushed hair. He reached out his tongue to trace the subtle slope of neck and jaw to the tucked-in lobe of Roman's ear, and he bit gently. It drove Roman wild every time and should help hurry things up nicely. He felt Roman shudder and press down onto him. Roman's hard cock pushed up between Archer's legs, brushing against his thigh. Archer reached down and curled his fingers tightly over Roman's butt, pulling him up. Nail me now , his fingers urged. Just for once, fuck me without worrying about me so damned much.

Roman was in enough of a hurry not to go looking for the lube; he licked his own hand, putting it down to wet the head of his cock. Archer stilled. With his eyes closed, he heard illusory buzzing and felt dizzy deep inside himself. He held his breath and waited, waited, waited. All his senses spiraled into one sweet moment of penetration.

Oh, God, it was hard to believe how much he loved this. Archer groaned as Roman's cock pierced him. It was a feeling of total surrender, of giving everything up to his lover. There was just the faintest pain as Roman buried himself to the root. They lay pressed together, Archer pinned down hard against the mattress.

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