Love Revisited

Love Revisited: giving new life to previously published romances. All genres, all sexualities, all heat levels from highly sensual to "where's my partner when I need them?" Your backlist is our treasure.


You wrote it. You love it. Maybe it won't be the next chart-topper, but a great backlist is the best marketing tool. Why let your old masterpiece languish? If you are currently a Loose Id author, and you could submit it new to Love Unleashed, On the Edge, or Young Hearts, revisit it instead.  




  • Loose Id authors: You must be a current Loose Id author. If you are not working with us, we cannot take your re-releases at this time. However, if you submit new work to us and are accepted, we can consider your backlist then.


  • Proof of rights and out-of-print status: For print and/or e-published works, we'll need a reversion of rights letter from the previous publisher, or documentation of termination of contract. For self-published works, we just need your guarantee that any old versions have been removed from sale. 


  • Editable document: You must provide an editable document and be willing to revise your workIf you only have locked e-book formats or print versions, contact Editor-in-Chief, Treva Harte at to make special arrangements.


  • Accepted Genres: Contemporary; Cowboy & Western; Historical; Fantasy; Paranormal, Supernatural & Urban Fantasy; Science Fiction & Space Opera; Mystery & Suspense; Steampunk; Vampires; Shapeshifters; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer; Menage & Polyamory; BDSM & Fetish; Holidays; Multicultural; Full-figured Heroines; New Adult. 


  • Length: 20,000-150,000 words. Flings of 20,000 words or less are by invitation only, and usually only to authors currently publishing with us. 


  • Series and SerialsWe do accept books in series, but each story must stand alone. Acceptance of a first book in a series does not guarantee acceptance of subsequent books. 


  • Anthologies and Group Projects: We do consider anthology (multiple author), omnibus (single author multiple stories), partner-written, and themed group projects; however each story will be judged on its own merits. 


  • Absolutely no


    • Short stories; see above.
    • Sex between minors. For what is permissible for "New Adult," please see the Young Hearts guidelines.
    • Pedophilia: sex between adults and underage characters. (Pedophilia as prior abuse is okay.)
    • Necrophilia: sex with the dead. Undead doesn't count!
    • Bestiality: sex with animals. Shifters, aliens and paranormal creatures are fine. For borderline cases such as partial shifts, foreplay in shifted form, etc., please see the On the Edge guidelines.
    • Scat or golden showers: feces and urine play. Except as allowed under the On the Edge guidelines.
    • Snuff: killing as a culmination of sex. Since we're talking romance, this probably goes without saying.
    • Rape as titillation: rape calculated to arouse the reader. Secondary characters and villains may, but heroes and heroines should never commit rape within the scope of story. For capture fantasy, sex slavery, dubious consent, forced seduction, please see the On the Edge guidelines.
    • Incest: sex between close blood relations. For twincest (menage that includes twins), pseudocest (steps, wards, fosters), and culturally permitted incest (historical Egyptians), please see the On the Edge guidelines.


These guidelines are revised as of January 2017. If you still have questions about what we'll accept, drop us an email at

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