Love Match

Keira Andrews

The real action is off the court... The only thing on Luke Rossovich's mind is winning pro tennis tournaments. That is, until the day Jesse McAllister shows up in the locker room. Luke can't get the young blond out of his hea...
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Full Description

The real action is off the court...

The only thing on Luke Rossovich's mind is winning pro tennis tournaments. That is, until the day Jesse McAllister shows up in the locker room. Luke can't get the young blond out of his head, and soon they team up on the doubles court. Before Luke knows it, he's letting Jesse into his bed -- and his heart.

Jesse doesn't see why they have to hide who they are from the world, but Luke has been in the closet for years. He's a household name with millions in endorsements to think about -- no way is he going to admit to being gay. But as his secret relationship with Jesse deepens, the rules of the game Luke's played so well suddenly seem to be changing...

  • Note:This story contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: homoerotic sex (m/m).
“Did you really have to bring the heat back with you from Chile?” Jesse fanned his face with his racquet.

“I thought it was the least I could do, it was threatening to snow last week.” Luke smacked the ball over the net and waited for Jesse’s return shot. The sun was high in the sky and only a faint breeze wafted over from the sea. It was February, but the temperature had soared into the high eighties.

“Har, har.” Jesse hit a backhand cross-court.

Luke returned it and they kept the rally going for another few shots before Luke hit a winner up the line. Out of breath, Luke pulled his tank top off over his head, tired of the cloth sticking to him.

“Good idea,” Jesse followed suit, tossing his shirt to the side of the court.

Luke watched for a few moments: Jesse’s firm stomach and lean arms, skin that looked smooth to the touch ...

“-- waiting for?”

“Huh?” Luke blinked. Jesse was staring at him.

“I said, what are you waiting for? It’s your serve.”

“Right.” He served quickly, trying to avoid any further conversation. They rallied back and forth again, with Jesse eventually hitting a solid backhand into the corner. Luke saw it coming and tapped a drop shot just over the net. Jesse ran for it, legs flying, a blur of motion.

Just when Luke thought he was actually going to be able to return the shot, Jesse doubled over in pain, his racquet clattering to the ground as he fell. Luke was around the net before he’d even had a chance to think about it.

“Are you okay?” He kneeled beside Jesse on the hot surface of the court.

Jesse grimaced, his hands on his left leg. “It’s just a cramp. I guess I’m not used to the heat right now.”

“Here,” Luke moved Jesse’s hands aside and started kneading the stiff muscles.

“It’s okay, I’ll be fine,” Jesse gritted out.

“Just sit there and shut up.”

Jesse didn’t argue and Luke continued massaging his leg. He didn’t apply too much pressure, just enough to dissipate some of the tension. He moved his hands over Jesse’s calf and up to his thigh and tried not to think about how the skin was just as smooth as he thought it would be.

The fine blond hair on Jesse’s legs felt soft under Luke’s fingers as he kneaded and urged away any tightness.

Neither of them spoke and Luke could feel Jesse’s breath on his cheek, could feel the heat from his body.

Suddenly it seemed like the air was electric, like there was nothing else in the world but the two of them. Nothing but the feel of Jesse’s hot skin, the sound of his breathing. Luke felt a rush of blood to his cock when he noticed that Jesse was getting hard beneath his nylon shorts. He would only need to move his hand a few inches up Jesse’s thigh and he could hold him, stroke him --

With a rush of air, Jesse’s lips were on his, soft and hot and pressing insistently.

Luke jolted away as if Jesse had slapped him.

He sat back and sucked a deep breath into his lungs. He hadn’t kissed anyone in a very long time, and he hadn’t expected it to feel like this. He wasn’t sure if he was so shocked because it was different from what he remembered, or because it was the same.

Copyright © Keira Andrews


Customer Reviews

Sports & sexual tension Review by Nathalie
Right from the start Luke is a captivating character - with a temper, a secret and the fear that he's a 'has-been' on the Tennis Tour. Meeting young, optimistic Jesse creates delicious sexual tension between them, soon ending in scorching hot scenes in which Luke teaches Jesse a thing or two about sex. But in the end, it is Jesse teaching Luke a thing or two about love. Don't start reading this late at night because it's very hard to put down! (Posted on 2/13/2014)
Great love story Review by Marie
I thoroughly enjoyed this story of two tennis players learning to balance their athletic careers with their new and complicated relationship. Both Luke and Jesse are interesting characters that the reader grows to care about. I had a hard time putting this book down! (Posted on 7/6/2013)

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