Lord and Master

Jules Jones

When Mark's PhD supervisor sent him for a job interview with an old university friend, he didn't mention that the friend was devastatingly handsome. He also neglected to mention to either that the other is gay. Steven was just ...
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Full Description

When Mark's PhD supervisor sent him for a job interview with an old university friend, he didn't mention that the friend was devastatingly handsome. He also neglected to mention to either that the other is gay.

Steven was just looking for a young scientist to train as a PA to help him run his technology company. No extra services required. But watching other people react to a young, pretty man playing secretary to an openly gay CEO amused them both. Watching people wonder if they were having an affair was an entertaining game.

But when the game became real and caught them both up, Mark was left wondering... how real? Because he's the one PA in the building who can't marry the boss.

  • Note: Lord and Master is a homoerotic love story. As such it depicts sexual content that may be objectionable to some readers: male/male sexual practices.
A chill ran down the back of his neck. He’d had this before, the sudden realisation of a yawning chasm between himself and an older man. Someone talking about music, and him realising that the retro camp from before he was born was someone else’s top ten memory. On vinyl. A DVD of an ancient film that someone had seen on its first run in the cinema. But this was different. This mattered to Steven.

“It’s all right; I’m sensible. I just wish they’d make them taste better.”

Steven smiled a little. “At least the fancy flavoured ones taste better than they did when I was your age. Here.” He handed Mark the condom.

He fumbled with it a little, hands shaking from tiredness and from lust and from just a slight edge of worry even now about being caught at this. By the time he’d got into the foil packet, Steven had his trousers open and his cock out.

Big, but not too big for comfort, just the way Mark had imagined it. Nice and thick, a decent handful for him. He took hold of it in one hand, to steady it and to feel naked flesh against his own for a few brief seconds before he had to cover it again.

Warm, live flesh filling his hand, so much better than a dildo. Skin slipping a little over the hard core beneath. Steven patient with him in spite of that urgent hardness, letting him have his fill of sensation.

He eased the condom onto the tip, then rolled it down to cover the whole shaft. A pity to do so, but Steven was right. It wasn’t worth the risk, for either of them.

And then he could lean forward and close his mouth over the cockhead. Feel Steven push into him a little, filling his mouth but not taking things too fast for him. The condom wasn’t flavoured, but it wasn’t too bad, and he could still smell the scent of warm flesh. He sucked hard, enjoying the way Steven’s cock twitched and the way Steven moaned a little. Oh, an older man might have better self-control, but it didn’t matter too much once you had that cock in your mouth and made him want more.

He had one hand wrapped around the base of Steven’s cock, the rest of it in his mouth. That could have left him with one hand free for himself, but he chose to hold Steven, stroking his thigh, then reaching to cup his balls. Not flesh to flesh, not with clothing still in the way, but still good to hold them.

He knew he was good at this when he chose to be. And he chose to be, wanting to make Steven want him, not do this half out of pity. He knew how to suck, how to slide his mouth around that hard shaft, how to tantalise. And if it was all for Steven and none for him, no matter; he’d still have this to think about when he got home to his own bed. Steven’s hands stroking his head, then the tension as Steven wanted to grab but held off. And then, finally, the surrender to desire as Steven grabbed and shoved and gasped, “Sorry …” and the sweet feel of a cock throbbing in his mouth.

He held on as Steven came, feeling Steven’s balls tight in his hand. He couldn’t breath -- he was too full of cock -- but it didn’t matter for a few seconds.

And then Steven let go of him, and Mark could pull back and gasp for air and look up at him.

That was what he wanted to see. Steven still panting, staring down at him, naked lust still showing on his face even though he’d only just come.

Then Steven shut his eyes and leaned back on the table for a moment before carefully stripping the condom off and grabbing behind him for a tissue from the box sitting on the desk. He dropped it in the wastebasket, then grabbed Mark and dragged him to his feet.

“Your turn.”

His cock ached; he needed release. If Steven had left him, he’d have taken a minute or two to compose himself and been able to push it away until later. But Steven made him stand up, then kissed him hard, tongue forcing its way in where cock had been only seconds before, Steven still not letting him go. Still overpowering him with sensation.

One arm around his waist, the other reaching down between them. A hand on his trousers, finding the zip. Tight grip on his needy cock, only to disappoint a minute later as Steven let go and stepped back.

“Just a minute. Don’t want you going out looking too crumpled.” Steven fished the hankie out of his breast pocket, the one that was there just for show as part of the suit. Then he tucked it around Mark’s cock and tugged. “That’s better.”

Oh, god, it was. He could feel the cloth against his skin, the fine cotton rough enough to feel good but smooth enough not to hurt.

Copyright © Jules Jones


Customer Reviews

Favourite Review by Charlie
I think this is probably my favourite of Jules's stories. I love the reality of the situation, love the office-kink but most of all love the fact that the obstacles they face and overcome are everyday things that we could all face. Hot sex, hot characters (smart men - what's not to love?) and a heart-warming story. This is a story I re-read regularly when I feel in need of an emotional lift. (Posted on 8/19/2013)
Worth rereading Review by Sarah
Quickly becoming a favorite of mine, Jules Jones has created vivid characters and a beautifully written story. No tortured angst-ridden guys here! Just two men trying to figure out how to make a relationship work under real world, plausible circumstances. There is a second book as well as two short stories on the authors website - all of which I read and then started over and read them all again. I'd be pleased to see additional stories because there is something about Mark and Steven that makes you want to go back and visit them. (Posted on 8/11/2013)

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