Lord and Master 2: Taking Work Home

Jules Jones

It was just an office affair, with wonderful sex. Young scientist Mark Paulson liked older men, especially tall, dark, and very handsome men like his new boss. Self-made millionaire Steven Frost had no trouble finding sex, but wha...
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It was just an office affair, with wonderful sex. Young scientist Mark Paulson liked older men, especially tall, dark, and very handsome men like his new boss. Self-made millionaire Steven Frost had no trouble finding sex, but what he needed was a friend who shared his interests; someone like the young assistant he'd just hired. What started as simply great sex between friends has become much, much more, and now they're engaged.

Life's never that simple, of course. Other people have an interest in Steven's welfare and Steven's money, and they're not about to let the pretty little PA half his age take control of either. There's a reason why Steven was still single at the age of forty-four, and some of his family are intent on ensuring that Mark finds out about it the hard way.

But Mark already knows -- true love is about more than champagne and roses.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable:Anal play/intercourse; male/male sexual practices.
They got in the first part of the walk simply by being home early enough to dump their briefcases and then walk to Steven’s local shopping parade to pick up the materials for bacon sandwiches and a simple salad. At this time of the year the sun didn’t set until after nine, and it was a warm and sunny evening. Perfect for a light dinner. “Let’s get some fruit for dessert,” Mark suggested. “Those strawberries smell wonderful.”

“Strawberries and cream it shall be.” Steven added a carton of cream to the basket.

Mark eyed the carton of double cream. “Too much cream, and I’ll have to start coming with you to the gym.” Though he might well start going to the gym with Steven anyway, as they gradually spent more time together outside work.

“Not sure I want you ogling half-naked men,” Steven teased.

“I think I’ll be too busy trying not to make a fool of myself to ogle anyone the first few times.” Gyms weren’t his thing, and he wasn’t even sure how to use most of the equipment. “After that, well, ogling’s something vaguely interesting to do when you’re bored, isn’t it?”

“That’s what my Walkman’s for,” Steven said. “I can listen to something I like instead of watching whatever they’ve got on the TVs.”

Walkman? When are you going to get an iPod?”

“Quiet, brat. If you’re so keen on me sporting the latest technology, you spend a few weekends ripping my CD collection.” Steven shrugged. “I’ve got an MP3 player, but sometimes I want something with a tuner. And I even have a few things that were only ever released on cassette tape, so until I rip those I have to use my really old Walkman.”

Mark had his own stack of tapes, from way back when he was a kid. “At least I know whose player I can steal when mine dies. I know, we can have a nice romantic weekend getting all our old tapes into MP3.”

“Wait until winter, when we’re going to be stuck inside anyway,” Steven said. “Have we got everything?”

They had, so they made their way back to Steven’s flat. It wasn’t Mark’s home, not yet. But he liked the feeling of being able to make plans for months in the future, a winter’s weekend spent with Steven, copying what might be by then their joint collection of cassettes.

They put away the food and then went into the bedroom to change out of their suits. Steven closed only the lightweight lace curtains, not the main ones.

Mark watched in amusement. “You know, you’re normally the last man I’d say ‘You’re so gay’ to, but the lace curtains… Not just that you’ve got them, but that they’re on proper tracks so that you can arrange them just right.” He knew why Steven used them, but to someone who didn’t know that Steven sometimes needed light-box therapy on dark winter days, it would look simply like an interior decorating choice.

Steven grinned at him. “I know. I’ve got them for very practical reasons, but it does play into a certain sort of stereotype.” Steven stood in the light coming through the window and started undoing his tie.

That made it obvious why a man who needed a lot of daylight would use lace curtains. They gave privacy during the day while leaving the room fairly bright. Rather like their office with its tinted window, in fact.

Mark waited until Steven had his tie off and then walked over to him and asked, “Exactly how private is this room with the lace curtains closed? Compared to an office several floors up and with tinted windows, for example?”

Steven looked at him for a second or two, then stroked one finger down the length of Mark’s tie and said, “Quite private enough for you to get your clothes off.”

“Good.” He put his hands up to hold Steven’s head steady and kissed him. Then he undid the top two buttons on Steven’s shirt and kissed the base of his throat. “The walk can wait for half an hour.”

Steven put his hands on Mark’s waist. “Well, I suppose I did put you off this afternoon.”

“Mmm.” He undid some more buttons on Steven’s shirt, and Steven loosened his tie for him. “Though that was a big lunch. I’m not unhappy about waiting until we got home.”

He saw a flash of sadness in Steven’s face and guessed why. “It will be my home, Steven.” He hugged Steven hard. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Ignore me. I’m just feeling a bit down.”

“I’d rather you were feeling a bit up.” He put his hand over Steven’s cock to make the point. He’d hugged Steven to comfort him, but the close contact had made him even more interested in sex. “Preferably up me.”

“You’re right -- the walk can wait.” Steven fished in his pocket for a condom. “Here.”

Mark took the condom and went down on his knees in front of Steven. The last year had been rather hard on the knees of his suit trousers, but it was well worth it. He opened Steven’s fly and gently pulled his cock free. Not quite hard yet, but definitely interested. He wrapped one hand around the shaft and gave it a couple of brisk strokes. His reward was a good, hard erection, ready for the condom.

He rolled the condom on, then leaned forward to take Steven’s cock in his mouth. This wasn’t how he wanted to finish things today; he was in the mood for a good, deep fucking. But he did want to make sure that Steven stayed in the mood to give him one.

Besides, he never said no to the opportunity to suck Steven’s cock. He loved the feel of it filling his mouth and the way Steven would moan in pleasure. Steven wasn’t doing that yet, though his breathing quickened as Mark sucked hard. Not quite hard enough to distract Steven from finishing undoing his shirt and stripping it off, shifting his position a little as he twisted to ease out of one sleeve. Mark followed his movements, licking and sucking his cock and never letting it go.

Then Steven said, “That’s enough.” His voice was still steady, though Mark could feel the tension in his thighs. “Get your own clothes off now.”

He did as he was told, letting Steven’s cock slip free and then standing up. As he undid his shirt, he watched Steven watching him. Steven made no move to finish undressing until Mark had shed his own shirt.

Mark turned away to hang his shirt up, ready for the morning. As he did so, Steven hugged him from behind and kissed his neck. Bare skin pressed against his bare back, but still a layer of cloth each below the waist. For a moment more, at least.

Steven said, “Hands and knees on the bed, I think. Unless you want to move to the other room and do it over the desk.”

Copyright © Jules Jones


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Beautiful characters and a heartwarming story Review by Sarah
A continuation of Steven and Mark's story from book one showing how their relationship is working outside the office. Steven's 'problem' is given in much more detail here and illustrates the importance of trust and support in a relationship, as well as the give and take needed for it to be successful. Jone's characters, even the supporting ones, are well thought out and multifaceted and give a greater depth to the story. Another book I enjoy rereading. (Posted on 8/11/2013)

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