Leashed 2: More than a Bargain

Jet Mykles

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The evil witch is dead. Unfortunately, Meg killed him. With magic. A definite no-no where the Witches’ Council is concerned. If the Council can prove it, she’ll be put to death. To make matters worse, she also absorbed...
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The evil witch is dead. Unfortunately, Meg killed him. With magic. A definite no-no where the Witches’ Council is concerned. If the Council can prove it, she’ll be put to death. To make matters worse, she also absorbed a hell of a lot of the witch’s power and memories and she’s barely able to contain them.

What’s a girl to do?

Rely on her shifters, of course. Michael and Rudy show every sign of sticking with her through this mess and Michael’s proven to have contacts that just might help. Wonderful of them. Except relying on them means that, Meg also has to figure out where she fits in their relationship. Is she a third wheel? Or could they really make a happy threesome?

Meg’s two for one deal has turned into more than a bargain.

  • Note:This book is an m/m/f menage and contains sexual content that may be offensive to some readers: m/m sexual contact, menage scenes.
I crawled under the thick blue comforter with my t-shirt and sweats still on. A first for the past few days. Clothes had definitely been unnecessary and unwelcome when climbing into bed. I’d slept in the second bedroom exactly once since I’d been there. One nap after a long shower. A nap that had been interrupted when Rudy had come to carry me to the master bedroom. I hadn’t gotten back to sleep for a few hours after that, but it was an enjoyable interlude. Sex with those two had yet to be anything but enjoyable. Explosive. Rock-your-world kind of sex. Always wonderful, often intense, sometimes downright scary. I’d just gotten used to the various aches over the past few days. Not that I minded so much.

Damn! I missed them. What the hell was wrong with me? Sex wasn’t the end-all, be-all. I could spend one night without some thick part of some hot male body filling one or more of my body’s orifices.

Sleep, however, eluded me. I tossed and turned and tried various different positions. I fought to keep my eyes closed, but nothing worked. I was wide awake. And there was nothing to cause it except the absence of the two bodies that I’d shared space with the last few nights. I was uncomfortable despite the warm, soft bed. I was irritated. I was ... aroused?

I stared at the indigo shadows of the ceiling, confused. What the hell? But there was no getting around it. My nipples were hard points, scraping against the inside of my t-shirt. My skin was tingling as though from caresses. My pussy was so wet that either one of my well-endowed lovers could have easily slid inside. They could do this to me when they weren’t there? But that didn’t make sense. I’d been apart from them before. I’d taken a few short naps without them and slept just fine without this itchy, antsy feeling. Was it because I’d walked away from them? Or was it ...

Suddenly I wasn’t seeing the ceiling of the guest bedroom. My entire focus turned inward. I wouldn’t say that I could see them exactly, but I abruptly knew what Michael and Rudy were doing and knew it was the cause of my distress.

They were fucking, and the leashes allowed me along for the ride. This had happened before, but I’d been with them at the time, not a complete outsider.

I felt Michael’s mouth wrapped around Rudy’s cock. Not as if it were my own. More of a reflection of the pleasure that made Rudy clutch at the mattress and clench his eyes shut, panting softly. I felt the echoes of Michael’s intensity as he sucked his lover, holding Rudy’s thighs down to prevent him from pumping. I sensed Michael pressing his own erection into the mattress, torturing himself with the inadequate attempt at relief.

I turned over, staring blindly at the darkened wall. Moans started escaping Rudy’s throat, still too soft for me to actually hear from the other room, but the sentiment was plenty loud in my head. I closed my eyes, then snapped them back open when the intensity of their feelings threatened to drown me. I curled my hands into the pillow beneath my head in a desperate attempt to avoid touching the soaking wetness between my thighs. It felt wrong, somehow. This was their time together. They’d been lovers long before I’d come into the picture. Although they both attested to my welcome, I still felt like the third wheel.

Rudy’s orgasm ramped closer, eclipsing my sense of Michael. My hips fought against invisible hands, mirroring Rudy’s vain attempt to shove down Michael’s throat. He threw his head back, hissing Michael’s name over and over as pleasure grabbed hold and yanked a shuddering climax out of him.

I scooted toward the edge of the bed, intending to get up and walk around. Anything to distract myself from what I was feeling. I nearly collapsed when I got there, overcome as Rudy’s echoed pleasure again took me over. Fingers in his ass, a sensation that I personally was still getting used to, but one that Rudy found amazingly erotic. The fact that they were Michael’s fingers only made it better for him. I rode his pleasure for agonizing minutes, twitching and biting down on a moan that almost echoed his own.

That was it! I had to see!

Copyright © Jet Mykles


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