Law's Deliverance

Melany Logen

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Law's been urged to get a sex slave by many before he weds the "right" woman of royalty, but he's never thought about actually doing it. Until he sees Larissa sashay across the stage. She's angry, spunky, and beautiful. ...
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Law's been urged to get a sex slave by many before he weds the "right" woman of royalty, but he's never thought about actually doing it. Until he sees Larissa sashay across the stage. She's angry, spunky, and beautiful. Before he knows what he's doing, he's bid on her. And won her.

Larissa's not happy to be won. She's not a sex slave and has no intention of doing what Law or anyone else wants. She soon comes to learn she's been bought by the Prince of Bergogia. Only being royalty has him in as many chains as a slave. With luck, a little hot, heady sex will win him over, and he'll let her go.

Larissa's plan backfires, and Law's more interested than ever. And so is she. But Law can't keep her forever on the side and she can't be his bride. Will Larissa be Law's downfall or his deliverance?

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, dubious consent, male/male sexual situations, strong violence.
“Interesting coloring.” A man tugged on a lock of Larissa’s hair that rested on a shoulder. “Too bad her hair is so short.” Disgust was clear in his voice as he moved on to another woman on display.

Larissa shook her head to clear it of the fog the drugs induced. The slave manager had given her something to make her lethargic. Weakness weighed her body down. Yet the bastard still kept her bound. The only saving grace was that the drug masked the pain from the injuries he’d given her upon arrival. She’d need a healing sleep soon to tend to her injuries, but the dose had managed to put off the urge by controlling the pain.

Nausea rolled in her stomach. Even weak, Larissa tried to remain calm. She’d never known such shame. She wanted to snarl and snap. What she wouldn’t give to claw the ugly bastard again even if it cost her another beating. A nervous laugh bubbled up. They might beat her anyway, so what did it matter? Nothing could be worse than what she’d already gone through. Only it probably would get worse.

She opened her eyes and surveyed the room. Seven other women occupied the space. Unlike her, all but one of the others were free to move about. She turned her gaze on the other bound woman.

While Larissa stood bound in a spread-eagle fashion, the other woman had had her hands pulled down between her parted thighs. She rested with her face and shoulders flat on the platform that held her up for display. The woman’s hands and ankles were strapped together, leaving her ass high in the air with her pussy clearly exposed.

The scene when she’d first arrived had been mind-boggling. The woman had submitted to being tied up without a protest. Had simply submitted. The slaver had showed off how easily the Delicant had acquiesced to being bound by overdoing the bindings. She was bound more than any of them, yet hadn’t resisted at all.

Larissa had wanted to pitch a fit, but the drug she’d been given had made her mouth too dry to scream.

The woman had to be more uncomfortable than she was. Still, no one would know by looking. The woman didn’t make a peep.

Larissa didn’t understand how Delicants thought. She’d never encountered sex slaves before.

A shiver hit her spine when the slave manager returned with soldiers. How had her life come to this? To be sold at a slave auction? What she wouldn't give to be back on the freighter waiting for the engines to need something repaired. If only she’d not been captured and taken to this brutal place where the chance to escape seemed nonexistent.

Tears burned her eyes and she blinked them away. As a child, she’d learned tears did no good.

When she opened her eyes, an older, gray-haired Zonmoor stood in front of her. The emblem on his uniform stated he was a general of the Rendorian Universal Police force. She hated the hairy bastard on sight.

The Zonmoor smiled, exposing even teeth, which caused the muscles in her thighs to quiver. The smile didn’t fool her. Though dizziness buzzed in her head, she forced her gaze to hold the cold amber one staring her down. Sweat beaded in her clenched palms.

She bared her fangs, only earning another twist of his mouth.

When he walked a slow circle around her, the loathing knotted in her belly was replaced with fear. The big Zonmoor could hurt her badly. The young humanoid corporal beside him got little of her attention. The young soldier probably feared the general as much as she did.

You’d have to be of noble birth not to fear his position.

Once the amber-eyed cretin was done with his examination, he turned to the slave manager. “Juice her up.”

“No!” The declaration was out before she could stop the burst of temper. Drugs used to enhance sexual response were readily available. Delicant or not, sexual pleasure drove many cultures. How easy it was to bring about a desired effect, regardless of an individual’s willingness.

It was a wonder she’d not been pumped with an aphrodisiac upon her capture. On top of what she’d been given to keep her tame…

“No, you bastards!” Again she showed her fangs.

The young humanoid snickered, moving closer to her side.

She bit back a prayer. There were no gods going to help her. No gods had cared for her kind since the wars of her childhood. Wars had destroyed everything she’d known.

After a nod, the manager left them. The general stalked to the two nearest Delicants. He instructed one to get on her hands and knees. Even though she complied, the bastard still forced her lower with a palm.

The woman now braced herself while crouched on her small platform.

“You.” The Zonmoor crooked a finger to another Delicant. Once the redhead was at his side, he encouraged her to brace herself over the first Delicant in the same position.

Larissa clenched her teeth as the general pulled out his wide cock. Roughly he repositioned the women so he could fuck them both. He shoved his rigid length first into one pussy, then the other. He gave each Delicant a few strokes before moving to the other.

She closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to watch. Still, she could hear the corporal’s quickened breathing. Otherwise the humanoid hadn’t shifted.

The prick of her vein being punctured got her attention. She hadn’t heard his return. At the fluid flowing into her vein, she hissed, attempting to jerk away. “It’s probably better for you to be drugged anyway.” The slaver smiled. “We want the animals in the crowd to smell you.”

Her body strained taut as her blood continued to heat.

He looked at one of the other traders, who commented, “With the potions, there’s probably no need to bind her feet.”

“I still say we should,” another one offered.

Already, delicious sensations coiled hotly in her lower regions. Her breasts swelled. Her nipples stood out, begging for attention. Any attention.

Yes, her body would be dripping for the animals in attendance. She moaned.

The Zonmoor growled, and she watched as his load was sprayed over the exposed asses of the Delicants.

An exquisite pulse beat to life in her clit. Her head swam with a growing desire she had no control over. The muscles in her arms strained with the accelerated tension in her body. She tried to think past the need. How long would the drug keep hold of her? Thankfully, the second drug already had overridden the weakness in her bones.

Ignoring her, the general stuffed his cock back in his pants and moved to his corporal’s side. “Take one.”

“Now wait a minute…” The slave manager’s protest died at the look from the general.

Disgust twisted her lips. Just as she’d assumed, only a nobleman would stand up to a general. And even then it needed to be one of high birth, or he’d wind up sentenced to a mine somewhere.

The corporal chose the bound Delicant. This time, the woman was noisy as the soldier pushed his way into her body.

The general laughed when the younger man spilled his load in a matter of heartbeats.

“He’ll pay for the use of the slave.” The manager folded his arms. “As general, you can have freebies. Your men can’t.”

Once the corporal had his clothes in order, the Zonmoor grasped him by the shoulder. “Yes, the corporal will pay. And dearly.” The General nipped the younger man’s neck. “One month of his ass bent over my desk should make us even.”

A protest was swallowed by the slave manager.


The corporal closed his eyes as a flush crawled up his face.


Though at that moment, Larissa wished to be in his shoes and wanted to die from the fantasy. Her sex wasn’t moist, but wet. She could feel desire pooling from her center. A craving of intense need nearly consumed her from within. She wanted what the other women had been given, what the corporal was sure to get. And the need sickened her.

“Now, General, if you’re through playing, customers will be arriving.” The manager rubbed his hands together. “It’s rumored Alawn de Berg is here today.”

The Zonmoor bared his canines. “Who said I wasn’t bidding?”

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