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Knights Vampire

Knights Vampire

Product Review (submitted on March 20, 2015):

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

Harriet Mortlake is the new archivist at Whitborough Castle. This is her dream job, and now she’s having to defend herself to one Blaxton de Ferrers. She’s instantly attracted to him and with the way he’s flirting with her, she would almost say it’s mutual. Except for the fact that she’s almost six feet tall and 10 pounds overweight. Little does she know, but the guy she’s into is really a vampire. Blaxton was tricked out of his soul centuries ago and hates the fact that he is soulless and feels nothing for anyone or anything.
The attraction between the characters is obvious but the entire story covers a two day period. Day 1: they meet, clash, flirt, go out and have mind boggling sex. Day 2: she goes to work, gets kidnapped by Blaxton’s creepy vampire cousin, finds out that there is such thing as vampires, stands up to creepy cousin, is rescued by Blaxton and they have a long talk about what it means to be vampire.
I wish the story would have been spread out so that the characters could have gotten to know one another rather than the “insta-love insta-mate.” Even taking into consideration that it is a novella, it moved too far, too fast to feel believable. Harriet’s not freaked out by the fact that a) Blaxton’s creepy cousin kidnapped her; b) that Blaxton is a vampire too; c) that she’s Blaxton’s mate; and finally d) that if he feeds from her during an orgasm she will become vampire as well. Unfortunately the implausibility of the storyline – yes, even for a paranormal romance – made this just an okay read for me.

~~Wicked Reads Review Team~~