Kidnapped and Spanked by an Alien

Nicole Pierce

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Natalia Ferguson, a beautiful bi-racial actress, has no problem attracting men. It’s just that men are never strong enough for her to fulfill her secret desire for dominance and kink in the bedroom. So, when she wakes up one...
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Full Description

Natalia Ferguson, a beautiful bi-racial actress, has no problem attracting men. It’s just that men are never strong enough for her to fulfill her secret desire for dominance and kink in the bedroom. So, when she wakes up one day and finds herself chained to the bedposts of a bed with a sinfully handsome man standing over her, she’s equal parts intrigued and frightened. Especially since she feels as if she knows him.

No the problem with Raven Steed is definitely not a lack of strength. The trouble with Raven is, he claims to be an alien. And her soulmate.

While she’s determined to run from the madman, her body has a different idea. So does Raven’s half-brother. And it’s not until he whisks her halfway across the universe to a Safe House and sexual safe haven that she realizes he might just be the Dreauxoid Dom of her dreams. If only he can stay out of trouble...

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Mild bondage, domination/submission, dubious consent, exhibitionism, m/f/m sexual interaction, spanking.
“I’ve just let an alien kiss me. Can’t wait to tell the girls.”

“I can’t wait to tell the guys I kissed an alien,” he shot back with a teasing glint in his eyes.

Taken aback by his comment, she laughed with surprise. He had a point there.

“I’m an alien to you, but you’re an alien to me.”

She laughed again, then stopped herself and met his gaze. Damn it, he drew her in once more. How did he do it to her? “You need professional help.”

He watched her with thoughtful, honey-colored eyes and she felt his gaze to the bone.

“I’m going to prove that I’m what I say I am.” He set his jaw, and his startling eyes glimmered. “I didn’t want to use up more of my magic reserves, but I have no choice.”

“Oh, please. Don’t embarrass yourself.”

His eyebrows came together, wrinkling his forehead. “All right, that does it. Watch this.” He snapped his fingers, and a large screen television appeared on the wall.

Natalia froze, unable to breathe. “No. I am not seeing this. I refuse to believe that I see it.”

He snapped his fingers again and the screen blazed with color and sound.

Natalia covered her eyes, not wanting to believe what she’d seen him do. Her favorite erotic movie, Captive Women, lit up the screen. It wasn’t exactly a well-known movie. How had he known?

She heard a sob in her throat and shut her eyes and suddenly he took her hand, squeezing it gently. “Do you believe me now, Tigress?” He sounded kind, not self-righteous, but that didn’t calm her down.

“It’s freaky! Just get rid of it! I’m sick…I caught your psychosis.”

“You’re fine. This is just reality.” A snap of the fingers pierced the air, over the movie sound, and suddenly there was silence.

She opened her eyes, and the television had vanished. “I can’t believe it.” She couldn’t swallow. Raven rubbed his free hand over her back, in soothing circles. She leaned into him, and he put his arm around her, kissing her hair. “Well?” he asked in a quiet whisper, his breath tickling her ear.

Shit. Her body flamed as he engulfed her, and she let out a painful groan. What the hell was going on with her? This had to be a dream…but, oh, Lord, it wasn’t. She dully accepted the fact that he’d told her the truth. This man wasn’t really a man -- he was an alien. An alien sensual enough to set her sex on fire and touch her deepest naughty fantasies. There. She’d admitted it to herself.

“You believe me now.” He spoke with certainty as he licked the inside of her ear.

She shuddered, both from the realization and from the heat from his clever lips and tongue.

“I believe you,” she said, and burst into tears. “I’m nuts, but, hell, I believe you. I suppose you can control my emotions! That’s why I feel like touching you.”

“No. Magic can be used to travel or bring things to me or read minds, but it has limits. It can’t change any creature’s emotions.” He moved his lips down the side of her face.

“What else can’t your magic do?” She quivered, thinking that he didn’t need magic to turn her on.

In between kisses and nips to her neck, he replied, “Can’t bring a mortal to life again, once dead. Can’t heal somebody who’s sick or hurt. Can’t use magic to throw somebody into The Void.” He kept on nuzzling her.

She couldn’t focus, couldn’t concentrate.

He pulled back to stare at her, looking concerned.

She fell into his chest, her tears wetting his shirt. He lifted her and settled her over his lap, soothing her with words in a foreign language, maybe Dreaux, and causing her sex to pulse and flame. His hard muscles, along with soft hair and rough stubble, created a safe, warm, erotic feeling. He smelled deliciously male. She could feel his huge cock bumping against her thigh and the hot spot between her thighs convulsed again, wetting her thong. She couldn’t hate him anymore. She understood why he’d taken her. In his world, it was standard operating procedure. Since he wouldn’t release her right now, she might as well enjoy him. He’d soon learn that even he couldn’t control her.

Sniffling, she reluctantly pulled her face out of his chest and wiped her eyes, not wanting him to see her so weak; nobody ever did. He bent down and kissed the tears off her face, and she gasped at how good even these innocent kisses felt.

His rough, calloused thumb brushed her face, making her ache for more. She instinctively pressed closer to him. What he was doing was sweet, but it just wasn’t enough. She’d done more than this in middle school. She knew Raven was anything but naïve, that he could make her dreams come true, that he was holding back on purpose to drive her wild with desire, and it was working. She wanted him to take her, to slip his big hand up the inside of her thigh and find her wet, aching sex. As she thought about it, she could feel a ghostly preview of the tantalizing sensation. An image of him taking her over his knee and spanking her naked ass flashed before her. She blushed as her body heated, and she heard him chuckling. “Yes, Tigress. We have many avenues to explore, don’t we? You wouldn’t watch that movie over and over again, if it didn’t arouse you. Am I right?”

She felt her face heating. “Right,” she whispered.

“We can do anything they do in that movie, sweetcakes.”

Oh, God! His sensual promise made her tremble and cream. “Why didn’t you take me last night?”

“Wrong time. Wrong place.”

Damn him! “Why don’t you take me now?”

“I can feel that you’re wet, but I’m going to make you wait.”

“I don’t want to wait!”

“And who’s in charge of the bedroom, my dear?”

The harsh question turned her on, rippled her sex. “You are.”

“Then don’t ask so many questions, or I’ll punish you. The more you demand, the longer you’ll wait.”

She shuddered and shot him a look she knew was dark. But she didn’t dare say anything because she didn’t want to wait any longer than necessary.

“I love your spunk, but don’t attempt a war of control with me, Tigress. You can’t win.”

She wanted to protest, but somehow she didn’t. She knew he’d never let her lead him around by the nose, like other men had.

“Don’t fight me,” he said, his sultry tone warming her blood.

She couldn’t have fought him if she’d tried. Her bones melted inside.

He rolled to his side to fix her with a predatory gaze from his luminous, honey-gold eyes. His witchlike stare intrigued her. She shivered to her toes.

“What?” he asked, and that one word caused her to ripple inside.

“N-nothing.” When had she started to stammer? Never before now! She wished he’d do something to her. He tantalized her with his sexy scent of leather, pine, and hot man. His warm breath tickled her cheek, stirring tendrils of her hair, and she shuddered.

Swallowing hard, trying not to trump his dominance, which would cause him to withdraw from her she said, “Why do you look human?”

“Dreauxoids share the same forms as humans. Some body parts, too, but things like our hearts are very well protected.” As an afterthought, he said, “We don’t get STDs, though, so sex is always safe.”

No condoms! Her nipples beaded.

“Our eyes can glow,” he offered.

“I noticed.” Another shudder racked her body, her wet folds rippling in tandem.

“That glow is known to attract humans.”

She watched him, unable to yank her gaze away from him. So his eyes make the attraction even worse. A lock of his hair fell forward. It looked dark and soft and she had the uncontrollable urge to touch it. Her hand actually trembled from holding back. Finally, she swallowed her pride and asked him, feeling humiliated that she needed permission, “May I touch your hair? Stroke it? Please?”

“Since you asked so nicely, you may.”

Even feeling humiliated, she brushed a few errant strands behind his ear, aroused by its silky feel. Her senses leaped to life and her breasts and nipples tightened.

His eyes lit up as if candles burned in them. Just look away. You don’t have to fuel your attraction. He won’t do anything with you yet, so why torture yourself? But she didn’t really want to look away. “Tell me about your Dreaux family.” She had to distract herself or she’d rip off his shirt and pull down his pants…she had the strongest urge to see the man’s cock. She gritted her teeth, then continued her line of conversation. ”I mean, if I decide to be your soul mate, your family will be my in-laws.” She spoke as if she weren’t in a state of perilous arousal.

Raven tossed a lock of hair off his forehead and that one simple gesture oozed of white-hot sex. He didn’t say anything but finally broke eye contact, looking away.

Copyright © Nicole Pierce


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