Keily Kisses 2: Burning Kisses

Jill Knowles

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Val was an arson investigator before he got put in witness protection. Now he works for the Forest Service as the Head of Recreation in the Keily Ranger District. He can't afford to fall in love, but he wants love for Suzie. Jet'...
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Val was an arson investigator before he got put in witness protection. Now he works for the Forest Service as the Head of Recreation in the Keily Ranger District. He can't afford to fall in love, but he wants love for Suzie.

Jet's a fire elemental and a professional photographer working to document an archaeological site. He doesn't believe anyone can love him, but he thinks Val and Suzie are perfect for each other.

Deputy Sheriff Suzie Quinn is the woman who loves them both, and whose premonitions show them building a life together. But she has to catch an arsonist who threatens everything before it starts, and convince Val and Jet they're worthy of love--hers and each others.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual interaction, menage (m/f/m, m/m/f), voyeurism.
Suzie emptied her gun into the bear, but it didn't seem to notice. How could you kill something that looked as if it had been dead for days? She pressed the magazine eject, reloaded, and continued shooting. The damned thing was like the Terminator—it just wouldn't lay down.

“Die, you bastard,” she whispered, wishing she had her shotgun. She'd yet to see any creature keep coming after being hit with a couple of ounces of buckshot.

To her right, Jet held both hands out at chest height. The air between Jet and the bear began to shimmer like waves of heat over scorching asphalt. There was a loud whump, and the bear burst into flames. It staggered backward, then turned and stumbled away, still burning. Jet kept a steady stream of fire on the bear, reducing it to a rapidly disintegrating pile of char. And still it kept crawling away.

The stench of scorched, rotting meat and singed hair made Suzie gag. As the bear died, so did the suffocating pressure of fear that had overwhelmed her and her companions.

Suzie looked at Jet, seeing sparks dance in his hair and deep inside his luminous amber eyes. He stared at her, lips drawn back in a snarl of inhuman rage.

For a moment, Suzie wondered if she should shoot him as well. Then the anger vanished, and he looked like an ordinary guy: chagrined, disheveled, and far too sexy.

Jet bit his full lower lip. “Sorry.”

The look of uncertainty on his face reassured her that he wasn't a threat, and she holstered her gun. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Or maybe it's just that I want the fire in me. An inappropriate giggle bubbled up from her chest; she swallowed, trying to keep it from exploding out of her.

A strangled gasp pulled her attention to where Val sagged against the side of the Land Rover. The blond stared at Jet, breath coming in sharp pants. At first, Suzie couldn't tell if it was terror or arousal. The glazed look of fear on his face as he stared at some unseen horror and the powerful tremors that shook his body made the situation clear: Val was caught fast in the grip of a severe panic attack.

Not stopping to think about her actions, she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Val, capturing his mouth with hers, trying to breathe calm and safety into the trembling man.

Mine. Mine to comfort. Mine to claim. She held her hand out toward Jet, not at all surprised when he linked his fingers with hers and stepped close, offering his support to Val as well.

She felt the tentative brush of Val's tongue over her lips, and comfort was consumed by desire. Val's arms wrapped around her as he devoured her mouth. His questing tongue explored her in the most aggressive kiss she'd ever experienced. Suzie's nipples tightened into peaks as she rubbed against him. The ridge of Val's hard cock pressed against her belly, bringing a rush of silky moisture to her center. Junior called this the “fight, flight, or fuck response.” Suzie didn't even have to stop and think about which one got her vote.

Val broke the kiss, his breathing ragged. He was a bit more coherent than he had been, though still not fully back in the here and now. The rigid shaft rubbing against her told her that Val's vote was leaning toward “fuck” as well.

Suzie was panting, but before she could catch her breath, insistent hands turned her head enough that Jet could cover her mouth with his.

Mine, she thought again. Mine to hold. Mine to keep. The words had the weight of ritual in her mind. Though not a witch, like Junior, or a mage, like Sean, she still recognized power when she invoked it.

It felt so right. The three of them fit together in a way she'd never felt with anyone before. They were like three sides of a triangle, each holding the other two up, all three necessary for the structure to stand.

Clumsy fingers unbuttoned her tan uniform shirt and pulled it open. She heard an impatient grumble from Val before he pulled her tank top and bra down enough to bare her breasts. As Jet deepened their kiss, Val's mouth closed over one sensitive nipple.

Suzie moaned into Jet's mouth as Val suckled her greedily. She arched her back, pushing more of her breast into Val's mouth, her tongue dueling with Jet's. When the redhead pulled away, a sound of dismay left her, and she feared he would leave. Instead, he stepped around until he was shoulder to shoulder with Val and leaned down, his mouth capturing the tight peak of the nipple Val had been neglecting.

She looked down at the two men, one dark-haired, one light, and was once again struck by the rightness she'd felt when she'd shaken their hands. The words she'd heard then replayed in her mind. “And the three of them lived happily ever after.” The reporter sounded scandalized at having to impart such good news. With the words came the knowledge that she needed to claim both men tonight, that if she didn't, she risked losing them, and her best chance for lasting love.

Difficult as it was to focus with the men feasting on her breasts, she looked in the open rear door of the truck, grateful that it had overhead lights. In fact, the lights glinted off the silver emergency blanket folded and stowed in the cargo area next to a large first-aid kit.

Yes! Suzie stepped backward, breaking contact with the two men. Amber and blue eyes looked reproachfully up at her. Pointing to Jet, she said, “Move the first-aid kit.” He nodded and hastened to the rear of the truck to open the back hatch. To Val she said, “Spread the blanket in a smooth spot.”

“Wait,” Jet said. He climbed into the back of the truck and pressed a few buttons, folding the rear seats down.

“Perfect,” she said. They'd have plenty of space in the truck, with less chance of creepy crawlies getting at them. “Val, strip.”

Looking half dazed and aroused, he began to undress as Jet smoothed the emergency blanket in the truck.

Suzie hurried around to the passenger side of the Land Rover and removed her gun belt, placing it on the floor in front of the seat. Her shoes and clothes were piled on top. Delving into her purse, she was dismayed to find only one condom. Damn, I hope at least one of the guys is better prepared. If not, well, she was fairly certain Jet wasn't human, so hopefully he wouldn't be contagious or cross-fertile with her.

Naked, she walked to the rear of the truck, stepping gingerly on the sharp gravel. Catching Val's hand, she pulled him along with her. He came willingly enough, but she could see him shaking his head slightly as sense began to return. Refusing to play fair and risk losing everything, she stroked her hand across his cock, making him moan and scramble into the truck where Jet waited.

“Wait,” Val said as she indicated he should lie on his back.

Suzie pressed her fingertips against his lips, silencing him. Jet scooted behind her, one hand tracing down her side, making her shiver with need. Looking over her shoulder at him, she asked, “Can you give me any diseases?”

“No,” he said, shaking his head, his long red hair brushing against her sensitized skin.

“Good.” She pressed a kiss to his palm, following it with a playful lick. “Want my mouth?”

“Oh, yes,” he said, voice filled with wicked promise.

“Suzie, what are we doing?” Val asked.

“Loving,” she said, opening the condom and rolling it down over his erection. She knew she was taking advantage of his confusion, but she couldn't bring herself to care. If he said to stop, she would, but otherwise, she was going to have him inside her.

“We shouldn't. I shouldn't,” he said, thrusting against her hand.

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