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When Jesse Coulter roars up on a Harley one dusty afternoon back into ranch foreman Kyle Jacob's life, Kyle is confronted with everything forbidden he has wanted for years. Jesse is twenty years old, with a ruff of dark hair and b...
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When Jesse Coulter roars up on a Harley one dusty afternoon back into ranch foreman Kyle Jacob's life, Kyle is confronted with everything forbidden he has wanted for years. Jesse is twenty years old, with a ruff of dark hair and blue eyes that remind Kyle of the heart of a lit gasoline flame, yet Kyle can’t let himself touch Jesse because not only is he too young, he's the brother of Kyle's lost lover Mac.

That they also share an uncanny telepathic bond hasn’t made things any easier for an ordinary working cowboy; Kyle is drawn into Jesse’s dreams of him as the hot older man Jesse holds captive, pleasuring him every night with Jesse’s raw man-takes-man brand of lovemaking. But Kyle and Jesse face other problems to their unconventional romance. Jesse has custody of his vulnerable younger brother who aches for a stable home, and an enemy from Kyle’s past is threatening not only his beloved draft horses and carriage business but the new life and family he yearns for.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM elements, male/male sexual practices.
“Jess, I’m not sure what to do about you,” Kyle admitted. He saw triumph leap in Jesse’s gaze and gave another rough laugh. It seemed to Kyle that Jess took any perceived weakness as something he could exploit to get what he wanted -- what he wanted being Kyle.

“Kyle, just let me have you. If you let me do you once, you’ll love it. I promise,” Jesse whispered.

Kyle broke out in a sweat, imagining Jesse’s hands and mouth and body on his. “No. The age gap still troubles me, Jess. I need time...”

Panting, Jesse nodded once. “All right, but you have to give me something in return.” His groin stroked against Kyle’s, and Kyle moaned at the feel. He was going to come just from that friction, just from being so close to Jesse at last.


“A kiss,” Jesse said. “Kiss me once a day somewhere David can’t see us, where it’ll be a secret, since you’re so sure the kid will freak --”

“Jess, I have no idea how he’ll feel, but he’s jumpy and troubled. I’m worried about him.”

Jesse leaned his forehead against Kyle’s. “I know. If we have to keep it from him, we will, though I don’t think we can do that forever.”

“Forever? Jess...” Kyle sighed, feeling an ache under his breast bone. It was an amazing thought -- that he could have Jesse in his life, in his bed -- but it couldn’t happen.

“But I want my kiss,” Jesse asserted. “I want my man-to-man, no-bullshit, full-on kiss.” Again the mixture of vulnerability and determination in Jesse’s beautiful eyes.

“We need some ground rules.”

“For a kiss?”

“Yes.” Kyle didn’t want to admit he needed them as much as Jesse. “If I say stop, you stop. And we don’t go further than a kiss.”

“Unless you want it. Unless you beg me for it,” Jesse said.

“Beg you...?” Kyle smiled, but he lost that smile when Jesse cupped his face, looking into him. “All right.”

Now Jesse smiled, and there was again a predatory edge to it.

What have I unleashed?

“Kyle, man, I’m going to make you feel so good.” Jesse purred in his mind.

Kyle licked his lips, breathless. Jesse was so close, warm and hard and wild, like an unbroken stallion. “So when do we kiss?”

“Right. Now,” Jesse said.

* * * * *

“Come here.” Jesse reached for his hand.

Suddenly very, very nervous, which was ridiculous in a man his age, Kyle had to be dragged away from the truck. “Where are we going? I thought we’ know, get it over with.”

“Well, that’s fucking flattering.” Jesse twisted his lips.

Kyle sighed. “You know what I mean! We have fences to repair.”

“And we’ll do that. You’ll be my boss man as soon as you’re out of my arms. But right now, I’d like to repair a fence of my own.” His eyes softened on Kyle. “Kyle, I missed you. Don’t be afraid.”

“Afraid?” Kyle scoffed. He took his cowboy hat off. Then he put it back on, fidgeting.

Jesse gave a crack of laughter. “Will you relax? What do you think is going to happen here?”

Kyle took his hat off again and let it fall to the ground. He ran his hands through his hair, aware it was brown and gray, but damned if Jesse hadn’t called it sexy. Huh. If Mac had said that, he would have believed him. If Darren said that, same deal. Was he guilty of putting Jesse into a box simply because he was twenty?

“I don’t know what’s going to happen, and for me, that’s damn rare. I eat the same cereal I ate as a kid. I like my armchair in the same place. I buy the same jeans. I eat the same food. Lucky for me all the work I do around the ranch means I can still do that.”

Jesse tapped his chin with one finger, studying Kyle. “Umm. And then I got inside you.”

Kyle’s eyes widened.

“I mean, in your head.” Jesse’s lips curled. “But it is a hot thought, isn’t it? You know, there’s this club I know in the city, all leather and sweat and gorgeous men.”

“Leather.” Kyle blinked. Who was this tough young man now? He’d had experiences even Kyle had never had, though Kyle was embarrassed to admit it. He was the most vanilla guy compared to Jesse.

“Yeah.” Jesse brushed Kyle’s hair off his forehead, and then they were close again, his hand knitting itself naturally to Kyle’s. Kyle felt the brush of Jesse’s chest against his, the brush of cotton T-shirts, the brush of muscle. Perfect. “I’d love to take you there when you were wearing nothing but chaps. They’d be brown, to set you off. And your ass would be pale compared to the deep tan on your face and arms. Or that’s how I imagine it. I didn’t get a real good look the other day in the hallway.”

Had he fallen down the rabbit hole? If so, why was he so turned on? “Uh-huh.” It was all Kyle could manage to say.

Jesse laughed. “Just imagine, your bare ass, your cock... Men would see and appreciate you. See what’s mine.” He cupped his hand possessively over Kyle’s rear end, squeezing. Kyle experienced a throb in his balls and deep in his ass. He liked Jesse touching him there.

Then he processed Jesse’s fantasy, and his jaw dropped. “Uh.”

“Maybe we’d use a spanking bench. Would you like to be spanked, Kyle? You’re very responsive here, aren’t you?” Another squeeze and Kyle shuddered. He had always liked his ass being stroked, touched, used. It was his secret, but now Jesse knew.

“Damn, Jesse, I’m too set in my ways for stuff like that,” Kyle protested. Jesse’s pupils were enlarged, and his breath came rapidly. His cheeks were flushed. “It’s ridiculous.”

“Ridiculous?” Jesse tugged him closer using Kyle’s belt, and next thing, Kyle felt the leather loosen. He gaped at Jesse.

“Just what are you doing?”

“All you have to do is tell me to stop, so do it, Kyle. Otherwise...”

Kyle felt weirdly passive, his body humming under Jesse’s touch as if he was coming alive, fully alive, for the first time in years. He suppressed the thought that even with Mac he hadn’t felt this way, free and primitive, as if he was being taken. He let the other man open his belt, work the buttons of his jeans, freeing them slowly, deliberately as he stared into Kyle’s eyes, imparting a message.

“I thought this would be just a kiss,” Kyle croaked. He licked his lips and saw the heat in Jesse’s eyes. He wanted to kiss him.He was holding back only because of their rule he could do it only once a day.

“This is a kiss with benefits,” Jesse said. “You said you couldn’t imagine yourself in chaps in some club, your ass red with my handprint.”

“ Jesse, you’re crazy!” Kyle gasped. “I’m not that kind of man.”

“What I think is your men thought you weren’t that kind of man, and so you’ve been hungry, Kyle.” Jesse nibbled on Kyle’s neck as his jeans sagged under Jesse’s hands. He was standing out in the middle of dusty nowhere with his pants around his ankles. “That’s where I come in. I don’t care how others see you, how you see yourself. I just want you. And I’ll have you the way I like.”

Jesse’s palm stroked extra-light over Kyle’s erection, and Kyle whimpered. He wanted to thrust into Jesse’s hand so much it mortified him. “I’m your boss...” he reminded the younger man.

Jesse nodded. “I got no problem with that.”

Jesse’s hand went under the waistband of Kyle’s plain white briefs. “No nonsense. Just the way I pictured. Sexy as hell.” He pressed them down, and Kyle was exposed while Jesse, his hired help, was still dressed. Why was it making him so hard?

“Fuck, Kyle, look at you!” Jesse whispered. “Jesus, I thought so from the last time I saw you; you’re uncut.”

Kyle cupped himself. He’d always felt like an oddity because of it. “I was sick as a baby, so they didn’t want to risk doing anything to me, even that,” he said.

Jesse knelt, and Kyle stared at him, sitting on his heels between Kyle’s spread legs. Oh God. What was Jesse going to do?

“You say it like it was a bad thing. I think you’re beautiful. Manly.”

“You do?” Kyle was so stiff, aching, but Jesse didn’t touch his penis. He just sat there with Kyle in front of him, stripped, vulnerable, needy.

“There’s nothing hotter than sucking on a foreskin,” Jesse said. “Peeling it back with my tongue, probing you where you’re most sensitive.”

“The stuff you say, young man.”

“Okay, if I’m going to put up with the youngster comments, I think I could get used to being your young man.” Jesse’s eyes flashed, and Kyle’s dropped away.

“Jess, I feel kind of dumb standing here like this. I’m not anything special.”

Jesse leaned his face against Kyle’s thigh so his breath touched his cock. Kyle couldn’t help himself from putting a hand in Jesse’s long, untamed hair, feeling the silken threads catch under his work-roughened fingertips. “You’re so gorgeous, Kyle. I have no idea why you’d feel dumb. I’m going to dream about you tonight. Like this, just like this.”

“Are you --” Kyle had to clear his throat. “Are you going to touch me?”

“Against your rules, remember? Unless you ask me for it.” Jesse’s blue eyes held Kyle’s for a sustained moment before he let out a disappointed sound. “Okay. You said you needed it slow.”

He got to his feet and very, very carefully, pulled up Kyle’s briefs. Kyle wanted to protest, wanted to beg him to put his lips to his cock, but how could he?

“You don’t see me as your equal yet, but you will,” Jesse vowed. He tugged up Kyle’s jeans but didn’t try to button them over Kyle’s painfully engorged penis. A wet spot bloomed instantly through his briefs.

“Crap, I’m going to have to walk this off or something!” Kyle muttered. It was a problem he hadn’t had since he was a kid. When he got this excited, it was always in some man’s bedroom, so the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

It didn’t make it any easier that Jesse would give him what he craved, but only if he put aside his preconceptions and fears stemming from their age gap and Jesse’s naturally dominant nature. He’d never begged any man to touch him before.

“I wish you’d let me pleasure you.” Jesse’s telepathic voice was wistful.

“I can’t. I just...can’t.” Kyle wanted to tear out his hair. He was crazy about Jesse. Right now he was so aroused it was hard to care about Mac or David or his responsibilities or how he was Jesse’s boss or any goddamned thing but what it would feel like to have Jesse’s mouth on him. It was only that he had to ask for it that held him back, like thin planks holding back a bull in a rodeo chute.

“It’s okay,” Jesse said aloud, compassion burning in his eyes now. “I don’t want to push; I just want to give you something to think about.”

“I’m not sure what the hell else I’ll be thinking about,” Kyle grumbled.

“That’s good. Just consider that this thing with you and me is new, and you don’t know the man you could be with me.”

Kyle slowly buttoned his jeans. He managed halfway and had to stop. Crap.

“I guess we go to work now,” he said, aching to be another man, someone flexible and not so set in his ways.

“Not quite.”

And that’s when Jesse kissed him.

Copyright © Jan Irving


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