Inking Aaron

Cheryl Dragon

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Opposites ignite in a sin city hotel. Indian rebel Mohan struggles to mix his Hindu heritage and strong sense of self while trying to keep his tattoo parlor in the upscale Las Vegas hotel. PR exec, and all American guy, Aaron is o...
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Opposites ignite in a sin city hotel. Indian rebel Mohan struggles to mix his Hindu heritage and strong sense of self while trying to keep his tattoo parlor in the upscale Las Vegas hotel. PR exec, and all American guy, Aaron is on Mohan's side but sex gets in the way of business. Mohan is more interested in using Aaron's body and than his brains--believing he's found the man he wants to keep. Aaron's half in and half out of the closet style works for his career but Mohan wants Aaron all out and all his to keep and ink.

When good luck shines on Mohan's tattoo business, he believes it's Aaron's manipulation. Aaron must step up and out himself to keep the sexy Hindu man he loves. Kinky ink and tantric sex are just the beginning of their nirvana.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual situations..
After lunch with his sister and Blanca, Aaron found himself drawn to the tattoo parlor. He’d played the conservative game for so long that a little self-expression couldn’t hurt. Technically, he could blame the sibling challenge to get a tattoo, but the jealousy went deeper than Ash’s bold style. Ash, nine years younger, had come out to the family without a thought to what their parents might say. They paid for her college and living expenses despite the rebellion. After coming out, a tattoo or piercing would be nothing.

Aaron had never acted that boldly around his parents, even in college. He’d lived on his own since graduating, and while Ash had guessed, he’d never told his parents the truth about his own sexuality. They’d get over it. Work was a different matter; he’d never have made VP with a boyfriend. Guys like Regan could’ve kept him out of the executive wing. Life wasn’t fair.

Part of the draw to India Ink was Mohan. Getting those dark, caramel-colored hands on him was an ongoing fantasy. Aaron had had a few relationships, careful to keep them out of the office. Mohan, however, felt like a lighthouse drawing him in. After months of avoiding it, Aaron prepared to surrender, even if he crashed into the shore. The tattoo was an excuse to feel Mohan out, but Aaron already sensed the heat between them.

Getting off the elevator on the shop floors, Aaron headed down the long hallway of goods and services. Elody Trut didn’t arrive until tomorrow, and Ash and Blanca had plans tonight after dinner with sorority sisters who’d traveled out with them, so Aaron looked forward to a free evening with Mohan if possible.

Aaron walked into the India Ink tattoo shop, so named, no doubt, because of Mohan’s Indian heritage. With a smile, he greeted a few artists. The place was dead, normal for a weekday afternoon. The college kids had invaded for spring break, and a few now scoped out their options until the big parties started.

His brain began to plot. Aaron knew there had to be an angle, a way to keep Mohan’s shop here and have him personally. Aaron handled difficult problems well, but he’d only had a little time to figure it all out. If Mohan didn’t try, none of it mattered.

Mohan came out of the office, and Aaron took a deep breath. The shock of thick black hair, and eyes so brown they nearly matched, teased Aaron. The strong arms, contrasted by a white tank shirt, made Aaron stare. Mohan’s presence alone erased Aaron’s plans from his mind. At that moment, all he needed was Mohan naked.

“Don’t kick us out now; we’ll have customers later with the spring break crowd here.” Mohan gestured to the college kids.

Aaron leaned on the counter. “No, this is about my tattoo.”

Mohan’s big brown eyes grew bigger. “I thought you were kidding.” Mohan pulled a book from behind him. “Here’s a book with lots of Celtic knotwork I’ve done. Take a look and see what you like, and then we can customize.”

Aaron respected the professional approach, but he wanted a more personal consultation. “Actually, I know what I want. Can you do a griffin?”

“Sure.” Mohan flipped open a book of his personal work and pointed to one.

“Exactly. That griffin, along with a nice Celtic band around it, would be perfect. At least it’s nothing I’ll regret. I can’t stop being Scottish.”

Mohan nodded stiffly. “Of course. We can’t escape our roots. Any idea about the knotwork?”

“That’s where I’m giving you free rein. Whatever you think works is fine. I still have to figure out where.” Aaron’s eyes caught Mohan’s and held.

“Let’s go into a room and talk size and location.” Mohan grabbed the book and led the way.

“I should’ve made an appointment, but I didn’t want to cancel on you. My schedule gets unpredictable at times.” Aaron sat on the cushioned spa bed. The images on the walls around him were all pictures of Mohan’s expert work.

“We’ve got college kids wandering in and out. I think you had something to do with that.”

“Me?” Aaron took off his tie and jacket, and then undid the cuffs of his dress shirt before unbuttoning it. “I didn’t do anything. Maybe Ash mentioned it to her friends. She’s part of a big sorority, and a lot of them tagged along.”

Mohan shrugged and hung up Aaron’s jacket. “Where were you thinking?” He leaned closer.

As Aaron peeled off his tank undershirt, he felt Mohan’s body heat. Aaron set the shirt aside and caught Mohan’s eyes taking in his bare chest.

“I want to be able to see it. I’d prefer not on my back or shoulder blades.” Aaron looked at Mohan’s body up close. About the same height, both men had muscle, but Mohan worked at it harder. His arms were sculpted, and his abs looked chiseled. Aaron worked out in the casino gym just to stare at Mohan six days a week.

“What size do you want?” Mohan scribbled something quickly on a pad of paper.

“About five inches around.” Aaron stared at Mohan’s fly. What size would he find there? The obsession hadn’t gone away with time, and now he had to give in. Aaron’s hands itched, and his cock hardened. He tried to control himself, but they’d never been alone and this close before.

“Okay.” Mohan walked away, ran the drawing through what looked like a copy machine and returned. “Your two best options are an arm.” His hand pressed Aaron’s upper arm. “Or the front of your chest.” Mohan held up the paper to Aaron’s chest above the nipple.

“Recommendations?” Aaron’s mouth went dry. He couldn’t take much more.

“Chest. The arm might be visible through a dress shirt. This is an outline.” He pressed the paper and ink to Aaron’s pec.

“Ready when you are.” The feel of Mohan’s large hand drove him crazy. Aaron had always thought about a tattoo; he could think himself in circles, but when he knew something was right, he wouldn’t fight it. The ink felt right.

Mohan shook his head. “I can’t do it now. I’ve got an appointment in an hour, and this will take longer. Besides, you should wear the ink for a day.”

“What?” Aaron asked.

“You’ve never had a tattoo?”


“I don’t ink you until you’ve worn it for a day. You need to be sure you want it.”

“This policy might hurt your business.” Aaron loved the fact that adults could do anything in Vegas, like drink or gamble all hours of the day, and get married at the drop of a hat. Mohan proved more conservative than he’d thought. That or maybe it was a way to bring him back there tomorrow instead of one quick encounter.

“It doesn’t apply to everyone, but definitely to suits trying to be wild and rebellious. You might change your mind. It does hurt, but getting it lasered off hurts worse -- and takes a lot longer. Think it over, Aaron.” Mohan tossed the paper and outline aside.

Aaron liked it. The quick handiwork proved impressive, but he needed more than a needle right now. “Fine. Tomorrow for the tattoo.”

“I’ll put you down for three.”

“But then, kissing today…if you don’t chicken out on me there.” Aaron grabbed Mohan’s arm and pulled him down for a hard kiss.

Mohan tensed but held onto Aaron with rough hands. Kissing him back in a challenge for dominance, Aaron bit at Mohan’s lips and invaded his mouth with an eager tongue. Mohan had the upper hand as he held Aaron’s shoulders pinned to the bed, but they both wanted the same thing.

“I knew I was right about you,” Mohan said.

Working his hand down to Mohan’s fly, Aaron found his tattoo artist as hard as he was. Stroking his cock through the button-fly jeans, Aaron watched Mohan’s face freeze and contort in need. Finally, his hands released Aaron and braced on the bed.

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