Ingram's Charm

Melany Logen

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When Gram gets another mouth to feed instead of cash as his payment, he's thinking it's going to be a very bad day. But when that mouth turns out to be attached to a gorgeous sex slave, who wants nothing more that to do his biddin...
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Full Description

When Gram gets another mouth to feed instead of cash as his payment, he's thinking it's going to be a very bad day. But when that mouth turns out to be attached to a gorgeous sex slave, who wants nothing more that to do his bidding and show him the joys of her undeniably perfect body, things start looking up. Pretty soon, he counts her as one of the crew of his starship Bruiser, who he feels he must protect. Only difference is, she's the only one of his mates sharing his bed and his shower.

What Gram doesn't know is that Charm's a spy. She's been sent by her old Master to infiltrate Gram's ship and cripple it, so he can take it over. It should be a simple job. It is a simple job. But for one thing. She finds herself caring for the crew of the Bruiser, and especially her temporary Master. Loyalties torn, she must decide whether to complete her mission or step out into the unfamiliar and become Ingram's lucky Charm.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Dubious consent, light domination.
At his door, he hesitated. Dammit. His cabin was a real mess. It had never mattered before. The only person to go inside was Dozz, and the little bear only made it messier rolling around.

A pounding of feet came above their heads, and he looked up to glare. Quickly, he reached over to the commbox. “Yo, Dozz, quit running. You’re going to get hurt again.”

Dozz’s voice echoed throughout the ship. The cub always yelled into the computer to make sure he could be heard. “I forgot. No running.”

A moment later, his feet thundered overhead again in the passageway.

Gram sighed and opened his cabin door. Inside, he used his foot to move several toys aside. Next, he picked up a stack of books, placing them on the desk. Looking over his shoulder, he motioned Charm inside. “Come on in.”

She smiled. “Yes, Master.”

He sucked in a breath as his cock swelled once more. The sight of her breasts held him entranced with every step she took. He forced himself to look anywhere but there. “Move anything out of your way. Dozz tends to play with everything and never pick up anything.” He took her papers from his pocket and placed them in a cabinet for safe keeping.

“Yes, Master.”

His heart raced at the sight of her bending over. Gods, what an ass. Charm’s tempted him as nothing ever had before. He cleared his throat. “My name is Ingram Hayes. You can call me Gram.”

She straightened and placed more books on the corner of the desk. Her puckered nipples jutted out from her breasts as she adjusted the stack. “Ingram Hayes, you are my Master now. I’ll call you Master, as I’m expected to do.”

His cock twitched. Gods, he could get used to having a female around.

He wanted nothing more than to fuck Charm. He’d settle for jerking off. Anything to relieve the constant pressure in his cock. Surely, he’d be able to think straight then.

He turned away. Clothes. He needed to get some clothes on her.

That would help.

At his closet, he slid the door open to shuffle through his shirts. He backtracked, shoving over racks of pants. Hades, how would he know what wouldn’t fall off her? Maybe her fine ass would catch enough to hold them up?

He discarded the pants. Marka, the smallest of his crew, would come closest to Charm’s size. Yes, the Halfling was slim enough. Marka’s pants would cover her without falling down.

He frowned at his shirts. Why had he never noticed he had nothing but white shirts? Maybe one of his vests would work over a shirt? Or maybe Marka would have a shirt that would camouflage her nipples? Yes, he definitely needed something to hide those little treasures.

He turned around and nearly stumbled. Charm knelt on the floor in front of him, her hazel eyes shielded by long lashes.

With nimble fingers, she released the buttons on his pants before he could draw a breath.

Oh, fuck, yes.

The will to stop her didn’t exist within him. He groaned as his cock sprang free.

“Master, what a fine cock you have. The better to suck.” She leaned forward to rub her cheek against his stiff length. No time passed before she rubbed her face along the other side of his cock as if admiring him.

Oh, fuck, yes.

To brace his legs, he reached up to grasp one of the balance bars.

Never before had he seen anything as erotic as Charm on her knees before him. Her long brown hair fell to her ass. Never before had such raw lust surged through his veins. Climax waited only a breath away.

Oh, fuck, no.

Not yet.

He closed his eyes when she ran her hands up his abdomen, then down to push his pants further out of her way. Her face continued to nuzzle his cock.

Charm’s wet tongue ran along the side of his erection. He inhaled and opened his eyes. He wouldn’t miss this. In amazement, he looked on at her eagerness as she toyed with his engorged flesh. Her pink tongue licked and lapped, until he thought he might throw her to the floor and bury his cock as deep as he could get, coming until he thought his brain might explode.

Her talented tongue flicked the tip of his cock, and she moaned.

Sweat beaded his upper lip. His cock, which stood as rigid as possible, twitched. His balls grew tighter, letting him know his climax boiled up.

As if sensing his need, Charm leaned over and sucked his right ball into her heated mouth.

Gram groaned from deep in his chest, his hips thrusting forward.

Oh, fuck, yes.

The Delicant released his sac, only to grasp the other side in her mouth until sweat sheened his chest. “Charm,” he moaned between his clenched teeth.

She released his ball to nuzzle his cock once more.

The muscles in his thighs and ass quivered as he fought to hold off his climax.

“Master.” She ran her tongue along the bottom of his cock. “Would you like for me to suck your cock now?”

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