Indigo Knights: Squire

Jet Mykles

Rabin Squire is on top of the world. At long last, everything is going his way. He’s about to go into the studio with none other than Brent Rose to put together a new album for his band, the Indigo Knights. Okay, so there&rs...
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Rabin Squire is on top of the world. At long last, everything is going his way. He’s about to go into the studio with none other than Brent Rose to put together a new album for his band, the Indigo Knights. Okay, so there’re currently only two members of the band, but with Brent’s help, that’ll soon change. Things are looking up.

Then there’s Izzy, Brent’s cousin. Rabin’s never been interested in a guy before but he can sure tell when one is gorgeous, and Izzy is that. He’s also funny, and sweet as hell.

Since he’s not gay, Rabin never expected to have a fling with Izzy. But Izzy says their having sex doesn’t make him gay. Rabin’s not so sure about that but if Izzy’s good with it, what harm can come of it? Izzy agrees; no one else needs to know.

Then an even bigger opportunity means that Rabin has to move away. So if the thing with Izzy was no big deal, why does it hurt when it comes to an end?

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices.
He followed Izzy up the porch and into the darkened house but felt oddly reluctant to head to his room. He’d been having a good time with Izzy.

“Want a snack?” Izzy stood, just a silhouette in the entrance to the kitchen, backlit by the moonlight from the bay window.

Given an excuse, Rabin decided it was just that. “Nah. I think I’m just going to head on up to bed.” Bed. The word had a charge to it that made him look away. Even if he was feeling attraction -- and that’s probably what it was, strangely enough -- he wasn’t going to do anything about it. It was a weird night. One that should end before anything happened. “’Night.”


Izzy didn’t move as Rabin headed up the stairs. It was a relief to walk into the darkness of the hallway. Rabin walked into his room, closed the door, and didn’t bother with a light. There was enough moonlight coming through the open window to see just fine. Besides, the chancy dark went with the feeling that he was missing something. It wasn’t even sex. It was... He shook his head, unable to come up with anything. Maybe he should head down to Brent’s studio and play for a while. Brent had told him he was welcome, and the guitar often helped him to make sense of his thoughts -- or at least calm them. Yeah, do that.

But first, he needed to change. The leather pants and boots were stylish but not all that comfortable. His shirt was off, and he was sitting on the edge of the bed to remove his shoes and socks when the knock sounded at the door. He froze.


Don’t answer. Stupid. Izzy knew he was there. “Yeah?”

Without waiting permission, Izzy opened the door, a ghostly blue figure draped in the shadows that were his loose hair and dark jeans. His shoes were gone. He stared at Rabin, expression blank, unreadable.

“What’s up?”

Izzy approached, and Rabin had to force himself to remain seated, torn between equally strong desires to stand up and flee, or stand up and reach for the smaller man.

Izzy stopped at his knees and tried a smile. Long, thick fringe mostly hid his eyes. “Thank you for tonight.”

Rabin summoned a smile back for him. Nothing out of the ordinary here, nope. “You’re welcome.”

Izzy searched his face -- for what, Rabin tried not to know. “Rabin, I...”

Rabin frowned, forcing his gaze from Izzy’s. “Look, Iz, we should call it a night.” He’d stay in his room; he’d go to sleep and not go downstairs. He’d do that as soon as Izzy left.

“You’re right.” A palm cupped Rabin’s jaw. “You’re right.”

Startled by the touch, Rabin tilted his face back up. Izzy was right there, swooping down like a falcon catching a meal. Lips. Soft lips. Eager lips. Pressed against his own. At first, Rabin’s eyes stayed open in shock, but the blurred sight of Izzy’s long eyelashes caressing the soft ridges of his cheeks was too much to focus on when sensation ruled. He opened instinctively, his tongue seeking more. With a soft, happy moan, Izzy invited him in, tongue caressing tongue to coax Rabin to explore. So sweet. Rabin forgot he was kissing a guy and just concentrated on the mouth that easily melded with his. When Izzy straddled his lap, it was only natural to take hold of slim hips to pull that warm, solid body close. He fit so well, his slight weight perfect. Rabin slid one hand around back, teasing up the shirt hem to caress soft skin, encouraging gorgeous little moans he could barely hear. Fingers tightened in his hair, that little bit of pain egging him on to tilt his head and open wider. His blood heated with a fine tremor of pleasure.

Slowly, as the kiss calmed, proper brainwave function reasserted itself. Rabin opened his eyes and tilted his head back, but not far enough to lose the little nips and licks Izzy gave his lips. Rabin’s cock was rock hard and uncomfortable in his leather pants, and Izzy’s body pressed warm and willing against him didn’t help matters any. “Wait.”

Izzy didn’t stop, his fingers warm against either side of Rabin’s neck. His hips rocked forward.

Rabin dug his fingers into Izzy’s waist and turned his head. “Wait.”

“No no no.” Izzy’s breath caressed his lips, fingers tight on his skull behind his ears. “Don’t think. Please...just...” They were kissing again. God, it was fantastic. How could Izzy taste so good?

Wait. “Izzy, no. This is --”

“This is fine.” Tender kisses along his jaw. “It’s okay.”

“No. I’m not --”

“It’s fine. I promise. Just this -- no promises, no expectations, I swear.” Finally dark eyes focused on his from inches away, pleading. Izzy was trembling -- not a lot, but when he was pressed this close, Rabin could feel it. “I need to be close to...someone tonight. And I think you do too.”

Rabin smoothed his hands over Izzy’s back, trying to still the shaking. “But I’m not --”

“Gay. I know. It’s okay.” Another kiss, a tongue tip dragging his lip. “But this is nice, isn’t it?” Teeth bit gently into his bottom lip.

Oh man, he did love that. “Yes.” The admission bled from him without his permission.

“I can make it good. I swear.” More kissing. Intense. Like Izzy was sipping slowly from his heart. “Please?”

He knew it was wrong. It couldn’t be right. Not given what he wasn’t, what he knew, and what Izzy had told him tonight. But that all seemed so far away, and the bundle in his arms was so desperate, so needy. For the first time in a long time, Rabin felt certain that he had exactly what someone else needed. He let Izzy keep kissing him, let his hands roam up Izzy’s back. He could provide comfort. He could accept pleasure. Yeah.

Copyright © Jet Mykles


Customer Reviews

So loved it Review by Christy
I'm so excited to finally be reading, and officially reviewing, the 'Indigo Knights' series by Jet Mykles. Frankly, it's been way too long since I read her 'Heaven Sent' series, and I was looking to get back into a recording studio, and out on tour with a band full of hot men, and even hotter lovers. Of course, I was also hoping for some cameos from the guys of Heaven Sent.

It was fun to meet back up with Rabin, as the last I'd seen of him, he'd been covering for Brent during Heaven Sent's New Year's Eve concert, when Brent broke his hand. Now it's summer, and Rabin has come to stay with Brent and Hell until he can rent an apartment, at their home outside of Chicago. Brent is going to help Rabin, and his best friend and band mate, Zane, get Indigo Knights back on track musically. Oh, did I mention Izzy? He's Brent's twenty-two-year-old cousin who's come to stay with them since he just came out in a rather shocking manner, and his mother is hoping Brent and Hell will be positive influences.

Now, Izzy is a spitfire. Little, and positively adorable, he makes Rabin think about the curiosity he's had for years. So, of course, when left to their own devices for a weekend, Rabin ends up having sex with a man for the first time in his life. It doesn't freak him out like he thought it would. In fact, being with Izzy feels right. Interestingly enough, it's Izzy who tells Rabin that they should keep it a secret, and that sleeping with Izzy doesn't make Rabin gay, although he's not so sure about that. Izzy thinks it's best to not let anyone know, especially after the scandal Izzy suffered at home, and the fact that Zane doesn't particularly care for homosexuals.

More and more stress and tension between Rabin and Zane is happening daily, mostly because Zane doesn't agree with Brent helping, and Zane won't sing in front of Brent, and Zane is causing massive problems with Indigo Knight's opportunity for a new start. Rabin's only joy, lately, seems to be spending time with Izzy, and not just having sex, but hanging out, and getting to know each other. When a record company buys the rights to their original two albums and wants them to finish recording the second one, Rabin is devastated to leave Chicago for Los Angeles.

Oh, I so loved this book! Rabin and Izzy are fantastic, plus I had the bonus drama of rock stars fighting in the recording studio, and homophobic bigots getting left in the dust. Best part? Well, after the whole reunion scene with Rabin and Izzy. The look at the beginnings of a new band. I'm so excited to read the next story.

NOTE: This book was provided by Loose Id for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.
(Posted on 10/15/2014)
Great start to the IK series Review by MissConception
Jet Mykles really writes a great series with musicians. In this delightful spinoff to the Heaven Sent series, I couldn't help but root for Rabin and Izzy the whole time (even though I know it's going to be a happily ever after). I am really looking forward to reading all the books in this series. (Posted on 9/16/2014)
Yeah another rock series! Review by Kit
Enjoyed this spin off from the Heaven Sent series. You still get a bit of the guys from Heaven Sent while delving in to this new band's development. If you can resist Izzy, then I'm impressed & it's a no wonder that Rabin falls like a ton of bricks. The angst of trying to get the Indigo Knights up & running while Rabin deals with his changing sexual orientation. Looking forward to learning about the rest of the band. (Posted on 9/5/2013)
Jet Mykles Rockstars Rock Review by Karen
I was thrilled to discover that Mykles had begun another rock star series. While I enjoyed the Heaven Sent series, this first installment in the Indigo Knights series shows that Mykles has matured as a writer. Izzy and Rabin are both well developed, dynamic characters. The struggle Rabin goes through to get his band off the ground and his struggle to accept his relationship with the caring, culinary student, Izzy, is touching and framed with just the right amount of humor. I look forward to the rest of this series. (Posted on 9/22/2012)

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