Allie Ritch

After turning to Genetic Harmony Inc. for a husband, Fila Leonard doesn't get just one man to meet her needs, but three! Chuck is the consummate handyman around the house, and he looks sexy in a tool belt and nothing else. Charles...
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After turning to Genetic Harmony Inc. for a husband, Fila Leonard doesn't get just one man to meet her needs, but three! Chuck is the consummate handyman around the house, and he looks sexy in a tool belt and nothing else. Charles fills out a business suit to perfection and uses his alpha personality in the bedroom as well as the boardroom. As for Chad, he can seduce a woman in more than one language and turn even the worst cliché into a romantic fantasy.

Fila should be deliriously happy. Instead, she's having a hard time juggling everyone's needs. Chuck is cooped up at home all day and anxious for children. Charles is a workaholic, and Chad is angry she hasn't introduced the three of them to her parents. Oh, yeah, and Fila hasn't told Mom and Dad about her genetically identical spouses yet.

It's not easy being a married woman, not even with three perfect mates.

All my life, I’d been told I took after my Grandma Filomena. My parents recognized the resemblance from the start, which was why they’d named me Fila. Although my grandmother had been a prim and proper lady for most of her life, she’d hidden a very progressive, very wild woman underneath. After my grandfather died, she’d taken several young lovers, with whom she’d been quite…active. I remembered the last thing she told me before she passed.

 “Every woman should have two husbands,” she’d announced. “One for romance and one to be a good father and provider.

I’d laughed at the time. Little did I realize how true that statement would prove to be.

Had Grandma lived long enough to see the creation of Genetic Harmony Inc., I had a feeling she would have gone husband shopping too. Instead, I—her namesake—had wound up there, although in the end I hadn’t walked away with two husbands. I’d walked away with three.

Personally, I blamed inflation.

Despite my attempts to live a proper life and blend in with my conservative family, I must have inherited Grandma Filomena’s wild streak. Genetic Harmony had obviously dug up that streak and factored it into the equation. The laws sanctioning polygamy among consenting adults had made the marriage legal.

That didn’t mean I was entirely comfortable with the arrangement. Or that I’d told my relatives. Even my neighbors didn’t know I had three spouses. You might wonder how that was possible, but it was easier than you might think. They simply hadn’t seen more than one husband at a time. That was all it took when your three husbands looked exactly alike.

Courtesy of Genetic Harmony Inc., Chuck, Charles, and Chad were physically gorgeous and genetically identical. They sported the same curly hair, green eyes, and square jaw. Their full lips dipped and curved alike and had the same firm, delectable texture. They were all a full head taller than I was and had bone structure only a master sculptor could dream up. It had been love at first sight. Now they were bound to me by three matching wedding bands.

For all that their DNA didn’t differ, though, they were still individuals. As I walked into Charles’s office downtown, I knew I’d never mistake him for either of the others. His hair was professionally styled in a short, businesslike cut, and he’d recently decided to grow a goatee. Although he kept his facial hair well trimmed, I thought the goatee revealed a peek at the bad boy beneath the businessman.

He wore a nice suit and tie and an aura of authority. Since he’d only worked at this company for a little over half a year—almost his whole existence—he was just a lower-level executive, but he was already maneuvering his way up the corporate ladder. Courtesy of hitting the gym and playing golf with clients and the higher-ups, he was leaner and better muscled than Chuck. He only wore shirts that buttoned, never casual tees, and his whole demeanor was more aggressive, starting with the bold stare he gave me with his emerald eyes.

That look made my blood flow more hotly through my veins.

“What’s the point of owning a home office if you’re rarely home to use it?” I handed him the files and tilted my head for a kiss to soften the reprimand.

As usual, he took charge of the caress, turning the kiss into something far sultrier than a simple hello. He lifted a hand to grasp my nape and tugged my bottom lip out of his way to get to what he wanted. Then he thrust his tongue into my mouth and just took.

The earthy flavor of his favorite drink, espresso, instantly flooded my taste buds along with a delicious zest that was uniquely him. Charles liked to play with the edges of my teeth, no doubt flirting with danger. In return, I teased him with threatening nips. His goatee looked so soft, but his facial hair was as firm and unyielding as the rest of him. It scratched my chin and tickled my upper lip as he claimed my mouth.

His cologne had a rich, beguiling scent that did things to me. It made me want to purr deep in my throat and rub my body all over his like a cat. My thighs quivered, and a trickle of moisture spilled out to moisten my panties.

He didn’t release me until he was good and ready, and he made sure I knew it.

I cleared my throat and scrambled to regain my wits. “And you wonder why I want you around more? You could have more of that if you didn’t work so hard.”

Charles had the nerve to laugh. He dropped the files next to his computer and crossed his arms as he leaned against the edge of his desk. “I like my work, Fila. I’ll like it even better with a corner office and a better salary, which I won’t get if I don’t put in the hours.”

Yes, I knew his ambition. His second week on the job he’d announced he wanted to make VP one day. If I hadn’t known the will of iron behind his aspirations, I might have laughed. I knew Charles could achieve anything he set his mind to, but at what cost?

“I’m proud of you,” I said. “I just don’t want you to burn yourself out.”

“You worry too much.” His expression softened, and he uncrossed his arms to stroke my cheek with one finger. “I was made for this. The sooner I get a promotion, the sooner we can pay off the house and start that family Chuck is so eager for. He’s already talking about safety gates and how to set up a nursery.”

“What?” I hadn’t realized how anxious my husband was for children. “We all talked about this. We agreed to wait.”

Charles shrugged. “Chuck is waiting. He’s just impatient. Of the three of us, he must have gotten all the paternal instinct. I want children because you do, but I don’t care if it’s tomorrow or ten years from now.”

“Still, I don’t want him to be unhappy.” I had no intention of changing my mind on the timing, but I’d have to talk with Chuck.

“Like I said, you worry too much.” Charles didn’t sound the least bit concerned. “Once Chuck starts to pick up outside contracts, he won’t have as much time to think about it. The work will do him good. And speaking of work, how did today go? Is that jackass in the legal department still giving you a hard time?”

I noted the abrupt change in topic, but I went along with it. Since Charles had a genuine interest in office politics, I also gave him more than the pat answer I’d offered Chuck.

“Actually, Steve has been very quiet lately.” I returned a smug grin, though I knew it was petty of me. “The rumor around the water cooler is he might get fired at the end of the week. I’m not the only one whose toes he’s stepped on.”

“Serves him right,” Charles said.

“You sound so mercenary.” Not that I didn’t agree.

“I don’t like anyone messing with my woman.”

Your woman?” The independent part of me was appalled, but the spill of hot cream between my legs belied my outrage. His possessiveness turned me on.

One look at Charles’s face and I knew I’d just challenged him. He straightened away from his desk in slow motion and stalked me with a smooth, predatory gait. Hunger burned in the gaze he had locked on me. I took an instinctive step back, though I had no desire to flee.

Charles kept coming, backing me up until there was nowhere else to go. He closed the office door in time to trap me against it. Once more, that wicked cologne of his wreathed through my brain, making me sway. I licked my lips, and he dipped his head to snare my mouth and trace the same route with his tongue.

He then brushed kisses across my cheek and nuzzled the hair behind my ear. “Yes, Fila.” His breath washed over my skin with every word. “You’re my woman. My wife.”

The click of him turning the door lock made me whimper. I didn’t mean for the sound to escape, but I was helpless when he stood this close. He smelled and looked so good, and I knew he’d feel even better.

“I’m yours,” I admitted. “But only as much as you’re mine.”

He sometimes forgot I was his match too.

“That sounds like an equitable arrangement.” He tried to play it cool, but his voice had lowered to an octave it only hit when he was really aroused. “You said something about me taking more time with you. Have I been neglecting my wife? Why don’t I take a break now and claim what’s mine?”

My lips parted, and I began to pant. Each breath pushed my breasts out so the tips rubbed his chest on either side of his dark silver tie. I was pretty sure the door behind me was the only thing holding me upright.

His lips grazed my cheek as he stepped back. He returned to his desk and sat in his chair behind it.

“Take off your clothes,” he ordered.

“Excuse me?” I felt a fiery blush blaze across my face.

Charles’s expression might have been carved in granite save for the lust I saw burning in his gaze. “I won’t repeat myself, Fila.”


I looked around his small office, everywhere but at his too-intense stare. My gaze landed on the window. It wasn’t a large opening, but it looked across the street at several other office buildings, and it didn’t have any blinds.

“The window.” I pointed to it, though it was the only one in the room. “Someone might see.”

He returned a casual shrug. “I doubt it, but let them see. Your naked body is a work of art, Fila. You should be on exhibit.”

Had anyone else said this to me, I would have gone ballistic. Like so many other things, though, Charles got away with it. He made me so hot I couldn’t think straight, and my heart pounded with equal parts fear and excitement.

My hands shook as I reached back to unzip my dress. Because of the spaghetti straps, I hadn’t worn a bra. I was instantly bared as I let the top fall to my waist. My nipples were pebbled so hard they ached, and they rose and fell hypnotically as my breasts heaved. There didn’t seem to be enough oxygen.

“Drop the dress to the floor,” he commanded. “I want to see all of you.”

I wanted to obey; I wanted to please him. But I didn’t want the dress wrinkled.

The sound of my swallowing was overly loud. “I’m going out to dinner with Chad after this for our weekly date night.”

“Ah.” He seemed to understand. “Then by all means you must look your best for your husband. You may lay the dress over the back of the chair. What’s this? Bare legs?”

I slipped out of the dress and folded it gently over his visitor chair. Then I stepped out of my high heels and tucked them beneath. I’d worn stockings to work all day, but I hadn’t bothered with them tonight. It was hot out, and I planned to have a casual dinner with my husband. If I’d been wearing the sheer nylon now, I was sure it would have melted to my skin.

The silky brush of my panties as I slid them down my legs was enough to make my thighs tremble. I dropped them next to my shoes and straightened.

Charles’s gaze began a slow sweep of my body that sent tingles from my head to my toes. I’d never been so aware of my breasts and sex. The flood of juices spilling out of me was unstoppable now, making my curls glisten beneath the fluorescent lights.

“Well?” The word burst from me when I could no longer take the tension.

He cocked one black eyebrow and leaned back with his fingers laced behind his head. “Very nice.”

The silence stretched. His eyes, which had turned the darkest green I’d ever seen them, continued to eat me up.

I couldn’t stop trembling.

At last he reached up to unknot his tie, loosening it until it hung limply around his neck. “Come here. Climb onto the desk and lie on your back.”

The husky sound of his voice almost came as a relief. Then I registered his command, and a tiny glimmer of sanity returned.

“What if someone comes in? If they catch us, you could lose your job.”

Instead of persuading him, my argument made him chuckle. “Shows what you know about the good old boys who run this place. Seeing me screw a beautiful woman on my desk would only raise me in their esteem. They might even give me a bonus.”

My fists clenched as a tug-of-war raged inside me. His words both irritated and aroused me; they rubbed me the wrong way while creating another sort of friction. I was scared to death of being caught, yet the same adrenaline heightened my need.

“Do it,” he said, stoking me higher with his domineering tone. “Now, Fila.”

My feet carried me to him before my mind registered the decision. He was already removing his computer monitor and accessories to lay them on the floor. I reached out to clear the files and paperwork cluttering the tabletop, but he stopped me.

“Leave them. I want you sprawled on top.”

Delirious with lust, I didn’t question him or hesitate. I crawled up and settled lengthwise on my back. The position placed my butt directly on top of the files I’d fetched for him.

“Grab the edge of the desk above your head.”

“Charles.” I meant to say his name as a reprimand, but it sounded like I was begging. Maybe I was. I was sure I’d die if he didn’t touch me soon.

“Hold on tight, and don’t let go no matter what.”

I felt almost light-headed as I complied. After I did, he simply sat back and perused his handiwork. He stared at me the way other men studied naked centerfold models, making me feel sexy and wanton. Everywhere his gaze caressed me, my skin sizzled and pleaded for his touch.

The wait was torture. A full minute passed before he slipped his tie from his collar with a smooth, sensuous pull.

“Lift your head.” He used the thin band of fabric as a blindfold.

A small cry escaped me when he cut off my sense of sight. Blinded, I strained my ears even harder for the sound of footsteps outside or the knock on the door I was sure would come any second. My heart was a jackrabbit ready to jump out of my chest.

As soon as the blindfold was secure, Charles pulled away, leaving me alone in the dark. I waited in agony for him to make the next move.

An eternity later, his warm breath against my lips had me opening to him. I could sense him hovering just millimeters away, but he wouldn’t let me make contact with his mouth. Then that puff of air moved down my neck and collarbone all the way to my right breast. Hot, moist air engulfed my nipple, causing me to arch my hips and whine.

What followed was a steady assault on my aching breasts—tropical warm fronts followed by cool breezes. I writhed on the desk, desperate for more.

When I felt his mouth whisper across mine, I stretched up and caught his lips. A quick pinch to my left nipple was my punishment. Charles let me know exactly who was in charge.

“Please.” All pride was forgotten in the pursuit of pleasure. “Please, Charles. I need you.”

“Is this what you need?” He traced my nipple with the pad of his finger.

I arched my back to press closer, but he kept his touch light. He moved the feathery caress to the other side before he shifted it higher. I whimpered again when he stroked his fingers all the way from my neck to the top of my pubic curls.

He dared to shush me. “You must be quiet. You don’t want to disturb my coworkers.”

Coworkers who could knock at his door any second. I bit my lip.

“That’s my girl.”

His fingertips rested just above my mons. I lifted my hips to force them lower, but he refused to relieve me. Instead, he reversed course and slid his whole hand back up to my chin. He didn’t have Chuck’s calluses, so I felt the caress as one long, smooth stroke.

Despite my new vow of silence, I cried out at the touch of his mouth. He took my right nipple between his lips and sucked firmly before he added little flicks of his tongue. Cool air fanned the wet spot as soon as he let go. Then he lavished the same attention on the other breast.

My mind—what was left of it—split in two. Half tracked the sensation of his teeth scraping lightly over my areola, while the other half followed the progress of his hand drifting lower now. He’d just pinched my nipple between his front teeth and raked my pubic curls when the phone rang.

The abrupt peal made me jolt. I must have been out of my mind because I could have sworn I heard him answer it.


Oh my God. I hadn’t imagined it!

“Oh, hey, Bill.” The return of Charles’s hand to my chest startled me anew. He began running his fingers over me and plucking my nipples almost absently. “How was the conference?”

Tears of frustration leaked from my eyes, wetting the back of the blindfold. I was so hypersensitive that every touch was torture. The sensations were too much, yet not enough to trip my climax. I was so swollen I had to squeeze my thighs together.

“Uh-huh. You don’t say.” Charles continued his conversation as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Meanwhile, he shifted his fingers to my inner thighs, where he began tracing circles. “Was there a good turnout?”

I parted my knees to give him better access. Just a little higher and he’d touch my dripping pussy. Just a little more and I could get relief.

His hand stilled as he laughed at something Bill must have said. It was all I could do to clamp my teeth together and keep from howling in frustration.

Ten seconds passed…twenty…and still his stroking didn’t resume. His palm rested on my leg like a big tease. I wiggled to get his attention and suffered the loss of his touch entirely. I groaned.

“Sure. I’ve got those figures right here. Let me put you on speakerphone while I grab those.”

Had he said speakerphone? I had a second to process that before Charles whispered right in my ear, “Don’t go anywhere.”

“Charles! Don’t you dare—”

The push of a button opened the phone line. “Hi, Bill. Can you hear me all right?”

I heard the other man answer as if from far away, followed by Charles’s response. My husband even tugged one of the files out from under my shoulder and began reading.

“No, zero point one nine five,” he told the other man.

That was about how many seconds away from climax I was if only he’d touch me. I was sopping wet and trembling with urgency, and a fine sheen of perspiration chilled my skin in the air-conditioned office. If I let go of the desk, I could take care of myself. I could slide my finger between my slick labia and finish what he’d started.

“I wouldn’t recommend it,” Charles said. He was still talking to that interferer, Bill, but I sensed the message was for me.

Choking back a cry, I thumped the back of my head against the stack of papers under it.

Copyright © Allie Ritch


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good read Review by Nina
really nice book. loved it (Posted on 7/14/2013)
Worth The Read Review by Laura
enjoyed the book. wasnt sure I would read this. my friend told me about it. i wont post any spoilers. just read it!
(Posted on 4/17/2013)

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