Huntingdawn 1: Accidentally Were?

Anne Douglas

Pearl Gordon wakes up after her first ever one-night stand to an empty bed, a plethora of love bites, and every stray canine in town serenading her bedroom window. Something's not right -- neither the dogs, nor the strange canine ...
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Pearl Gordon wakes up after her first ever one-night stand to an empty bed, a plethora of love bites, and every stray canine in town serenading her bedroom window. Something's not right -- neither the dogs, nor the strange canine tooth marks in the middle of all the hickeys she now wears around her neck make any sense.

When her pal Shaun can't come up with any better excuse than she was bitten by a werewolf -- seriously, as if! -- Shaun suggests Pearl double check with her neighbor, Rex Dixon. After all, the handsome, burly, bear of a man might be practicing as a vet, but he also trained as a GP.

Angry that a Were in heat was so stupid as to sit herself down in the middle of his waiting room, Rex reacts. Only there's a few things he doesn't know about Pearl, and it seems Magic is about to poke a pin in the side of his confirmed bachelor balloon. There's a prophecy to fulfill and Fate's out hunting, and she's loaded for Were-Bear.

When Miss Priss in pearls meets Mr. Proudly Plaid in flannel, there'll be more flying than just blue sparks and fur.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.
The Great Dane that Rex was treating was doing his damnedest to get off the exam table and back out the door to the front waiting room. Something, or someone, had him worked up a treat. Once he had him restrained, Rex opened the door to call in the dog's owner to help to calm the animal down, and got smacked upside the head with the sweetest, most potent aroma he’d ever smelled in his life. The spicy flavor curled around his dick and demanded that he take another deep sniff to commit the smell to memory. Then his cock sucked all the blood from his brain and dragged him forward to find the source of the delicacy, screaming at him that it needed to get some of that right now!

“It’s you! What the hell do you think you’re doing, coming here while you’re in heat?” The sweet and spicy smelling morsel sitting so primly in his waiting room stared back at him blankly.

“Pardon me?” Miss High Society had finally woken up to the fact that he was speaking to her, not just making noise for the hell of it.

“You should know better than to come here smelling like that. You’re going to drive all the animals crazy trying to get to you.” Rex grabbed the woman by the arm and started for the door. “Come on, I have to get you out of here.”

Rex called out over his shoulder as he stiff-armed the woman through the doorway, “Cancel my appointments for the rest of the day, Shelly. Something urgent has come up.” He wasn’t about to impart that his dick was part of the “up” problem.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Let me go!” The delicious little piece tried to yank her arm out of his grip, but failed. Considering he was a Were-bear, it wasn’t surprising she didn’t get far. “Let go of me, you ass. I have an appointment with the vet.”

“Well, I’m the vet, so I guess you’re not missing your appointment now, are you?” Rex wrenched open the door of his truck, then picked up Miss Priss and stuffed her in the cab. After locking the seatbelt in place, he shoved her coordinating handbag under the seat, then slammed the door with a satisfying thud after flicking the kiddy lock so she couldn’t get out.

“You’re Rex Dixon? Shaun’s neighbor?” He paused as he climbed in the driver’s side. What was this bitch’s connection to Shaun? He almost had a full-time job keeping Shaun Inglstead out of all things Were and wonderful. “You’re not quite what I was expecting.”

“How do you know Shaun?” He growled out the demand. Rex let his anger get the best of him and angrily shoved the truck into gear as he roared out of the parking lot, directing the truck north, and out of town.

The only problem with being angry was that he breathed deeply, trying to keep a handle on his beast. But a deeper breath meant that more of that thick, spicy aroma of a bitch in heat went into his lungs and circled inside his head. It taunted him to take the woman and make her his, spend his seed inside her and procreate as he was born to do.

Great, just great. Nearly forty years of managing to keep his head out of the mate-and-family noose, and one prudish and proper schoolmarm was going to throw a spanner in the works. Rex could feel the beast inside rolling, like a feline in catnip, wallowing in the scent of an aroused woman.

What could it hurt? She knew the score…and he had condoms. Just because she was in heat didn’t mean he had to knock her up.

Rex cocked his head to the side and took a sideways glance at his Miss Priss. “Well, answer me, damn it. How do you know Shaun?” When she flinched, the lust subsided enough for him to take in that the woman was doing her best not to cower by sitting ramrod straight, eyes ahead and her hands clenched together ’til her knuckles showed white.

Shit, whoever the bitch was, she was scared shitless of him. He shook his head to try to clear it. Good one, Rex, way for those Alpha vibes to play out.

“I…” Little Miss Catnip swallowed, and his bear decided it was time to come out to play. Rex fought his beast back as his nails started to lengthen into claws. “I work with Shaun; she’s a good friend.”

“Huh,” he managed to grunt out through a semi-closed mouth while he forced his canines back. Damn, that hurt!

He hit the cabin turnoff in a rush, gravel spraying out behind the truck as he nailed the gas again. He had to get her out of his truck or he’d fuck her silly, she wouldn’t get a choice. Not that it’d be any great hardship; She looks as good as she smells. The woman stood around average height -- he could probably rest his chin on the top of her head -- and she was rather generously proportioned. Curvy as all get out, and more than likely, that glowing, creamy skin was smooth like the pearls she wore around her neck. Her golden hair would have been neatly back in a bun if he hadn’t manhandled her, pulling hunks loose to dangle around that eminently bitable neck.

Rex wondered what animal her beast was -- a golden wolf, maybe something feline? It would be too much to hope that she was Ursus. Looking at her face and that rounded body, he couldn’t help but think that she would make a beautiful golden blonde bear, a perfect juxtaposition to his rugged, deep black pelt.

“Where are we going?” The small voice from the other side of the cab broke Rex from his reverie. “And why are we going there?” He began to smell fear over the pervading scent of the woman’s heat.

“You are kidding me, aren’t you, little bitch? I’m taking you somewhere safe before the Pack descends on you, and you end up in the middle of a winner-take-all orgy.”

It didn’t take any special Were senses to feel, or see, her bristle with indignation.

What did you just call me?” Her shoulders went back even farther, and a furious red flush blossomed across her cheeks. Rex found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on the dirt road as it wound through the forest. “You need your eyes checked, mister! For one, I am obviously not little, and two, I am not a bitch! You can accuse me of being overly prim and proper, because I am; I can’t help it with my parents. But don’t you ever call me a bitch!”

She was winding up good and proper now, about to really yell at him. Her high temper was a breathtaking sight to behold, and Rex was no slouch at appreciating an attractive woman, even if she was more riled than a rattlesnake.

“I let loose for one night, one bloody night in thirty-one years, and wake up alone ’cause my one-night stand obviously couldn’t get away fast enough, leaving me with four hickeys, complete with bite marks.” She ripped down the tall lace collar of her blouse to expose two of the aforementioned love bites. “Then every damned stray in town wants to hump my leg, and now? Now, I’ve been kidnapped by a huge, sexy bear of a man, who calls me a bitch instead of asking my actual name.” When Rex took his eyes off the road, he half expected her to be rabidly frothing at the mouth, with her hair standing on end and her nails ready to take a fresh strip from his hide.

A smile grew as he stared at the straitlaced she-devil beside him. She thinks I’m s-e-x-y. Obviously his cheesy, smarmy grin wasn’t appreciated, as she gritted her teeth, and a rumbling growl echoed across the cab.

Alpha male or not, no one messed with a bitch in heat -- not if they wanted to find their balls right where they left them. There was no way Rex was going to try staring her into submission, so he turned his eyes back to the road.

Then it hit him; he’d never seen her at a Pack meeting. She was Shaun’s friend, she’d had a first-in-her-lifetime one-night fling, and she had love bites with canine teeth marks in them. Holy shit! She wasn’t a Were -- yet.

“Oh fuck…” Rex slammed on the brakes and slid to a stop in front of the old wood hunting cabin he kept as a base for when he needed some time in his fur. His head came to rest with a thump on the leather-covered steering wheel. “One of those stupid, horny pups bit you! Fuck!

Copyright © Anne Douglas


Customer Reviews

Love it. Review by Teah
Accidentally Were by Anne Douglas is a novel that caught my eye right away because of my love for shifter novels. Of course after the cover caught my eye first then the description just made me more interested.
Pearl is a character I liked right from the first paragraph. She is a strong modern woman and funny. I love female characters who are strong and really they have to be in shifter stories because they have to put up with alpha males who think they know everything.
I also really loved her friend who we see right off the bat and I'm so happy to see that she has her own novel which I can't wait to read.
Rex our alpha strong male character had me just as hooked. He has that mix of strength but also a funny side to him.
I don't want to say much more because I don't want to give too much away but I would highly recommend this to anyone who are fans of this genre because you won't be disappointed with mixture of seriousness, humor and romance.
(Posted on 8/25/2013)

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