Hunting Hawk

Jade James

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Hawk Taurin, werewolf and leader to the paranormal ops has a new mission and a new member to his team. He’s surprised as hell to see Eva, the woman he’s always loved fighting right by his side. Now that she’s com...
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Hawk Taurin, werewolf and leader to the paranormal ops has a new mission and a new member to his team. He’s surprised as hell to see Eva, the woman he’s always loved fighting right by his side. Now that she’s come to him, all bets are off. Because Hawk has no intention of letting go of her again. But it’ll take more than love, to fight the demon who wants Eva all for himself.

Vampire Eva Long has a tragic history she’s better off forgetting. Forced into a new life she didn’t want, Eva knows she has to fight for a chance at survival. She'll begin her new life as a paranormal ops agent, but the last thing she expected was a piece of her past to collide with her future. Now she has to face Hawk, the man who left her without a word, and Derek, the monster who changed her life forever.

  • Note:this book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: blood play/feeding.
Hawk stared at her, totally enraptured at the liveliness that came to her eyes when she laughed. She had become even more beautiful since he had seen her last and he couldn’t help but eat her up with his eyes. He would give anything to do so much more, but Hawk knew she didn’t trust easily.

He couldn’t blame her. She had been hurt so many times in life, and had never deserved anything but pure joy. Truthfully, he couldn’t imagine what she had been through, and the fact that she’d survived amazed him.

He smiled at her joy. She seemed enthusiastic in her obsession with guns. “Is that a challenge?”

Eva shrugged. “It’s whatever you want it to be.”

“Then we’ll keep it fun with a little wager. If I win, you’ll take me to your place, and you could show me your private stack of weapons,” Hawk said, putting emphasis on the weapons part. Her cute little brow zoomed right up in an adorable arch at his word play.

“And if I win, you’ll let me have my choice of weapons in this room.”

“Come on, you can do better than that, Eva.” He didn’t know why he was pushing her. It could’ve have been for so many reasons, but he took delight in watching her eyes narrow in reaction to his banter.

Her hands flew to her hips. “Fine. If I win, no more rehashing of the past. It’s over and done with. Neither of us can change any of it.”

Hawk nodded once. “Fair enough. Now choose your weapon.”

Eva turned from him, her attention focused on the display case. He had a fabulous view of her backside, the uniform stretching over her skin tightly, cupping her luscious ass. Her scent called to him and he wanted to taste every square inch of her body. He felt the temptation her body gave him and had the strongest urge to come up behind her, and grind his cock against her ass. The wolf wanted to be released and the urge to claim her rose from deep within.

But she’d probably wound him with the sword she was in the process of picking up. Still the threat didn’t stop him from taking that final step and placing his hands on her hips. Just when he was inches away from giving into the enticement of her succulent backside, Eva turned to face him, the sword gripped tightly in the palm of her hand as she tugged it slowly mid-waist beside her.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Eva asked, her brow zinging into that adorable arch again.

There were so many ways he could answer that, like I’m checking out the ass I want to fuck so desperately or I’m picturing myself on my knees with my tongue shoved up inside of you so deep.

But he chose the smart-ass safe route. “Just checking out things from the rear.” The beast in him itched to claim her as his and for once, he wanted to let nature take over. He would give anything if he were able to thrust his shaft into her now. And the thought of sinking his teeth into her shoulder, marking her while he fucked her from behind made his cock rise to attention.

It should have bothered him that he felt so fiercely about her, when it hadn’t even been a full day since she re-entered into his life. But if there was one thing he learned with the untimely death of his parents: take life as it comes and never let the important chances slip by.

Eva trembled slightly, lowering the sword point down to the ground. “We have got to be professional about this.”

He saw the way her nipples tightened against the suit, the way her tongue peeked out to moisten her lips as she released a shallow breath of warm air.

“Your words would have had more of an impact if your nipples weren’t pressed against your suit as if they were dying to get into my mouth.” He was quickly growing accustomed to baiting her.

“Arrogant ass,” Eva replied, sidestepping him.

As a comeback, it was as truthful as it could get. Fate had brought her to him and he was just arrogant enough to believe they had a chance in getting back together.

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