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High Concept

High Concept

Product Review (submitted on May 22, 2014):

3.5 stars

This is more a mystery/crime book with an underlying romance. I liked both MC's, Beck is a Denver cop recovering from a shooting that left him with a shoulder injury and PTSD and also resulted in the death of his partner and Zach, an FBI profiler who is also dealing with the aftermath of an attack he suffered while working a case, and thought they had good chemistry. Each is working through their own trauma while under intense job pressure and trying to work out their feelings towards each other. There are POVs from both main characters as well as the over the top bad guy.

I enjoyed the story overall, but felt there was a little too much going on, with a couple of plot points that felt unfinished and that the ending seemed more HFN on its way to HEA with a lot still left to work out between the two.