Heat Wave

Lena Matthews

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Jordan Austin knows that falling for his best friend’s younger sister could ruin their friendship but he just can’t stop thinking about Breanna Cole. With the city heating up, and Breanna’s migraines coming on strong, Jordan...
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Jordan Austin knows that falling for his best friend’s younger sister could ruin their friendship but he just can’t stop thinking about Breanna Cole. With the city heating up, and Breanna’s migraines coming on strong, Jordan insists on doing anything he can to help her stay cool. Too bad she’s doing everything in her power to make it hotter than ever between them.

When Breanna’s brother asks her to house sit for him, she jumps on the opportunity just so she can be closer to Jordan. She’s been in love with him for as long as she can remember, and she’s giving herself the three weeks she’s there to get him to fall for her. Unfortunately, she didn’t factor the heat wave and rolling blackouts into her grand plan of seduction.

The heat’s rising and Jordan’s self-control is slipping. If he can keep his cool a little longer, everything will be fine. If he can just figure out how to keep his hands off Breanna once the lights go out…

  • Note:Heat Wave was previously released by another publisher, but has been revised and reedited in this edition.
“Surf’s up, pretty mamma.”

Breanna held onto the doorframe, trying hard to hold back her laughter. If the heat didn’t give her a migraine, she was definitely going to get one from laughing too hard. Jordan was crazy. The proof was right in front of her in living color. In one hand, he held a blue-turtle-embossed kiddy pool, and in the other, he held a bag of ice. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the crazy man was dressed up like a lifeguard in red swim trunks and a white blotch of sunscreen on his nose. Without a doubt he was definitely too cute for words.

“Didn’t they already cast the new Baywatch movie?”

“They’re making it into a movie?”

“Yep.” She grinned. “With the Rock and Zac Efron.”

“Whose idea was that?” He held up his hand to stop her from answering. “Never mind. I don’t want to know, and I’m not sure why you know.”

“Hello,” she said, as if the answer was obvious. “Did you not hear the part where I said it had the Rock in it?”

“Ugh,” he groaned. “Don’t tell me you’re still into him.”

Breanna waved an imaginary wand in the air. “Always!”

“You’re such a nerd.” He grinned. “But since I got that reference I guess that makes me a nerd too.”

If it did, it made him the cutest nerd she’d ever seen. Then again she’d never seen a nerd fill out swim shorts the way he did. To be fair though, Jordan had always been attractive to her, even when she was a teen, but the boy she’d idolized as young girl had nothing on the drop-dead gorgeous man who stood in front of her today. Sure he still looked somewhat the same, but gone was the blue-eyed pretty boy of her youth and in his place was a very masculine, rugged man, who somehow made even a dab of sunscreen look downright sensual.

“But that’s why we nerds have to stick together, right, Bree?”

“Right,” she said even though she had no idea what the heck he was talking about. Clearing her throat and her wayward mind, Breanna tried to focus on the here and now and not on his bare, lickable chest. “What’s up with the pool, Moondoggie?” she asked, gesturing to the plastic tub in his hand.

“This is the cure to your migraine blues.”

“Okay. This, I’ve got to hear.” Breanna stepped back and allowed him to enter. She didn’t know what the heck he thought he was doing, but as usual she was willing to follow his lead. “Where did you get the pool, and what on earth are you planning to do with it?”

“Mrs. Charleston from three doors down let me borrow it.”

“For,” she probed, as she closed the door behind him.

“For you to take a dip, of course,” he said, as if her taking a swim in a kiddie pool was the most natural thing in the world. “Now you can kick back and relax, while I keep the sharks at bay.”

As much as she wanted to cool down, his crazy plan was never going to work. “It’s too hot to go outside.”

“We’re not going outside, short stuff; we’re going to vacation inside.”

We. Breanna liked the sound of “we” on his lips. “If we don’t put it outside, where are we going to put it?”

Jordan frowned as he looked around, until his gaze lit on the living room. “In here should do.”

Either the heat was getting to her or he was, because Breanna was actually considering Jordan’s plan. Even though she’d turned the AC on as soon as she got home, the condo was still stuffy, and she would swear that there was only a few degrees difference between the living room and the backyard, but was that worth risking her brother’s ire just to cool down? “Wayne will kill us if we warp his wood floors.”

“That’s why you’re going to line the floor with quilts and towels before we fill it.”

There it was again. We. “Jordan…”

“Don’t Jordan me. This is for your own good.”

“Is it, now?”

“Yes.” Jordan dropped the pool on the floor, then set the bag of ice inside of it. “Now less talking and more doing.”

“You’re so bossy.”

“You know you love me.”

She did but somehow she doubted it was the way he was talking about. “I just want to go on record that I think this plan is going to come back and bite us in the ass.”

“It’s been noted. Now run upstairs and get the quilts, and I’ll go get the other stuff from my condo.”

“What stuff?”

“It’s a surprise, short stuff; now go. We got less than a half hour before they shut us down. We need to get this place cooled off before then.”

Brenna was touched by his thoughtfulness. “I can’t believe you’re doing all of this.”

“Now, I can’t let my best girl get sick.” Jordan dropped the plastic pool in the middle of the floor with a thud before heading past her to the kitchen. Best girl. Brenna couldn’t help but smile at that.

“You’re the little sister I never had, and besides, Wayne would kill me if something happened to you.”

Little sister. Breanna winced but tried her best not to let her smile fall. “Of course not.”

“Hustle up them stairs and get the blankets, babe, while I run next door.” Jordan gave her a pat on her butt to send her on her way, confusing Breanna’s man sensor. His words made her feel like his kid sister, but his hands made her feel like a woman. She didn’t know what to think.

The effect of his words got Breanna’s feet moving. Nothing like a kick in the face to wake a girl up. Her crush on him was so cliché it hardly bore mentioning. Yet, unlike her other childhood dreams, Breanna’s feelings for Jordan had never wavered. From adolescence to womanhood, Jordan had been the man of her dreams. The only one of her brother’s friends who had never treated her like a pest. He’d been her champion as well as friend, but Breanna wanted more.

Copyright © Lena Matthews


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