Hawkins Ranch: Falling

Cameron Dane

Cain Hawkins is a master at suppressing his desires. After all, he's been doing it for over one hundred years. What Cain wants more than anything is a man to love, but he knows that no matter how much he craves it, it can never be...
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Full Description

Cain Hawkins is a master at suppressing his desires. After all, he's been doing it for over one hundred years. What Cain wants more than anything is a man to love, but he knows that no matter how much he craves it, it can never be. Because Cain is a Naverto demon, and to desire another man is more than forbidden, it is an act that will bring about his execution. So he keeps to himself, working with abused horses on a small patch of land, all on his own. But then his brother makes a request that Cain cannot refuse.

Luke Forrester just wants a job and a place where he can recover from the brutal beating he took at the hands of his former boss. He dreams of a place where he can work with the horses that he loves so much. The fact that he's had a crush on Cain Hawkins, his best friend's brother-in-law, for more than two years threatens everything. But Luke's determined not to screw things up. He will do the work and prove to Cain that it wasn't a mistake to hire him, and he won't allow the fact that he desires something more with Cain to interfere with his work one bit.

But working and living in such close proximity can test the best of intentions, and when one kiss leads to something much, much more, Cain must open himself in a way that he never has before. He must trust Luke completely and tell him everything about who and what he is. And together, they must find a way to fight for Cain's humanity and save him from his demon clan before he is found out and they are ripped apart forever.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices (anal/oral sex) and strong violence, including sexual torture by villain.
A high-pitched beeping assaulted Cain’s ears. He yanked a pillow over his head with one hand as he reached out and banged the alarm clock off with the other. He was exhausted after the night he’d spent. Even if he hadn’t used half of his sleep time letting the demon within him out to fly, Cain still hated mornings like the very devil anyway.

He knew that once he dragged himself out of bed and put his body under a shower for five minutes he would be raring to start work. But fuckin’ A, the ten minutes it took every morning to talk himself out of bed were always the very worst of his day.

That all changed the second Cain heard his dog, Whisky, barking up a storm on the porch. The dog rarely barked, and when she did Cain was always grateful to be alerted to whatever had grabbed the mutt’s attention. He rolled out of bed and into a discarded pair of jeans in one smooth move, and pulled his front door open with a shotgun raised to his shoulder in the next.

That was how Cain officially greeted his first employee, Luke Forrester.

“Whoa, don’t shoot. Connor sent me over for work; one of his guys dropped me off.” Luke’s hands went from stretched out to ward off Whisky, to up in the air in surrender. “I’m Luke Forrester. We met a few years ago on Halloween. I gave you and Cassie a ride home.”

Cain lowered his gun and leaned it against the split-log wall of his cabin. “I remember.” His tone came across terser than he would have liked, but Christ, it wasn’t even six o’clock yet. How was he supposed to function in front of a guy he’d had wet dreams about before he’d even had a cup of coffee to help him wake up? Cain cleared his throat and tried again. “It was one hell of a night.”

“Yeah.” Luke chuckled and smiled, and even through the yellowing bruises that still marred his face, the torrent of raw masculinity that radiated off the man struck Cain hard in the gut. “I think it’s safe to say Cassie has forgiven Connor for whatever had her so pissed off that night.”

Cain found himself smiling back. “You could say that. I’m surprised she’s not here with you right now, reading me a list of jobs I’m not to let you do until you’re fully healed.”

Luke looked away then, and Cain could have kicked himself for making a joke at the younger man’s expense. If Luke and Cassie had been together in school, then he couldn’t be more than twenty-five years old, and at that age, young men often still felt the need to prove their toughness.

After a few beats, Luke turned back, his gray gaze unwavering as it landed on Cain.

“I won’t cause you any trouble.” Luke’s voice was so raw it twisted Cain’s stomach. “Not from my injuries and how I got them, and not from anyone wanting to coddle me and prevent me from working. I aim to earn every penny you and Hawkins Ranch pay me, and I don’t intend to ever let you regret being coerced into giving me this job.”

Cain’s respect for Luke went up a notch. “You show me that your reputation with horses isn’t all talk, and I won’t have any problems with you. But just in case it needs to be said, I don’t agree with MacLesten’s methods for taming his animals, and I will give you a beating worse than the one you’ve already taken if I see you mistreating any of the horses on this property. Got me?”

“Crystal clear. I didn’t approve of my old boss’s decisions on much of anything, and I’m happy to be out of there if you want the truth.” Cain didn’t miss the storm clouds that shuttered Luke’s gaze as he spoke. “Sometimes you don’t have any choice but to go where the work is, and that was the only reason I stayed on with Justin MacLesten’s outfit for as long as I did.”

Cain heard unspoken layers in that comment that left him aching and curious to ask for more. But danger lay in that direction, so he held his tongue. Belatedly, he realized that he stood on his porch half clothed, and that was not a position he ever needed to be in with Luke Forrester.

“Let me get a shirt, and then I’ll walk with you to the barn and show you where you’re going to bunk down. I’ll introduce you to the horses so that you can get started.”

Luke dipped his head. “Sounds good. Oh, and Mr. Hawkins?”

Cain almost growled at that. “I’m not some pompous ass that stands on ceremony, Luke. Call me Cain, or don’t call me anything at all.”

“Right.” The man blushed, and Cain had to turn away before his new employee noticed his cock suddenly twitching in his pants. “Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for this opportunity. You won’t regret it.”

Cain seriously doubted that. “I hope not. I’ll be back in a minute.”

“I’ll be waiting right here.”

“I’m sure you will.” Cain got through the door and closed it, quickly. Once inside the sanctuary of his cabin, he muttered, “And I have a feeling that’s going to be a huge problem.”

Luke Forrester took a deep, calming breath once he felt sure Cain Hawkins had moved away from the front door. His heart had started racing the minute the man had walked out onto his porch dressed in only a faded pair of jeans. The man was beautiful in the simplest, most basic ways, and Luke had been fighting a massive crush on him since the night Cassie had introduced them some two years ago. Ever since the Halloween party and the ride home, on the dozen or so times they’d had reason to cross paths, Luke had taken to not saying much of anything other than, “Hey, how’s it going?” and then quickly moving on. He’d been so tongue-tied that first time Cassie had introduced her “big brother,” that Luke hid for fear of looking like an idiot.

When Connor Hawkins had approached Luke with this position within the Hawkins organization, Luke knew his time for his infatuation with Cain had to come to an end. Luke needed the work. He couldn’t go back to MacLesten’s property, but by the same token, his mother and sister needed his financial assistance in order to pay their bills every month. He’d had to dip into the little bit he’d managed to save in order to provide for them this past month since he’d been out of work, but his savings wouldn’t last long. If he didn’t have a steady paycheck coming in soon, they would figure out that he’d left the MacLesten job. The questions would start then. Luke could never let his mother and sister learn the truth about where he’d been for the last month, and why he’d had to be there. Their safety absolutely depended on them never knowing.

It was time for Luke to just man up and get over his silly crush on a guy he could never have anyway, and just do the job so damn well that Cain Hawkins never had any reason to let him go.

That was what Luke would do, because he had no other choice.

Copyright © Cameron Dane


Customer Reviews

I am in love Review by Angela
This was the first book I read by this author and still one of my all time favourite m/m romance books ever. I admit I am totally in love with Cain - what's not to love, he is a big caring cowboy craving love and when he finds it he goes for it all out with such courage.

Luke is a worthy partner for Cain. This book breaks my heart and glues it back together each time I read it - and I reread it quite often.

Did I mention the sex is really hot too?
(Posted on 12/21/2014)
Good but Not my fave Review by Michelle
I enjoyed this but this whole series isn't my favorite by Dane. It was certainly a good read but compared to other books by this author it wasn't AS good. But since we're grading on a scale here this authors worst books are a hell of a lot better than a lot of the other books I've read so give it a go. (Posted on 8/10/2014)
The best book in this series Review by Birte
4,5 stars, but definitely rounded up because I just love this book.

I have to admit that I skipped book No.1, still I didn't feel as if I missed a vital part of information, so I think I'm on the safe side to say that even though "Falling" is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone.

In the beginning I had no idea how demons and cowboys could work in one and the same book, but somehow it just fit for me. It not only fit, but it was almost perfect combined with everything else that happens to our 2 main characters Cain & Jake. Some reviews state that this book is a collection of drama over drama over drama, which is something I can't deny, but still - in this book that just works for me. Even though I also have to agree with some readers who say that this book is at some points very brutal - because some of the gruel things that happen to our boys indeed happen "life" in black letters on white paper the moment you're reading it. And still - I repeat - in this book it works for me.

I laughed with the boys, I cried with them, I sighed a lot, I was sitting on the edge of my seat, almost biting off my fingernails, with all the suspense and I almost lost my eyeballs (while drooling) because of all the scorching hottttt sex. Phew. And not to forget that this book made me loose precious hours of my sleep because I couldn't put it down. :P
(Posted on 9/21/2013)
Brilliant writing and wonderful characters! Review by Sarah
Cameron Dane is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors - the characters are believable and consistent throughout and the story builds slowly enough to have you really caring about them. I read Renecade first so I already knew the general outcome of this story and I still was drawn in emotionally. Brilliant writing! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
Great romance! Review by Lauren
The story between Cain and Luke in the Hawkins Ranch Ranch series was another wonderful read! (Posted on 7/17/2013)
You can't help FALLING in love with this beautiful story! Review by Caroline19831
Cameron Dane has an amazing talent for bringing characters to life. On one hand they are hard-working, no-nonsense and strong (in more ways than one), while on the other witty, loving, friendly and not afraid to fight for what they really want.

I love that almost duplicity when it comes to being tough as nails in the daily working life while incredibly loving caring and understanding towards the partner. Characters' affection for each other does not make them at all mushy and feminine - quite to the contrary - every word they say, every caress they share is all-man.

Everything springs to life for me in this story - all of the characters, their feelings, incredible descriptions of their love-making, the place they live in...

There are many twists and turns but personally it's the ending that did it for me. Absolutely amazing! Heart wrenchingly beautiful!

I will always recommend reading Cameron's books!
(Posted on 7/15/2013)
The Best! Review by Jen
I love Cameron Dane and this is probably the best book I have ever read from her. True love mixed with supernatural elements and a great story. This is definitely on the re-read list! (Posted on 6/10/2013)

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